tā'asnthe height of something'Ini nga baskit hay human sa 'uway; mabīlug 'ang buli' kag 'ang 'as hay mababa' lang.This basket is made of rattan; the bottom is round and the height is just short.nkata'as 'ang dugu' (dugu' 2)Someone is angry.katā'as, matā'as1adja tall or big person or thing, referring to sizeWaya' ning tilhang pa'ibabaw 'ang niyug kay bukun pa da matā'as ka'āyu.There are no tree footholds in going up the coconut palm because it is not yet very tall.katā'as, matā'as2adjSomething measured in degrees is high or great.Nang si Rumīyu hay naga'iskwīla na hay kamayad siya sa tanan nga liksyun nang ma'istra hay matā'as 'ang 'iya grādu.When Romeo was already studying he was clever in all lessons of the teacher and his grades were high.katā'as, matā'as3adjSomeone is expert in accomplishing something.kata'astā'as1int adja very tall or very big person or thingkata'astā'as2int adjSomething measured in degrees is very high or very great.kata'astā'as31int adjSomeone is very expert in accomplishing something.2Kata'astā'as man 'ang 'ākun manga grīding, gāni' sigisīgi na 'aku 'adtu.My grades surely became very high, so I continued those [studies].mas matā'as11comp adjSomeone or something is taller or bigger in size than someone or something else.2vSomeone or something becomes big or tall in size.nagtā'as became big or tallmas matā'as21comp adjSomething is higher or greater in degree than something else.Mas matā'as gid 'ang 'iya tinun'an kaysa sa 'ākun pīru 'ang manga buyung hay parīhu lang.What was learned by him is much greater than for me but as for various medicines [his knowledge] is just the same [as mine].2vSomething becomes high or great in degree.mas matā'as3comp adjSomeone is more expert than someone else in accomplishing something.Mas matā'as si 'Amur sa 'ākun.Amor is more expert than I [in the use of herbal medicine].

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