dali'1dali'2varkadali'madali'2adjA particular event is easy or quick to happen.'Ang pagbuyad, hay 'īmu 'ini pahapya'un ma'āyu nga waya' nagasyawārang kag sugīran mu ning lugar nga batlākan sa sīlak pāra dali' ma'uga.As for sun-drying [buri leaves], these should be allowed by you to carefully lay flat so [they] are not scattered and [they] will have a place looked for by you which will be engulfed in sunlight so that [they] will be quick to dry.'Ang 'īmu manghud, daw madali' gid nga mag'asāwa kay kadāmu' 'ang nagapangasawa.As for your younger sister, it seems that for her to take a spouse is very easy, because there are many courting her.dali'dali'varkadali'dāli'int adjA particular event is very easy or very quick to happen.Distribution of kadali'dāli' is the same as described above for madali'.Kadali'dāli' lang gid nga lukarun kung 'igwa kay panglukad sa lūgit.It is very easy to gouge out [coconut meat from its shell] if you have a copra gouger.dali'dāli'vSomeone hurries in doing something.Dali'dāli' 'aku ning kadtu sa banig kag kumadtu sa 'iya nga nagawināwa, nagasiling nga "'Aruy!"I hurried in going to the sleeping mat and went to him who keeps on crying, saying "Oh how painful!"madali'1advSomething will happen or a state will exist soon.Kung 'ini hay 'uyānan, nga madali' na ma'uga, 'imaw 'ina' 'ang ginataliki'.When these [buri leaves] are rained on when [they] will soon be dry, that's why [they] become mildewed.madali'3ti advfor a short timeBumu'uy ning dāhun nang sāging kag putusun 'ang 'implastu nga ginghuman kag bugkusun 'ang dahun nang sāging; tapus tu'ūmun ning madali' lang.Get a banana leaf and the medicinal plaster which was made should be wrapped and the banana leaf should be tied in a bundle; then it should be cooked in the banana leaf over live coals for just a short time.

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