liwat1advAn action occurs again.May yāra' nga lyāki nga namamatay 'ang 'inda 'asāwa; natural lang nga 'ini hay ma'asāwa pa liwat.There are some men whose spouses have already died, it is sure that they will take spouses again.Sabātan mu naman liwat nga parīhu da nang 'adtung sabat mu sa primīru.Weave [dyed buri strips] again the same as your first design.cfna naman2'utru vSomeone repeats doing something.ginaliwatlīwat'Ākun na 'ina' ginaliwatlīwat hasta nga waya' na 'aku ning masasanduk didtu nga putut 'ina' nga būhu'.That is then repeated by me many times until there are no more small shrimp at all that will be able to be scooped out by me from that hole.magliwatvAn action is repeated by someone.'Indi' na gid 'aku magliwat kadtu sa Hinablan.I will surely no longer repeat going to Hinablan.pagliwatunimper vSomething should or must be repeated.Ginanguyāban nang tag'īya 'ang manga 'unga' kag ginahambayan nga 'indi' na pagliwatun.The children are being scolded by the owner and are being told that [it] should no longer be repeated.

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