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libakngossip, slandervSomeone gossips about or slanders someone else.naglibak gossiped, slanderedpagpanglibakgersomeone's extensive gossiping, extensive slanderingKung di'indī'in lang da napapakadtu 'ang 'isturya nang manga babāyi nga kung dūgay na 'ang 'inda 'isturya 'ang napapakadtu'an hay 'ang pagpanglibak.The conversations of the girls were surely sent in various directions, so when their conversations take a long time that to which [the conversations] went is extensive gossiping.
libangvSomeone is comforted by someone else.ginalibangMintras ginalibang ni Saryu 'ang 'unga' nga nagatāngis, hay may nakīta' siya nga magūyang.While his child who was crying was being comforted by Sario, he saw an old person.
libatadjSomeone is cross-eyed.
librameas na nonspecific or specific number of pounds; a weight measurementPāra makahuman nang 'isa ka libra nga dugus, 'ang 'isa nga putyūkan kahinangyānun gid nga magbalikbālik sa būyak ning kinsi mil kabālik.So that it will be able to make one pound of honey, one honeybee must go back to the flowers fifteen thousand times.
librivSomeone saves herself or himself from a particular situation.makalibriNaga'intiris 'aku nga makalibri sa plīti, pumanā'ug 'aku sa may Puktuy.I was interested in being able to save myself from the fare; [so] I got down [from the jeep] near Puktuy.nagalibriHambay nāmun hay, kay galibri kunu 'ina' 'ang 'iban, hay di'in kamu 'adtu day'un?We said, because some were saving themselves, it was reported, where would you be brought by them [so you would save yourselves]?nakalibriNagatāgu' sa Bang'ug 'ang 'isa hay nakalibri.As for one who was hiding in Bang-og, [he] was able to save himself [by running away].
librītuna small book, especially one containing magical prayers
libruna bookNang 'aku hay nagtūna' ning pag'iskwīla sa grid wan, 'aku hay pirmi nagabāsa ning libru.When I began going to school in grade one, I often read a book.
libtunglibtungna deep riverbed holeKung nagapanihud ka ning 'uyang hay gakadtu ka sa sapa' nga 'igwa ning manga libtunglibtung nga dāmu' 'ang batu, kag 'igwa ning tūbi' nga nagapundu.When you gather brook shrimp with a colander shrimp scoop you go to a seasonal creek where there are riverbed holes which have many stones, and there is water which backs up.
lībucard num adja unit of a thousand actions, people, pieces of something, situations, things, times, units of measurementKung tapus na bunut tanan, bilāngun ning tagsatagsa kung pila ka lību.If they are already all husked, count [the coconuts] one by one to see how many thousands [you have].Napirdi 'aku sa būyang kahāpun ning 'isa ka lību.I lost one thousand [pesos] yesterday in a cockfight.'isa ka gatus ka lībuone hundred thousand'isa ka lību ka bīsisone thousand times'ikapitu ka lībuseventh thousand (i.e., seven thousandth)cfmil mil 22, Ordinal Numbers
lībudvSomeone peddles items for sale to various places.'ilībud'Ilībud mu 'ini sa kāda tindāhan nga gustu magbakay nang nītib nga 'itlug nang manuk.These will be peddled by you to every store that likes to buy native chicken eggs.nagalībudvItems for sale are peddled to various places.Kung lūtu' na tanan 'āga pa, nagalībud na 'akuy pūtu sa manga bayaybayay.If it is all cooked early, I then peddle sweet sticky rice to the many houses.
libugvarkalibugvSomeone worries about a particular event or situation.magkalibug'Indi' siya dāpat magkalibug kay, kung nagakadtu sinda sa bakūyud kag nakakadakup ning pispis, 'iya gid tanan 'ang karni kag tuy'an.He should not worry because, if they go to the mountain and are frequently able to catch birds, the meat and bones will all be his.magkalibugi'Ayaw magkalibugi 'ina' kay 'aku 'ang mangatūbang nyan sa 'iya kung sya kumari.Do not be worried about that because I will be the one to face Nilo now if he will come.cfkalisud nabayākamalibug'Ayaw malibug sa 'imu 'unga' kay ma'āyu 'ang 'iya kamutāngan.Do not worry about your child because her condition is good.nagakalibug'Ang manga magūyang nang lyāki, 'imaw 'ina' 'ang nagakalibug nang tanan nga gastus.As for the parents of the boy, those are the ones who worry about the [wedding] expenses.
