gānanthe affection, attraction or interest in doing something, towards someoneNabuy'an 'aku ning gāna sa 'ākun 'asāwa kay kapintas siya.I had affection towards my husband taken [from me] because he is cruel.Nabuy'an 'aku ning gāna sa pagkā'un kay nagmasakit 'aku.I happened to have interest in eating taken from me because I became sick.antmalūyakagāna, magānaadjAn activity or situation is activated, energized, lively.Kadtu na lang 'ānay sa bayay kag magpangalipay kay kagāna niyan sa bayay.Just go to our house and become happy because now in the house [things are] lively.Magāna 'ang lāwas Karlītu kay daku' 'ang 'iya kwarta.The body of Carlito is energized because he has much money.antlūya

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