dagku'vSomeone or something becomes big, extensive, grown up.kadagku'1adja big or large object, an extensive actionOccurs in a phrase preceding or following the noun it modifies.'Ang banug kung nagahūyun hay sa kadagku' nga manga kāhuy.As for hawks, when they alight it is on big trees.Ka'isut lang ginpīli' ku lang 'ini kay 'ang 'iban, hay ka'intik; 'imaw lang 'ini 'ang kadagku' tatlu ka bilug.Only a few of these were selected by me because, as for some, [they] are small; only these are three big pieces.2Occurs as a predicate.Kung kadagku' 'ang 'iya balayan kabahuy da 'ang 'iya lupun.If its shell is big the shell valve covering is also big.Maswirti kay dagku' na 'ang 'īmu 'unga' nga namatay 'ang 'īmu 'asāwa.It is fortunate because your children were already big when your husband died.Kadagku' 'ang paglasaklasak kay 'ang gustu nang nagapamakay ning lūgit sa banwa hay kadagku' 'ang saksak nang lūgit.The cutting of copra is extensive because the ones who always buy copra in town want that the cutting of copra will be extensive.kadagku', kadagkū'annthe size of something'Ang 'iya 'ini ning kulur hay bayulit; waya' 'ini ginabakya nga sīhi'; 'ang kadagku' lang 'ini, hay parīhu lang ning sigay.As for its color (i.e., of the shell of a pitted murex) [it] is violet and this shell is not being bought; as for the size of this, [it] is just like a cowry shell.'Ang kadagkū'an lang da 'ini, hay daw lang da 'adtu 'ang kumayagku' lang 'ang kadagku'.As for its size (i.e., of a sinistral miniature horn), probably the size is only like a thumb.kadagku'dagku'int adjvery big, very large; very extensiveBarātu gāni' 'ini; tuyu ka bilug kadagku'dagku' pa.These are cheap; three are still very big.magdagku'Dāpat kamu na 'ang magdūgang sa 'indu 'iniskwilāhan kung kamu hay magdagku' na.You should be the ones to add to your education when you have already become grown up.magpandagku''Ang ma'is nga 'āmun ginatanum 'imaw 'ang nagmantinir hasta magpandagku' na 'ang 'ākun manga 'unga'.The corn which had been planted by us is that which sustained [us] until all my children became grown up.nagadagku''Ini nga sīhi', hay waya' da nagadagku'.As for these shells, they do not become big.pagdagku'gersomeone's becoming grown up'Ang manga magūyang nagapāti nga sa pagbāhuy nang 'inda manga 'unga' nga gamun sa trabāhu sa sākup nang 'inda bayay hasta sa 'inda pagdagku', 'imaw gihāpun 'ang 'inda manga batāsan.The parents believe that in bringing up their children to be taught in doing household work until their becoming grown up, that's how their characters will continue to be.

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