'īkisnan x mark on paper to represent something, as one's nameKung 'imaw 'ina' 'ang 'īmu bayay hay butangan mu ning 'īkis kundi' man hay nang 'īmu pangāyan.If that is your house, an X mark or your name should be put down by you.Used especially by someone unable to write her or his name.vSomeone marks on something, as paper, with an X.nag'īkis marked with an Xvpa'ikis'īkisgersomeone's or something's going in a zigzag patternKung pa'ūli' na sa 'inda bayay 'ang pānaw bukun na tadlung pa'ikis'īkis na sa karsāda.When going back now to their house the manner of [Diego's] walking was not straight; it was already going in a zigzag pattern along the road.

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