gulpiadvSomething is done quickly, suddenly.Kung makakīta' sinda ning nagaluta' nga 'isda' ginahugpa'an 'ina' ninda ning gulpi kag tumuka' ning 'isda'.When they (i.e., tayataya birds) happen to see fish swimming in a school they are quickly swooped down on by them and [they] eat the fish by pecking.antdāhandahandāhan vSomeone or something is quick doing something.ginagulpiPag nakakīta' 'ang pispis ning 'isda' nga nagalutaw sa dāgat, 'iya ginagulpi tuka'.Whenever the bird saw a fish floating in the sea, [it] was quickly being pecked at by it.gulpihunvSomeone or something is amazed, shocked, startled by an event, someone, something.Kung 'ikaw 'ini magtusluk nang suyut hay 'īmu ning gulpihun.When you stab [a mollusk] with a digging bolo [it] should be quickly [stabbed] by you.Kung matin'aw na 'ang tūbi' nga nasāyud sa planggāna, 'ibubu' dahandāhan; 'indi' mu gulpihun bubu' kay madadaya 'ang natuk nang buli.If the water which was caught in the basin is already clear, it should be poured out slowly; [it] should not be quickly poured out by you because the buri starch will surely be accidentally carried away.gumulpiGumulpi da būnuk 'ang 'uyan; ngāni' daw sa 'ākun kahadluk kag daw sa 'ākun byubanta' hay daw mabagyu gid.The rain was quick pelting down; so in my fear and in my being threatened it seemed as though there would be a strong typhoon.nagagulpivSomething is quickly acted upon by someone else.May bīsis gid nga 'indi' kamangnu 'ang manuk nga munga' 'ang banug nagagulpi lang tugpu' sa tungud nang 'isiw.There are times when the mother hen is not aware that a hawk is just quick swooping down near the baby chicks.nagulpīhanNagulpīhan si Saryu; nakabu'uy sipuy kag dinugkay niya si Lu'isSario was startled; [he] was able to get a knife and he stabbed Luis.

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