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sāmukvSomeone engages in making trouble.nagsāmuk engaged in making troublekasāmuk1adjThe pace or tempo of something is fast.antmahīnaykasāmuk2vSomeone works busily doing something, especially in a crowded place.kasamuksāmukint adjThe pace or tempo of something is very fast.Bukun mahīnay 'ang pagkanta; kasamuksāmuk.The singing was not slow; [it] was very fast.anthīnaymagsāmukimper vEngage in making trouble!Usually with a negative.Hambay ku 'ini kang Dīnu', kang Gilbirt kag kang Katalīnu, 'ayaw kamu magsāmuk! 'Ang sundālu yāra'.I said to Dino, Gilbert and Catalino, do not engage in making trouble! The soldiers are there [and might do something bad to you].nagakinasāmukGāni' nagakinasāmuk 'ina' 'ang babāyi kay 'igwa naman ning kadtu'an.The reason that woman keeps on working busily is that there will still be a place where [she] can go [to do her work].
samungna maculated top molluskTrochus maculatus
San HuwannJohn the Baptist DayOn this day people bring a picnic lunch and usually liquor to a swimming place along the ocean, where they swim.
san pidrunan ipil-ipil treeLeucaena glauca (Linn.)A good source of firewood.
san plāwirna sunflower plantRelianthus annuus (Linn.)The plant is used as an ornamental. Seeds are roasted and eaten as a snack food.
san'uvarsa'unuintg advWhen will an event occur or a state exist?San'u indicates an event or state in present or future time. For an event or state in past time, see kasan'u.San'u ku baya matāpus 'ang 'ākun hugasan?When, I wonder, will the [utensils] that will be washed by me be able to be finished?synkasan'u1 kasan'u3intg adv'ābir san'u1indef ti advat any timePuydi ka maka'istar 'ābir san'u basta gustu mu.You can stay at any time provided you want to.kung san'uvarkung sa'unurel advwhen or until an event occurs or a state exists'Indi' makapangāku' si Mistir Santus kung san'u mag'abut 'ang būlig nang gubirnu.Mr. Santos cannot promise when the financial help from the Government will arrive.Bāsi' 'indi' ka maghuyat kung sa 'unu sa 'īmu 'ita'u nang 'īmu magūyang?Why will you not wait until your parents will give it to you?synkung kasan'ucfhābanghābanghasta hasta hasta kung kasan'ukung kasan'ukung kasan'umintras mintras mintras sa1 sa1 samantāla'samantāla'tubtub tubtub 'ūras 'ūras
sanayadjSomeone is accustomed to a particular situation.Sanay na da kami 'ini sa ya' suya'.We are already accustomed to not having a side dish.
sandigvSomeone leans backwards.nagasandigSi Milba gali' waya' nagahigda'; nagpungku' siya nagasandig sa dingding.Melba was not lying down; she was sitting down leaning backwards against a wall.pasandigcaus vSomething is leaned against something else by someone.pasandigunKung punu' na 'ang kustal ning lūgit, ginahuslu' 'ang kāhuy nga nakasab'ung sa ba'ba' nang kustal kag pasandigun sa dingding nang bayay.If the sack is already full of copra, the wood which is attached to the opening of the sack is taken off and [the sack of copra] will be leaned against the walling of the house.
sandukndished out foodThis is food given by friends or neighbors to demonstrate good social relationships.genginasibutmagsaybukmagsīhudsynsūkad vSomething is dipped out, dished out or scooped out by someone from that which contains it.masasandukimper vDip out a liquid! Dish out or scoop out something!'Ākun na 'ina' ginaliwatlīwat hasta nga waya' na 'aku ning masasanduk didtu nga putut 'ina' nga būhu'.That is then repeated by me many times until there are no more rice field shrimp that will be able to be scooped out at all by me from that hole.Lilya, sanduk ning tūbi' sa plangāna!Lidia, dip out water from the wash basin!pagsandukgersomeone's dipping, dishing or scooping out something'Ang tiglyaki may daya nga pinggan may kutsāra may bāsu kag liwag nga gamitun ninda sa pagsanduk nang 'inda lūtu' nga 'itāhaw sa tigbabayi.The engaged man's close relatives bring plates, spoons, glasses and ladles which they use in dishing out their food which will be served to the engaged lady's close relatives.specsaybuksibut sīhudpanandukvarpangsandukna general purpose scoop used for dishing out food, dipping or scooping up somethingKung nagapamutut ka, didtu ka magsaybuk nang 'īmu pananduk sa 'alīhid nang pilāpil nga 'igwa ning būhu', kay yāra' 'ina' dira' nagatinir 'ang putut.When you gather pond-field shrimp, you scoop them up with your scoop there at the edge of a pond-field dike which has holes, because there is where pond-field shrimp stay.This scoop may be a coconut-shell half or plastic can with tiny drain holes in the bottom panihuran used for scooping up shrimp or small fish, something for dipping water as a coconut shell dipper hūngut or any suitable can or plastic container used for dipping and scooping.
