'induposs adj pronyour (pl.) person or thing; a person or thing of yours (pl.); your (pl.) doing somethingPre-noun or pre-gerund possessive pronoun. For post-noun or post-gerund possessive pronoun, see nindu 1a.'Indi' kamu magkalisud kay kung 'indi' man magbūlig 'ang Kanadyan 'Imbasi sa 'ini nga pruyiktu hay bukun kunu 'ini 'ang katapūsan nang 'indu 'Asusasyun.You should not become concerned because, if the Canadian Embassy will not help on this project, this is not the end of your Association.cfnindu nindu poss cmt pronSomeone or something is yours (pl.).Through elipsis, the word bayay is commonly omitted from the phrase sa 'indu bayay 'in' or 'to your house'.Hambay ku "'Indi' ba kami kakatūyug sa 'indu kung ya' kamuy pasuya' sa 'indu?"I asked, "Aren't we able to sleep at your [house] if you do not have a side dish at your [place]?"cfnindu gen pronSomething is done by you (pl.).Occurs in predicate position with possessed item as sentence topic.gen pronOccurs in pre-verb position. For the pronoun occurring after a verb, see nindu 1b.'Indu ginabugkus 'ina' 'ang lastiku kag 'indu 'ina' sipā'un hasta gid nga mabungkag.Those rubber bands should be tied together by you and they should be kicked by you until [they] will become loosened.Pa'uli'i nindu si Narsīsa kay nagasakripisyu, kay 'indu ginati'awan.Narcisa should be allowed to recover by you, because [she] is enduring hardship, because [she] was fooled by you.cfnindu sa 'indu1loc pronSomeone does something for you (pl.), from you (pl.), to you (pl.); someone does something or is in a particular place or state with you (pl.).Sa 'ulīhi nga 'adlaw 'ang 'ākun dūta' hay mapakadtu sa 'indu.Someday, my property will be able to be given to you (pl.).Lūla, diri na 'aku sa 'indu ma'istar; may daya 'aku nga manga bāru'.Grandmother, I will stay here with you; I have some clothes [that I brought].sa 'indu2qfd pronsome of you (pl.)'Ang 'iban sa 'indu, hay magbu'uy nang pīli' nga balayan nang sīhi'!As for some of you, get chosen empty shells of mollusks!

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