'utruadvSomething happens again.Kung may nagadunggu' nga 'iba nga bapur, 'utru pirma naman, yāra' na 'ang manga tyīkir, 'ang manga taymkīpir.If there is another boat which will dock, [we] have to sign again [so that it will be known that] those checkers and timekeepers were there.cfliwat1 liwat2na naman1na naman2vSomeone or something is acted upon again by someone.'inutruhanNang nakabāngun naman si Prīdi sa lūnang, 'inutruhan naman ni Karlus ning balibag sa lanas.When Freddie was able to stand up in the mud, he was cast again by Carlos [this time] into a rice field.cfliwat2na naman2

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