pa1advSomeone does something first before something else is done.Mabakay pa 'aku ning 'isda' sa mirkādu.I will first buy fish in the market.advSomeone still does something, has something.With a negative pa denotes that something is not yet done.'Igwa pa 'aku ning kwarta.I still have money.Waya' pa siya naga'abut.She has not yet arrived.advSomething is also done; a situation also exists; a particular thing and also something else.Sa sūlat nagasiling siya na sa nga dā'an hay 'ākun 'asikasūhun 'ang papīlis; 'imaw gāni' 'ang pasapurti, midikal, manga litrātu na kahinangyānun kag 'iban pa gid.In her letter she says that the papers should be prepared immediately by me; those are a passport, medical examination [report], needed pictures and also other things.

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