lībunna hulled rice storage basketMade of tightly woven buri strips. The bottom is square, about 30 cm., tapered to a round top about 15 cm. diameter, and about 30 cm. high. Fold at the top so that the milled rice will not leak out. It is used for holding shrimp or small fish scooped out of water with a colander shrimp scoop 'ayat, pamutūtan, panihuran.
lībutvSomeone goes around a given area or an object.ipalībutkalibūtan2the earthnagalībutNang kami hay galībut pabanwa, na'una 'ang San Pidru sa simbāhan.When we were going around towards town, the saint Peter [image] was the one that was the first to be in the church.naglībutNaglībut 'ānay 'aku ka pitu didtu sa pūnu' nang kāhuy, kag 'imaw na 'adtu 'ākun ginbagting 'adtu 'ang takyub nang kaldīru.I went around seven times at the base of the tree and that's when the lid of the metal pot was rung by me.palībut1gersomeone's or something's going around an area or objectGatūna' na 'ang prusisyun palībut sa banwa hasta makaluwas tanan 'ang manga tāwu sa simbāhan.The procession begins going around town until all the people in the church are able to go outside.palībut2caus vSomething has an elongated object placed around it by someone.palībut3nthe perimeter of an object, an areaMay 'anītu da nga kung nasayūran mu nga 'ang 'īmu kalāpit hay nagakamātay na 'ang manuk nga 'alīla' niya, 'ang 'īmu kunu humanun hay palibūtan mu ning huwag 'ang palībut nang 'īmu bayay.There is a belief that when it is known by you that, as for your neighbor, his cared-for chickens are dying, what should be done by you is that the perimeter of your house should have huwag vine placed around it by you.palibūtanPalibūtan mu ning huwag 'ang palībut nang 'īmu bayay.The perimeter of your house should have huwag vine placed around [it] by you.
līdirnthe leader of a group of people, an organization, a territoryTuyug pa 'ang manga līdir nang 'Asusasyun nang Rumblun.The leaders of the Romblon Association are still inactive.synpinūnu', pūnu'pūnu'3
lig'unkalig'un, malig'unadjSomething, as a house, a table, is durable, strong.
līgadvSomeone, something, a particular time, an event, a state passes or passes by.cfla'aylāpas2lāpas2līpas līpas luma'magūyang1matāpus tāpus lumīgadimper vSomeone, something, a particular time, an event, a state must or should pass or pass by.Tuparun mu lang 'ang 'ātun napagkasundū'an nga lumīgad lang 'ang 'isa ka būlan nga waya' mu 'aku ginatanduga.What was able to be agreed on by us should be fulfilled by you, that just one month should pass by in which I will not have had anything done [to me] by you.naglīgadKadāmu' 'ang tāwu nga nagsakay didtu kay naglīgad 'ang bapur nang Duminggu.Many people rode there because the boat passed by that Sunday.Kung naglīgad na da ning lima 'u 'unum ka 'ūras pwīdi ka na makakā'un ning 'iba naman nga prūtas parīhu 'ābi nang hinug nga mangga.When five or six hours has already passed you can eat some fruit such as ripe mango.paglīgadvarpagkalīgadti gerAfter or upon the passing or passing by of an event, state, person, thing or time, another event happens or another state exists.Paglīgad nang 'upat ka 'ūras; 'isaylu 'ang 'isda' nga 'inasinan sa limpyu nga butāngan nga 'igwa ning takyub.After the passing of four hours, transfer the salted fish into a clean container that has a lid.Pagkalīgad nang tuyu ka 'adlaw namatay 'ang 'iya 'unga' nga may sakit.After three days had passed, her child who had sickness died.Pagkalīgad ku sa 'inda bayay may nabati'an 'aku nga nagatāngis.After I had passed by their house I heard someone crying.palīgadvAn event, a state, a person, a thing or time is allowed by someone to pass.paligārunPaligārun mu 'ānay 'ang duha 'u tatlu ka 'adlaw bāgu ka maglīlas.Two or three days should be allowed by you to pass before you strip [the buri leaves].cflāpas2līpas tāpus
ligaladjlegal, i.e., conforming to recognized laws and rules, especially as established by a government'Ini hay ligal nga 'asusasyun kay 'ini 'ang papīlis hay ginpadukumintu kay Mīyur Rīyis.This is a legal association because, as for the documents, [they] were caused to be documented by Mayor Reyes.
