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sabīlanan aloe vera plantAloe vera (Linn.)The leaves are used as the source of herbal medicine.
sabsabvAnimals feed or graze on vegetation.masabsab will feed or graze on vegetationmagsabsabinfto feed or graze on vegetationDāpat makuray 'agud 'indi' makasuyud 'ang hāyup nga magsabsab nang manga kāhuy nga nagatūbu' na didtu.[That area] should be fenced so that animals will not be able to enter to feed on trees that are already growing there.
sābu'vSomeone or something goes around, paces around or roams around a given'ābug'ābug'ābug'ābug'ābugbisītahumanlantū'aglantū'aglantū'agnaga'ābugnagapanturagtūragnagapasīyunaglantū'agpagpamasyarpamasyar3pamasyar3pamasyar3pamasyar3pamasyar3pānawpānawpānawpānawpānaw, pagpānawpasīyupasīyupasīyupasīyupasīyutātapturagturagturagturagturagmagsabu'sābu'infto go around, pace around or roam around a given placeWaya' pa da 'akuy tūka nga pāra sa 'ākun; gāni' nahuya' da 'aku didtu magsabu'sābu' sa baylīhan.There was not yet a work assignment for me; that's why I was embarrassed to go around at the benefit'ābuglantū'agpamasyar3pānawpasīyuturagnagasabu'sābu'Commonly occurs with a doubled stem sabu'sābu'.Kadāmu' da 'ang nagasabu'sābu' nga manga liplip.There were many one-sail outrigger boats going around [in the bay].
saburnthe flavor or taste of a food'Igwa naman ning tāma' lang gid 'ang 'iya katam'is, kag dāmu' pa gid 'ina' nga sabur 'ang 'īmu matitilawan kung dāmu' 'ang klāsi nang 'īmu dugus.It surely has just the right amount of sweetness, and there are very many flavors that you can consistently taste if you have many different kinds of honey.'Ang dugus, hay lābut 'ang sabur kaysa tam'is nang 'asūkar.As for honey, [it] has a different taste from the sweetness of sugar.nkasāburadjA food is flavorful or tasty.'Ang 'iya 'ini ning 'unud hay parīhu sa kugīta pīru kasābur 'ang 'unud nang sīhi' nga 'ini.As for this one's meat (i.e., of a chambered nautilus), [it] is the same as the common octopus but the meat of this shell is [more] tasty.
sabutnpubic hair
sabuysabuynfibers such as of coconut husks; bird pin feathers; clothing ballsDāpat gid buy'un 'ini 'ang sabuysabuy kay kung masūnug 'ang tapāhan.These [coconut] fibers should be remove because the smoking rack might be burned [if the fibers catch fire].cfbuybuy vSomething is frayed by someone.sabuysabuyunDāpat 'ang 'īmu gilit hay bag'u pāra katayum 'ang duyut pāra 'ang 'īmu līlas hay bukun sabuysabuyun.Your razor blade must be new so that the edge is sharp so that your buri strips will not be frayed.
sabwagvSomething or someone has a granular substance which pours like a liquid poured on it or them by someone else.cfbasyabasyahanbubu'bubu', 'ibubu'ginasabwaganGinasabwagan sinda ning bugas pāra simbulu kunu nga pirmi nga 'igwa sinda ning grasya.They (i.e., newlyweds) have some rice poured on [them] so that it will be a symbol that there will always be a blessing for them.cfbasyabubu'
sabya'na condiment food or seasoning added to a main food dish'Ang sabya' nga ginabutang sa karni hay bāwang, sibūyas, paminta kag katumbay nga dagku'.The condiments which are put with meat are garlic, onions, black pepper and large bell peppers.cfginpalakut lakut
sabyawmagpasabyawBīni, magbū'ut ka didtu; 'indi' ka magpasabyaw sa 'īmu lūlu kag lūla.Benny, act appropriately there; you should not disobey your grandfather and grandmother.pasabyawvSomeone disobeys someone else.
sadyapnsplit bamboo walling of a houseThin-walled bamboo bagākay is used.
sag'angnthe jaw of a person or animal
sāga'meas neleven or more strings of fishNagbakay si Ramun ning 'unsi sāga' nga 'isda'.Ramon bought eleven strings of fish.A string of fish consists of two to four pieces of fish, depending on size and quality, tied together at the mouth. Up to ten string are placed on a fish-carrying pole sangyāyan for carrying to market.saga'meas na nonspecific or specific number of strings of fish, commonly one through ten, uncommonly eleven and aboveThe word saga' is preceded by the number ligature ka.Nakabakay na kami ning 'isa ka saga' nga 'isda' kay didtu 'aku nag'īban 'ina' ning kwarta sa binta nang 'ays kindi.We were able to buy one string of fish because I deducted that money from the sales money of the ice candy.saga'annstringing material for stringing fish, fruit, meat or vegetablesA buri rib, length of rattan or rope, about 30 to 40 cm long. Fish, fruit, meat or vegetables are strung on and the material is tied in a loop. Used for convenience in carrying by hand or on a carrying pole sangyāyan.syntuhugan
sagangna blockade, used to prevent passage; an obstruction against something, as a charm, medicine, prayer to ward off a curse or sicknesscfginhawīranvA blow is fended off by someone; a passageway is blockaded by someone; a sickness is prevented by a charm, medicine, prayer.saganganSagangan ku 'ang pwirtāhan; wayay makasuyud.The doorway will be blockaded by me; no one will be able to go inside.cfhāwid
saghidvSomeone strikes a match palītu, puspuru.nagsaghid stuck a match
sāgingna banana plant,Family Musaceae, Genus Musana banana fruitEaten at the end of a meal as a dessert.Prepar: 'ūpak peel; multiple: sāpad hand of bananas.nginat'an nga sāgingncooking banana cooked in coconut milk extractsāging nga bingkitna double banana fruit, i.e., two bananas which develop within a single skin'Ini 'ang sāging nga bingkit hay bukun lang sa nabdus ginabāwal kundi' sa manga 'unga' nga babāyi kag manga dalāga.These double bananas are not only forbidden to pregnant women but also to young girls and unmarried women.tinumākan nga sāging (tinumākan 1c)banana mush
sagnatna fever'Ang kalā'um ku 'adtu hay ma'āyu na kay waya' na siya ning sagnat.What I thought was that she was already well because she had no more fever.vSomeone is afflicted with a fever.gingsagnat'Ang gingtunā'an 'ini nang 'iya sakit, hay nang 'adtung siya hay gingsagnat.As for that which was the beginning of this sickness of his, [it] was when he was afflicted with a fever.
sāgunbody fluid, esp. of a dead person after about 24 hours following death
sagu'su'na seedling seedNagpusngil na 'ang sagu'su' nga pitsay ni Hisus.The Chinese cabbage seedling seeds of Hesus have already sprouted.cfbūsuyvSeeds are planted for seedlings by someone.gingsagu'su'Seeds not requiring transplanting are planted tanum. Seedling seeds sagu'su' are planted for transplanting as seedlings.Gingsagu'su' ku na 'ang pitsay.Chinese cabbage was planted already for seedlings by me.cfbūsuy
sagudsudna rice seedling ready for transplanting, about 12 cm long