sanīpana fascia board which runs horizontally along the bottom edges of the roof rafters of a building
santingcfkalaw'aymasantingadjobscene or offensive speechKung 'igwa kita ning mabati'an nga hambay nga masanting, hay nagatanum nga dā'an sa 'ātun ning 'īsip.If there are offensive words that will be heard by us, they are immediately fixed in our minds.cflaw'ay
santirmuna fire soulNang 'ūna, hay 'ang tāwu hay hadluk sa santirmu kay makakīta' lang gāni' kunu 'adtu ning 'inggat hay nagadyāgan na.In the past, as for people, [they] were afraid of fire souls because, they said, when someone would just see a flashing light, [he or she] would already run.For a description of fire soul, see muytu.synmuytucfmalā'in nga 'ispiritumalā'ut2satanasyāwa'
santuadjholyPag'abut sa pwirtāhan nang simbāhan ning 'igway santu 'anghil nga naga'abri sa pwirtāhan pāra sumuyud 'ang tanan nga santus.Upon arriving at the doorway of the church there was a holy angel who was opening the doorway so that all the images of the saints would go inside.adjSantu Ninyunthe Holy Infant JesusKung pyista nang Santu Ninyu kāda būlan nang 'Inīru hay 'igwa manga pasā'ut dira' sa plāsa.During the fiesta of the Holy Infant every month of January there is a dance gathering there in the public plaza.
santusna saint of the Christian faithMay yāra' nga nanay nga kāda 'isa nya nga 'unga' hay 'igwa gid ning pangāku' sa kāda 'isa nga santus.There are some mothers in which as for each separate child of hers there is a vow to a particular saint.cfribultunpatrun nga santus21nthe patron saint of a town, village'Ang patrun nga santus nang baranggay nang Lūnus hay si Lurinsu Ruwis.The patron saint of the village of Lonos is Lorenzo Ruiz.A patron saint of a village is chosen by the Roman Catholic Church to be the guardian and protector of that village.2nthe image of a saintKadāmu' 'ang 'inda santus sa 'altar.They have many images of saints on the altar.Images, either pictures or statues, are used within the Roman Catholic Church.cfribultu
santuyna santol tree or fruitSandoricum koetjape (Burm. f.)The yellowish fruit is from 4 to 6 centimeters in diameter. They are eaten at the end of a meal as a dessert.
sang'atvSomething is put, put down in a particular location by'isang'atThe prefix 'i- following ma- indicates a plurality of things put down.Kung ma'isang'at na tanan, ginakamāda na 'ang binu'ak nga niyug.When all are able to be put down, the coconut pieces are then arranged.masang'atKung masang'at mu tanan nga binu'ak nga niyug sa hāpun, pagka'āga 'īmu na pa'asuhan.If all the coconut pieces are able to be put down by you in the afternoon, upon [its] becoming morning [they] will be smoked by you.
sangana main branch of a bush, plant, tree, which branches from the trunk or main stalknka'intik nga sangana secondary branch of a bush, plant, tree, which branches from the primary branch.
sanggitvSomething, as a bird, hooks something with its claws; a person hooks something with an instrument, as a fish with a fishhook.nagsanggit hooked somethingginasanggit'Ang 'iya ginasanggit, hay 'ang manga 'isda'.As for what are hooked by it (i.e., by a kingfisher), it is fish.magpinangsanggitvSomething is hooked by someone, something.Nagamantas gid magpinangsanggit 'ang tangkali' lālu' na kung sinda hay 'igway pisu'.Kingfishers become aggressive in always hooking [chicks] especially when they have baby birds [to feed].
sangguni'an bāyanna municipal councilor
sangguni'an panglalawīganna board member of the provincial government