butang1na thingCommonly occurs pluralized with manga.Waya' ning 'impusibli nga butang kung ginagustu mu.No thing is impossible if [it] is wanted by you.May manga butang kita diri sa Rumblun nga waya' ta masasayūri nga 'ina' gali' hay makwakwartahan.We have things here in Romblon which are not able to be known at all by us from which money can surely be acquired.cfbāgay1daya gāmit n'isa ka butang1none thing'Ang tināpay kunu hay 'isa ka butang nga ginakā'un.The bread, they say, is one thing that is eaten.2gerthe placing of something'Ang nagapa'āput ning kalāyu hay 'inut'inut 'ang butang nang baguy.The ones who make the fire do the placing of the coconut shells little by little.3vSomeone puts something somewhere.'isa ka butāngan1none placing of something in or on something else'Ang 'asūkar hay 'isa na lang ka butāngan sa kapi.The sugar is just enough for one placing in a cup of coffee.2vSomeone or something is endowed with something by God.butanganButangan mu 'ang lāta ning ma'isut nga būhu' nga 'adtu 'ang ma'īgu' lang 'ang sinsilyu nga kwarta, parīhu nang dyis, baynti singku, salapi', kag pīsu.[The lid of] a tin can should have a little hole put into [it] that coins of money will just fit through such as ten centavos, twenty-five centavos, fifty centavos, and one peso.Na'īsip baya nga ma'āyu 'ini butangan papil nga 'inang kagilak.It was perhaps thought that this is that onto which it would be good to put that shiny paper.butānganna place for putting things, a receptacleHugāsan 'ang 'isda' kag 'ibutang sa limpyu nga butāngan kag 'asinan.Wash the fish and put it into a clean receptacle and salt it.cflugarbutāngan būyak (būyak 3)a flower vaseginabutang'Ang tūbi' nga 'īmu ginasāyud nga ginabutang sa banga' hay mahigku' na.The water which you are catching, which is being put into the drinking water jar is already dirty.Kung sin'u 'ang gustu maglimus kwarta sa patay, ginabutang sa garapun.Whoever wants to give a money offering to the dead, it is put in a collection jar.ginabutangan1Ginabutangan 'ini ninda ning panagang sa lāwas 'ang 'inda 'unga'.It was their children on whom body charms were put by those ones.Ginabutangan nina Santus ning tanda' 'ang būhu' nang patay.The grave is that on which a temporary grave marker is being placed by the Santos family.ginabutangan2Ginabutangan 'ang tāwu ning siki pāra siya makapānaw.People are endowed with feet in order to be able to walk.ginbutang, binutangNagbīlin siya ning gātas sa bāsu kag ginbutang sa luyu nang 'iya 'unga'.She left milk in a glass and it was put beside her baby.Binutang ku 'ang 'isda' sa lamīsa kag hambay ku, "'Ini hay lyāki nga tibakya kag 'ining 'isa hay babāyi nga tibakya."The fish was put on the table by me and I said, "This is a male grasshopper and as for this other one [it] is a female grasshopper."ginbutanganWaya' na didtu sa 'inda ginbutangan 'ang pakpak ni Marya.It was not there by them where the wings of Maria were put.ibutangvSomeone or something is that beside which, into which, on which, through which or where someone puts or places something.'Ibutang ku sa kabinit 'ang prūtas para 'indi' magkasīra'.The fruit will be put in the cabinet by me so that it will not become rotten.kamutāngan1nsomeone's condition or situation'Indi' ku masayūran kung 'anu na 'ang kamutāngan ni Ramun sa Tablas.I do not know what Ramon's situation is now in Tablas.nabutangHay nyan nang sīkund yir na 'aku nabutang 'aku sa siksyun wan.Now that I am already second year I was able to be put in section one.nagabutangvSomething is put somewhere by someone.'Ang plastāda nang baguy kung nagabutang sa būhu' hay pūru pakuyub.The position of the coconut shells when [someone] puts [them] into the hole are all upside down.pagbutangmn gerthe way of placing or putting down of something somewhere by someoneGinapusa' 'ang baguy bāgu 'ibutang sa naga'āput nga bunut; 'inut'inut 'ang pagbutang nang baguy.The coconut shell is broken [into pieces] before putting it on a burning husk; the way of placing the coconut shell [pieces] is little by little.Gamītun ku 'ang 'isa nga kamut sa pagbutang sa mabug'at nga batu.One hand will be used by me in putting down the heavy stone.pagkabutangnthe position of somethingKung 'ang 'unga', hay ma'āyu 'ang pagkabutang sa sākup nang tiyan, hay 'indi' ma'āgas.If for the child, the position inside the womb is good, it will not abort.

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