'ākunposs adj pronmy person or thing; a person or thing of mine; my doing somethingPre-noun or pre-gerund possessive pronoun. For post-noun or post-gerund possessive pronoun, see ku 1a, nākun 1a.Nahūyug 'ang 'ākun kwarta didtu sa may tindāhan pagbakay ku ning tināpay.My money dropped there at the store when I bought bread.'Adtung 'ākun pangānay nga 'unga' hay midyu 'intirisādu gid sa pag'iskuyla.That firstborn child of mine really has some interest in going to school.Kalitan ta 'ini 'ang 'ūras, kay waya' pa nagalitīra 'ang manga 'iskwīla, 'agud hay 'indi' masūya 'ang 'ākun pagbī'aw.This time should be taken advantage of by us, because the students have not yet gotten out [of school], so that my exorcising of evil spirits will not be disturbed.cfku ku ku nākun nākun nākun poss cmt pronSomething is mine.The ligature ning may join pronoun and noun.Nagpabakay na 'ang 'ākun ning 'āmu ning kabilya.My boss let steel bars be bought.cfku nākun gen pronSomething is done by me.Occurs in predicate position with possessed item as sentence topic.Sayud nina Pidru na 'inang barūtu hay bukun 'ākun.Pedro and the others know that that boat is not mine.gen pronOccurs in pre-verb position as a genitive pronoun.Hambay ku, 'Ay salāmat! Mababakay ku gid 'ang 'ākun ginaplānu nga bakyun.I said, Oh thank you! The things which are planned by me to be bought will be able to be bought by me.'Ākun na'ubsirbahan sa 'ākun sarīli nang panahun nang gyīra talagang gūtum gid[It] was experienced by me within myself that during wartime there was severe famine.cfku nākun sa 'ākunloc pronSomeone does something for me, from me, to me; someone does something or is in a particular place or state with me.Nagsūlat sa 'ākun 'ang 'akun 'unga' nga gapabakay ning gawn.My daughter wrote to me that [she] is letting [me] buy a party dress.

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