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tyaw'ānan2varta'u 2a financial obligation
tyīkirna timekeeper; one who keeps a record of time worked by employeesDāpat kahinangyan gid paghambay nang tyīkir mapirma kamu, pumirma ka da.[It] should be obligatory that when the timekeeper says that you will sign [the paper], you sign [it].syntaymkīpir
tyīkuna soursop tree or fruitAnnona muricata (Linn.)'Igwa pa ning 'iba 'ina' da 'ang gamut nang tyīku kag gamut nang 'ātis buyung da sa kilkig.There were also some in which the roots of the soursop tree and roots of the sugar apple tree are also medicine for poison sickness.Bears large spiny, sour edible fruit. The fruit juice, sweetened with sugar, makes an excellent drink.
tyimpunthe time of an event or stateBasta ma'āyu 'ang tyimpu, magahākut kitay rūbuls kāda Duminggu kung 'indi' lang mag'uyan.When the time is good, we transport chunks of unsawed marble every Sunday if it does not rain.cfpanahunn'ulīhi nga tyimpuadvthe futureKung hinuman ku 'ini hay pāra da sa 'īmu, 'agud 'indi' ka magkahuga' sa 'ulīhi nga tyimpu.If that was done by me (i.e., had you betrothed to a particular boy), it was for you, so that you will not experience difficulty in the'āyu nga tyimpungood weathermalā'in nga tyimpunbad weatherKung waya' da ning malā'in nga tyimpu nga pa'abūtun, waya' da nagalupad ning grupugrūpu 'ang salimbabātang; pa'iya'īya sinda ning lupad kung ma'āyu 'ang panahun.If there is no bad weather coming, these Himalayan swiflet birds do not fly in groups; they are one by one flying when the weather is good.nang 'ūna nga tyimpu1at first, in the past, long agoniyan nga tyimpu (niyan 1b)during this period of timepatyimputyimpuadjAn event is occasional or seasonal.synpatabu'tābu'
tyindāhanna convenience storeA convenience store sells supplies to care for everyday household and personal needs, such as canned foods, cigarettes, fruits, kerosene, matches, rice, soap, liquor. Some stores are well stocked, with rows of shelves where customers can select supplies. Others are operated through the window of a home with only a few pesos worth of supplies for sale.specbayay
tyinīlas2varsinīlas2nnon-rubber slippers'Ang 'ākun tyinīlas hay tigkabangi' kay 'ang 'isa hay puti', 'ang 'isa hay 'asul.My slippers are unmatched because one is white, the other is blue.cfbakya''ismāgul
tyirmanna chairman of an organization or event, designated to be in charge of a specific responsibility'Adtung kang Manung 'Arsin, 'iwag dinaya da 'adtu ni Manung 'Arsin kay siya 'ang tyirman sa 'iwag.That pressure lantern of Older Brother Arsen, Older Brother Arsen also brought it because he is the chairman for lighting.A chairman is the head of a group designated to perform a specific task in preparation for an event involving multiple duties.
tyūpameas na nonspecific or specific number of half liters; a dry volume measurement19, Dry or Liquid Volume Measurementmeas ntyupahanna half-liter measuring canCommonly a condensed milk can, used in the kitchen for measuring rice for cooking.cfbaylūkan
tyutamatisna mouth corner skin eruption