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pā'is1vSomeone makes a snack roll of a root-crop vegetable or a pulverized grain pā'is 2.nagpā'isvA root-crop vegetable or a pulverized grain pā'is 2 is made into a snack roll by someone.Nagpā'is si Nilda ning kamūti kahāpun.Nilda made a sweet potato snack roll'īsunPa'īsun ni Nīta 'ang balinghuy kay 'ibaligya' niya.Cassava roots will be made into a snack roll by Nita because it will be sold by her.pinā'is1na snack roll of either a root-crop vegetable or a pulverized grain'Ang ginadaya ninda nga bāyun hay pinā'is nga ma'is.Their carried lunches which they took [to school] were corn snack rolls.The basic ingredient is either a root crop such as cassava balinghuy, sweet potato kamūti, yautia bundu', grated using a root-crop grater 'id'īran; or a pulverized grain such as corn flour binukbuk nga ma'is, rice flour binukbuk nga bugas or heat flour 'arīna. This is mixed with either sugar or salt and grated coconut kināyus, or coconut milk extract gata' squeezed from coconut meat. The mixture is wrapped in a wilted portion of a banana leaf dāhun nang sāging or in a young coconut frond hanig and boiled. Snack rolls are eaten as snacks, for breakfast or, if there is no other food, for supper.cfsarsa8, Foods Made with Coconut
pa'itkapa'it, mapa'itadjSomething is bitter, as ampalaya, tobacco tabāku'.Kung 'īmu ka'ūnun hay kapa'it pīru hay katambuk 'ini 'ang 'iya 'unud.When [the meat of the common bubble mollusk] will be eaten by you it is bitter but the meat is fat.
pa'iya'īya1adjPeople or things are one by one, separate in doing something, in a particular state.Pa'iya'īya sinda ning bakay ning suya', pīru sa kan'un hay pinsan.They are separate buying side-dish food, but for cooked rice [they are] all together.Kung waya' da ning malā'in nga tyimpu nga pa'abūtun, waya' da nagalupad ning grupugrūpu 'ang salimbabātang; pa'iya'īya sinda ning lupad kung ma'āyu 'ang panahun.If there is no bad weather coming, these Himalayan swiflet birds do not fly in groups; they are one by one flying when the weather is good.
pa'pa'vSomething is chewed by'pa'unKanāmit gid kung sa gābi nga 'ūtan mu 'ilūpus kay nagadayūnut lang kung 'īmu pa'pa'un.It is very delicious when you mix [pond-field shrimp] into coconut-flavored taro leaves because [otherwise] they become slippery when [the shrimp] are chewed by you.