ligasunnthe hull ribs of an outrigger paddle boat barūtu
līgidvSomeone lies down on something or in a given location.cfginabalikwa'maglīgidMabug'at nga 'alsahun 'ang 'īmu siki, labi na gid kung sa bakilid ka mag'āgi; dali' ka gid maglīgid.Your feet are heavy to be lifted, especially if you pass along a hillside; you roll down very easily.nagalīgidvSomeone or something rolls away from a particular location, rolls over.'Indi' makabuskad si Juan; nagalīgid na lang sa sayug kag matūyug.John is not able to unfold [a mat]; he just lies down on the floor and sleeps.nagapanglilīgid'Ābir nagapanglilīgid 'aku 'ina' hay sīgi lang.Even though I was rolling over and over, [I] just kept going.Hambay ku kang Huwan, "'Aguy! Malīgid 'aku, malīgid," nga nākun, "'aku." "'Agbayun ta lang; sīging kāmang, kāmang kay kabakilid."I said to Juan, "Oh my! I will roll down, I will roll down," I said. [John said] "I will hold your hand; continue crawling because [the slope] is steep."palīgidcaus vSomeone or something heavy is rolled away from a particular location by someone else.paligīranPaligīran nina Karlus 'ang kāhuy nga nakahārang sa karsāda.The tree which was blocking the road was rolled away by Carlos and companion.cfbalikwa'
ligisvSomeone or something is crushed or run over by a heavy object.naligisWaya' nagbusīna 'ang draybir nang trak; gāni' naligis 'ang 'unga'.The driver of the truck did not sound [his] horn; that's why the child happened to be run over.
līgus1vSomeone takes a bath.A variant form paligus of the root līgus occurs with prefixes nag- and naga-.ginapapaligūsanGinapahungītan siya kung magkā'un; ginapapaligūsan kag 'ilīsan ma'āyu.She has food put into [her] mouth when [she] eats; she is frequently given baths and [her clothes] will be changed nicely.gingpaligūsanGingpaligūsan ni 'Imilya 'ang 'iya 'ūyu.Her head [including her hair] was washed by Emilia.malīgusvSomeone bathes herself or himself; someone or something is given a bath by someone else.Makā'un 'ānay 'aku bāgu malīgus.I will eat first before [I] will take a bath.nagapaligusNagapaligus si Rūsa kada 'adlaw.Rosa takes a bath every day.nagpaligusNagpaligus 'aku kay hanāgub na.I took a bath because it was late evening.nalīgusNang nalīgus 'aku kahāpun hay 'alas tris na.When I was able to bathe yesterday it was already three o'clock.palīgus1imper vTake a bath!Note: the imperative form palīgus includes length.Linda, palīgus na kay ma'iskwīla 'ikaw!Linda, take a bath now because you are going to go to school!cfbanlawdīgushinawlam'uspalīgus2vThe body (from the neck down) or the head (including the hair) is washed by someone.paligusan1na bathing place, such as a spring, a particular place along a riverDidtu gali' nga lugar hay paligusan nang tatlu nga babāyi.There in that place, was the bathing place of three women.paligūsan1With the suffix -an the stem form has length: paligūsan. The noun form paligusan, cited below, has no length.Bāwal kunu 'ang magngilit 'u paligūsan 'ang 'uning kay 'ina' 'ang dahilan nang pagpanglinti' dayugdug kag 'uyan nga daku'.They say that it is forbidden to laugh at [a cat] or that a cat will be given a bath because that is the cause of lightning, thunder and heavy rain.paligūsan2Paligūsan ni Ilna 'ang 'iya lang ning lāwas.Only her body (i.e., not her head) will be washed by Elna.
līhavarpapil di līha1na piece of sandpaperUsed for sandpapering kuskus.cfbili'
lihīravSeveral people fall in line; i.e., form a single line.Hay kaduyum, lihīra gid 'ina' sa may pwirtāhan.When it was still dark, [we] fell in line right there at the doorway.naglihīraKami 'ina' didtu naglihīra; tapus nang kami hay nakapanumpa' na nang 'ispurtmansip hay may 'iruplānu sa 'ibābaw nga naglupad.We fell in line; then when we finished taking an oath in sportsmanship there was an airplane above [us] which flew around.