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tambimeas na nonspecific or specific number of joined flat objectsKami naman nagtūkud ning sāyap; 'ini hay duha lang ka tambi.We also established a small-mesh fishnet business; this [consisted of] only two joined flat objects [of fish net bundles sewn together].cfbugkus pūnu'1 rulyu vFlat objects are joined together by someone, by overlapping, sewing or weaving.ginatambitambi'Ang manga tinābas, hay ginatambitambi kag ginahuman nga punda nang 'uyūnan.As for remnant cloths, [they] are all joined together and made into a pillowcase for a pillow.gingtambiGingtambi ni Munika 'ang duha nga banig, pagbuskad, pāra malāpad 'ang 'iya higdā'an.The two mats were joined together by Monica, unfolding [and overlapping them], so that her sleeping place would be wide.Gingtambi ku 'ang duha nga katsa.Two sheets of flour sack cloth were joined together by me [by sewing them].
tambisna tambis tree or fruitEugenia aquea (Burm.)The somewhat taseless bell-shaped fruit is occasionally eaten.
tambu'na bamboo shoot
tambudna graceful lizardfishSaurida gracilis (Quoy and Gaimard)Creamy white to light brown or olive, and marked with various dark-brown blotches, bars, spots and lines. Lives on corals rocks and sandy patches in inshore variegated lizardfishSynodus variegatus (Lacepede)Grayish blue to olive brown above, whitish below, with reddish-brown blotches and transverse bands. Found buried in the sand with only its eyes and snout protruding, or motionless on exposed reefs, rubble and sandy areas.
tambud liraw2na weever fishThere are three species of weever fish recognized with this designation: brown-spotted Parapercis polyophthalma; four-spined Parapercis tetracantha; latticed Parapercis clatherata. They have variable patterns of spots, bars, blotches and reticulations. Found on sandy, weedy and rubble bottoms, and on reef edges adjacent to sand in shallow inshore waters.
tambuknanimal fat; i.e., the fat of an animal, person or other living being'Ang gustu ku naman kung naga'inūyan, hay tambuk nang bābuy 'ang 'ākun ka'unun.What I really like is that if it is continually raining, fat of a pig is what I will eat.katambukvarmatambukadjSomeone or something is fat or obese.Kung 'īmu ka'ūnun hay kapa'it pīru hay katambuk 'ini 'ang 'iya 'unud.When [the meat of the common bubble mollusk] will be eaten by you it is bitter but the meat is fat.Kilāya mu kung matambuk 'ang kuyāput kay 'ang 'unud hay mapuya.You will know when the Conrad's false shell mollusk is fat because its meat is reddish.
tamburna tambourine'Adtu 'ang sa kay Pransis ning tambur, hay si Gilbirt 'adtu 'ang nagbakay.As for that tambourine that Francis has, that is what Gilbert bought.
tamnan1sp. vartanuman (tanum 1b)
tampa'vSomeone is slapped on the face by someone else.cftampūyungtampa'unHay kundi' pinalapitan ni Lu'is kag tampa'un.[Berting] was then approached by Luis and was slapped on the face.cftampūyung
tampipi'na shopping basketUsed extensively before grocery bags plastik bag were generally in use. Woven of buri; rectangular, about 8 cm x 36 cm at the base and 50 cm high; with a drawstring to close and carry.
tampukna ring stoneGinahuman 'ini nga 'arītus, pulsīras kag tampuk nang singsing. 'ang kulur nang 'ini nang lagang nga sīhi' hay puti' nga may gūlis nga daw kulur marun.The empty shell [of the chambered nautilus] is made into earrings, bracelets and ring stones.
tampuyna covering for somethingcfhamham nnagatampuyKung 'aku 'ina' nagatampuy hay tyad 'ina': ginapahapnig ning pakuyub, tuyu sa 'ibābaw, tuyu sa 'ubus, kag tapus butangan ku ning 'isa nga pakurus.When I place a [poultice] covering, it is like this: [the leaves] are turned upside down, three on top, three below, and then [they] will have one [piece] put crosswise by me.tampuy sa puki'21na menstrual napkinsynhamham sa puki'1hamham sa puki'22vSomeone places a covering on something.
tampūyungna slap with the open palm'Adtu nga dā'an sa 'iya pagsabat nga hū'u, nakatilaw siya ning tampūyung sa 'iya tatay.At that time of his answering yes, he experienced a slap from his father.cftampa'tampa'un
tamsakvA liquid drips or spatters on a surface.nagatamsakSinaylu naman 'adtung 'aparadur kay nagatamsak na ning daku' didtu sa 'āmun bayay.Our clothes closet was moved to another place because [it] was spattering extensively there inside our house.
tamsi2na yellow- or olive-backed sunbirdNectarinia jugularis'Īni 'ang tamsi hay 'imaw 'ang pinakama'isut nga pispis.As for this yellow-backed sunbird it is the smallest bird.
