tā'ubnhigh tideKung 'ub na nagaluwas da sinda nagakāmang sa 'ibābaw nang batu.When it is already high tide they (i.e., Philipi's star mollusks) come out and creep on top of a stone.antmaghunasmagtā'ubinfto become high tideNagahuyat lang 'ina' sinda nga magtā'ub kag 'imaw 'ang 'inda panginā'un.Those just wait for [it] to become high tide and that's the time of their eating.anthunastā'ub, patā'ubvIt becomes high tide.Galuwas 'ini sinda kung pata'ub na kag nagatungtung sa batu.They (i.e., ghost murex mollusks) come out when [it] becomes high tide and go on top of stones.

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