dāhanvSomeone does something carefully, slowly, is careful in doing something.antgulpi cf'alāga''alāga''alāga''alāga''alagā'an'atāman'atāman'atāman'atāman'aturgar'aturgar'aturgar'aturgardipāradipāradipāradipāragina'intindiha'intindi2'intindi2'intindi2'intindi2naga'aturgarpag'atāmanpagdipāradahandāhanvarkadahandāhan1int advSomething is done very carefully, very slowly.Pag ma'ihūyug mu na tanan 'ang magūyang nga niyug manā'ug ka naman ning dahandāhan hasta ka maka'abut sa 'ubus.When all the mature coconuts are able to be dropped by you, then you should go down [the coconut palm] very carefully until you are able to reach the base [of the tree].Nagkāmang 'ang sawa ning kadahandāhan lang tubtub nga naka'abut sinda sa 'inda ginkadtu'an.The snakes crawled very slowly until they reached the place where they were going.antgulpi 2vSomeone is given care or respect by someone; something is cared for by someone.dahandahānunPag 'abut sa may bi'bi' nang dāgat, 'i'itsa mu 'ang batu nga may higut nga naylun kag dahandahānun mu lūkun sa lukunan.Upon reaching the beach edge of the ocean, the stone which has a nylon tying line [tied onto it] should be cast by you into the ocean and the coiling onto the spool should be done very slowly by you.dinahānanDinahānan ku gid 'ikaw bīsan yāri ka sa 'ākun kahari'an.You were given respect by me while you were here in my kingdom.ginadahandāhanGinadahandāhan 'ina' sa pagsīhud 'ang 'uyang nga pāra 'indi' na magpisik.Scooping up brook shrimp is done very slowly so that they will no longer escape.ginadahāniMagbinākay kamu ning lamīsa kag bangku', pagkatāpus waya' nindu ginadahāni.You will keep on buying tables and benches, [but] afterwards [they] are not cared for by you.Respect is especially given older folks; boys and men give respect especially to girls and women their own age or older.cf'alāga''atāman'aturgardipāra'intindi2magdāhan, pagdāhan1imper vBe careful! Do it carefully, slowly! Someone should or must do something carefully, slowly!Kung nagapanaka' ning niyug, magdāhan gid, lālu' na kung naka'abut ka na sa 'ibābaw!When [you] engage in climbing coconut trees, do [it] very carefully, especially when you are able to reach the top!Hambay ni Birta hay, "Pagdāhan Nāna Pirla; magsīlus gāni' kunu si Tāta Prīdi sa 'īmu."Bertha said, "Be careful Aunt Perla; Uncle Freddie might become jealous of you."2vAn action is done slowly or carefully by someone.'Ini nga sīhi' kung 'ikaw 'ini hay magpanihi' dāpat hay dāhan lang gid 'ang 'īmu ning pānaw.As for these mollusks, if you gather them it should be that your bringing them out is done slowly.

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