tāpusadjSomething is finished.Commonly followed by na 'already'.Kung tāpus na pa'āni, mapa'arādu naman kami nang lanas.If the harvest is already finished, we will then let the rice fields be plowed.cfla'aylāpas2lāpas2līgadlīpas līpas luma'magūyang1paligārunvSomeone finishes something.katapūsannthe end or last of somethingMagtūna' pa nang katapūsan nang būlan nang Pibrīru waya' na gid mag'uyan hasta niyan.Beginning the end of the month of February, it has not rained until now.Pag'āgi nang dyip nga katapūsan nga byāhi, 'igwa karga nga sāging.When the jeepney's last trip passed by it had a load of bananas.anttūna' tūna' katapūsan nga dāyumnthe base of somethingPag nagahūkay na 'adtu 'ang marmul kung ginabarīta, hay kutkutun gid 'adtu pakadtu sa 'idāyum nang dūta' kung di'in gid 'adtu 'ang 'iya katapūsan nga dāyum.When that marble moves when [it] is pried with a crowbar, [it] should be dug out very well going under the earth where its base is.cfbuli' kibut pūnu'2 tungud2 'ubuskatapusan1nsomeone's tenth day of being deceased'Ang katapusan ni 'Irning hay sa Sabadu.Erning's tenth day of being deceased was on Saturday.This is a reckoning by the Catholic church in connection with ceremonies for a person who has just died.katapusan2nan observance of the May Flowers novena'Ang katapusan nang Pluris ni Nāna Rīna hay sa Māyu baynti singku.The observance of the May Flowers novena of Aunt Rina is May twenty five.matāpus1advAn event occurs, then another event occurs.San'u ku baya matāpus 'ang 'ākun hugasan?When, I wonder, will the [utensils] that will be washed by me be able to be finished?'Umubay si Kanur kay Bīni, tāpus pinatūyug na niya 'ang 'unga'.Kanor lay beside Benny, then he let the child (Benny) sleep.cflāpas2līgadlīpas nakatāpus, katāpusvAn event is finished by someone.Waya' pa 'aku nakatāpus sa hayskul, naka'asāwa 'aku.[When] I was not yet able to finish high school I [nevertheless] took a spouse.'Ang 'iba, hay waya' katāpus pag'iskwīla kay 'inūna ninda 'ang pag'asāwa.As for some, [they] were not able to finish going to school because their marriage was put first by them.natāpusNatāpus na 'ang punsyūnan, nakatāpus na ning pakā'un sa manga tāwu.When the party was already able to be finished, the serving of food to the people was also finished.pagkatāpus1ti gerAfter or upon the completion of an event, another event happens.Pagkatāpus is optionally preceded by nang.Pagkatāpus ni Pitra magprinsīsa, sa 'inda pyista, 'igwa sa 'iya nagpangasawa nga taga'ibang lugar.Upon the completion of Petra's becoming a princess at their fiesta, there was someone who courted her from another place.Nang pagkatāpus kasay ni Lawra, nagpamuhun na 'aku nga mabālik 'aku sa Rumblun.Upon the completion of Laura's wedding ceremony, I asked permission then that I could go back to Romblon.syndispwis2prepAn event occurs after another event.Ginapīlit ta gid 'ini sina Nilya pagpakatūyug pagkatāpus ning 'igma'.We are really persuading Nelia and the others to let [the baby] sleep after eating.3advSomething is done or a particular state exists and afterwards something else is done or another state exists; an event happens but afterwards a different or unexpected event happens.Magbinākay kamu ning lamīsa kag bangku', pagkatāpus waya' nindu ginadahāni.You keep on buying tables and benches, [but] afterwards [they] are not taken care of by you.syndispwistināpusMa'āyu baya nga mag'iskwīla ka sa hayskul pāra kung maggūyang 'aku may tināpus ka.Maybe it is good for you to study in high school so that when I become old there is something you will have finished.

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