tamsi1adjSomeone is short and thin.cfkapungkuk, mapungkukmatag'udmāya1māya1māya1nānu'nānu'nānu'pungkukpungkukpungkuypungkuypungkuytag'udtag'udtāwintāwin
tamwa'vSomething comes out from a confined space, from where it is at rest.cfgātawgātawgātawgātawgātawgātawgātawginapahalinginapaluwasguwa'guwa'guwa'guwa'guwa'guwa'halinhalinhalinhalinhalinkūyapkūyapkūyapkūyapkūyapkūyapluwas luwas luwas luwas luwas luwas makatākasnagakūyappagpaguwa'pagtamwa'tākastākastākastākastākastākasnagatamwa''Ini hay mabuntay ka ning buli nga 'ina' 'ang waya' pa nagatamwa' ma'āyu.You cut an unopened buri frond which is not yet coming out well.pagtamwa'ti gerafter or upon something's coming out from a confined space, from where it is at restPagtamwa' nang 'inda 'ūyu hay 'igwa na ning tinaban nga 'isa ka bilug nga lambīyung.Upon their heads' (i.e., heads of tayataya birds) coming out [of the water] there is one lambiyung anchovy fish held in the beak.cfgātawguwa'halinkūyapluwas tākastamwa'
tan'awvSomeone or something looks; looks at or watches someone or something else.cfbatyag1batyag1batyag1batyag1batyag1batyag1batyag1ginapurbahanhangadhangadhangadhangadhangadhangadhangadlānawlānawlānawlanāwunli'li'li'li'li'li'li'li'li'li'li'li'li'li'lingiglingiglingiglingiglingiglingiglingiglingigmapani'īranmata mata mata mata mata mata mata nagapangrikīsanaghināngad nagpabatyagnamat'anpagpinangli'li'pangita'pangita'pangita'panglikīta', pagpangīta'pani'id2pani'id2pani'id2pani'id2pani'id2pani'id2pani'id2purbapurbapurbapurbapurbapurbapurbarikīsarikīsarikīsasiru'siru'siru'siru'siru'siru'siru'siru'asūgid sūgid sūgid sugīrun1 tutuktutuktutuktutuktutuktutuktutuktutukunginatan'awGinatan'aw gid ni Birtu 'ang ginakā'un kag tūbi' nga gina'inum.The [food] being eaten and the water being drunk is inspected by Berto.'Ang 'iya 'ini ning balayan hay masīlaw nga tan'awun.As for this one's empty shell, [it] sparkles when it will be looked at.ginpatan'aw1vSomeone or something is looked for by someone else.Ginpakadtu ni Turing si Dilya sa Manīla' kag ginpatan'aw sa duktur.Delia was sent by Toring to Manila and was allowed to be examined by the doctor.cfbatyag1hangadli'li'lingigmata pani'id2purbasiru'tutukginpatan'aw2Ginpatan'aw sa 'ākun ni Rubin kung may sūlat siya sa pust 'ūpis.Whether [or not] he had a letter in the post office was allowed by Ruben to be looked for by me.cflānawpangita'rikīsasūgid gintinan'aw'Ang lyāki, gintinan'aw 'aku kahāpun.As for the man, I was continually looked at [by him] yesterday.gingtan'awGingtan'aw ku pa 'ang barūtu ni Lu'is; hay waya' na didtu.The boat of Luis was still looked for by me; [but] it was no longer there [on the shore].magtan'aw1infto look at, to watch, to inspect someone, something'Ang 'iba nga nagakadtu sa sinihan hay bukun pāra magtan'aw kundi' pāra makakatūyug kay tungud sa kahagkut sa suyud.Some go to movie houses not in order to watch [a movie] but so that they will be able to sleep because it is cold.2vSomeone or something is looked at, inspected or examined by someone or something else.matan'aw'Ang hambay ku sa 'ākun ka'ibāhan nga dalāga, "Makadtu pūyung ku kita sa 'Īpil kay matan'aw kita pabayli."What I said to my young lady companion was "We will go to Ipil because we will watch a dance."nagapatan'awvA situation, someone or something is allowed by someone to be looked at, inspected or examined by someone else.Dāpat gāni' hay ka'ibāhan 'ang 'asāwa kung gapatan'aw ka sa duktur.It should be that your spouse is your companion if you will let [yourself] be examined by a doctor.nagtan'aw, tuman'aw'Ang 'uning nagbāngun kag nagpanlam'us sa 'iya pisngi kag nagtan'aw ning ma'āyu sa 'āyam.The cat got up and washed its cheeks all over with [its] paws and carefully looked at the dog.Nang may murun na 'aku, tuman'aw 'aku sa bintāna' kag nakīta' ku hālus wasak na 'ang 'āmun mūru.When I already had a bottle torch, I looked out the window and our stonewall was almost destroyed.patan'aw1caus vSomeone allows someone else to examine, look at them, someone, something.patan'aw2caus vSomeone or something is allowed by someone else to be looked for by someone.tan'awaimper vLook at something! Inspect something! Examine something!Kung 'indi' ka magpāti, tan'awa 'ang 'īmu mūru! Wasak na parīhu nang sa 'ākun.If you do not believed it, look at your stonewall! It is already destroyed the same as mine.
tananindef proneverything, everyoneKung lūtu' na tanan 'āga pa, nagalībud na 'akuy pūtu sa manga bayaybayay.If everything is cooked early, I then peddle sweet sticky rice to the houses.adjall people, thingsTanan sometimes follows a modified noun phrase'Ang tanan nga manga 'unga' nagpamati' ning ma'āyu sa 'inda ma'istru.All the children listened well to their teacher.'Ang manggarānun tanan nga manāmit nga pagkā'un hay 'inda natitilawan.As for the rich, they are frequently able to taste all [kinds of] delicious foods.Kung 'ang manga 'unga' ku tanan magpamag'asāwa na, 'aku hay waya' na ka'ibāhan.If all my children will each take a spouse, I will no longer have a companion.adjTanan follows a pronoun.Gustu nāmun tanan mabati'an nga ginabātun mu na sya.We all like to hear that Samson is already accepted by you.adjTanan sometimes precedes the determiner.Ginati'is tanan 'ang kahugā'an sa pangabūhi' ni Plurintīna.All the hardships in living are endured by Florentina.