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lawina long curved tail feather of a rooster
lawudnthe deep or open seakalawudlawūranint nthe very deep seaBāgu sinarhan 'ang kaban, nakahambay pa gid si Plurintīna, "Pa'ālam na mahal kung 'Inrīku; 'itutūnud na kami nang 'unga' mu sa kalawudlawūran."Before the clothes trunk was closed, Florentina was still able to say, "Goodbye my dear Enrico; we your children will surely be cast into the very deep sea."magpalawudinfto go to the open seaNang 'ūras na magpalawud 'ang magūyang, ginatūgun niya si Plurintīna nga, "'Indi' ka diri maghalinhālin sa bayay."When it was time for the old man to go to the open sea [to go fishing] Florentina was advised by him, "Do not leave the house here."mapalawud'Indi' ka diri maghalinhālin sa bayay kay mapalawud 'aku kay mangīta' 'akuy suya' nātun niyan.Do not upon any condition leave this house because I will go to the open sea [to fish] because I will look for our side-dish food there.nagpalawudNagpalawud 'ang tatay ni Buy; 'alas sayis na nang gab'i waya' pa ga'abut 'ang tatay ni Buy, nag'una na lang sinda pag'ihāpun.The father of Boy went to the open sea [to fish]; at six o'clock already at night he had not yet arrived, [so] they just went ahead and ate supper.palawudvSomeone goes to the open sea.pumalawudKung gustu mu magpalawud hay pumalawud ka na kay 'alas kwatru nang hāpun 'ang kā'un nang tulīngan.If you want to go to the open ocean you should go to the open sea now because the eating time of the tuna fish is four o'clock in afternoon.
lawudnunadja deep sea creature, plant, object'Ang buyatuk nga lawudnun hay mapuyapuya 'ang 'iya kulur nga may bātuk nga mabirdibirdi.As for the deep sea strawberry-top mollusk, its color is light red with light green marks.
lāwugna bunch of things growing or gathered togetherKung tagsa ka lāwug 'ang la'ay nga niyug ginatabtab ning sundang 'ang 'iya tangāya pāra waya' ning dāmu' nga pusi'pūsi' kāda bu'uk.If the very mature coconuts are each a bunch, its stem (i.e., the stem of each bunch) is cut off with a bolo so that there will not be much twisting of individual pieces.
lāya3na cast fishnet'Ina' naman 'ang lāya nga pūkut 'ang 'iya ning nahut hay daw bunang, kag dipindi 'ina' sa 'īmu nga magagāmit kung 'anu nga numiru nang mata, kay 'iba'iba klāsi 'ini 'ang mata.That cast fishnet, as for its thickness [it] is like thread, and it depends on you who use it what the number of the mesh is, because that mesh is of various kinds.Conical-shaped, with a fine mesh.
lāya2malāya2adja fire-spined fish'Ina' 'ang manga malāya nga 'isda' hay ginabāwal da parīhu nang buyāwis, manangpuyuk, bantuy, mabyad kag myagbagu.Those fire-spined fish are also forbidden [to be eaten by pregnant women] like streaked rabbitfish, zebra firefish, hawkfish, golden rabbitfish and coral rabbit fish.
lāya1vSomeone weaves an item such as a basket or mat.lāya, paglāya1gersomeone's weaving of a basket, matPagkatāpus mu ning sābat sa primīru, madūgang naman 'ikaw ning lāya.Upon your completing the weaving of dyed buri strips at the beginning, then you will add to the weaving.'Ina' hay ginalāya da; 'igwa ning buhusbuhus kag hayanghag 'ang paglāya.Those [colander brook shrimp scoops] are woven; there are many [small] holes and the weaving is loose.2vA basket or mat is woven by someone.layāhunSa 'upat ka likid kung midyu ma'intik da hay 'isa na 'ina' nga banig kung layāhun.In four rolls [of buri strips], if they are somewhat small they are already [enough for] one mat when it will be woven.maglāyainfto weave a basket or mat'Ang 'āmun trabāhu hay maglāya banig.As for our work it was to weave mats.malāya1Malāya na 'ikaw 'ina' ning sigisīgi hasta nga magtag'ud 'ang līlas.You will then weave that continuously until the buri strips become short.nagalāyaHay 'ang 'iya 'ina' trabāhu hay nagalāya, 'aku naman nagapangnunūtan sa pūkut.As for that one's work she weaves [mats]; as for me I fish with a fishnet.
laya'adja dry or withered leaf'Ilārag 'ang gūnut kag 'ang laya' nga paywa nang niyug.Drop the coconut fiber sheets and the dry coconut palm fronds.
lāyag1nthe sail of a sailboatThe following boats have sails: a two-sail outrigger boat binul'anun, a one-sail outrigger boat liplip, and a large two-sail outrigger boat pasāhi.nmayur na lāyag1nthe mainsail of a two-sail outrigger boat binul'anun, pasāhi
lāyasvSomeone leaves or runs away from someone else, something, a particular place.cfbāya'bāya'bīlinbīlinbuyagbuyagnagkabuyagbuyagnagpabīlinpabay'iginapalāyas'Ang hambay ninda kay Marya, "'Ikaw, Marya, hay ginapalāyas na nang 'īmu 'asāwa kay naka'unga' ka na da kunu."They said to Mary, "You, Mary, are being sent away by your husband because, he said, you already gave birth."cfbāya'bīlinbuyagmaglāyas1infto leave or to run away from someone, something, a particular placeGina'ināway ninda pāra maglāyas.[She] was always quarreled with by them so that [she] would leave.2vSomeone is left behind by someone else.malāyasNang sinda nagkīta' nagkasundu' sinda nga duha nga malāyas sinda.When they met each other they two agreed that they would run away.naglāyas'Ibalīta' ku gid 'ikaw nga naglāyas ka.You will be reported by me [to our parents] that you ran away.nilayāsanNilayāsan ku 'adtu si Tāta mu Saryu kay nagalinīngaw na.Your Uncle Sario was left behind by me because he is already continually making noise.palāyascaus vSomeone is sent away by someone from someone else, someone or from a particular place.
laygayvWords are given as advice by someone.ginalaygay'Inang manga ginalaygay sa 'ākun nang 'ākun nanay, hay waya' ku 'itun ginapamati'i.As for those [things] which are given as advice to me by my mother, they are not being listened to by me.laygay, paglaygaynadvice given by someone'Igwa ning manga libru kag balasahun nga nagata'u ning laygay kung pa'unu 'ang pagpagwāpa kag kung pa'unu magpīli' ning bāru'.There are some books and reading material that give advice on how to make [yourself] beautiful and how to choose clothes.'Ang mababati'an mu hay 'ang manga kinantāhan kag 'ang paglaygay nang pastur nga ginabāsi sa ginabāsa sa biblīya.As for what will be clearly heard by you [it] is singing and pastoral advice which is based on what is read in the Bible.
laygitvA doctor ligates the fallopian tubes of a woman to prevent pregnancy.naglaygit ligated the fallopian tubesginpalaygitanKung sayud ku lang 'ina' nga maglūya ka, waya' ku na lang 'ikaw ginpalaygitan.If [it] had only been known by me that you would become weak, you would not have been allowed by me to have [your] fallopian tubes ligated.palaygitcaus vA woman is allowed by someone to have her fallopian tubes ligated.
layrungna pearly spinecheek fishScolopsis margaritifer (Cuvier)Olive above, yellowish white below, with a pearly-yellow spot at the base of each scale. The fins are yellowish brown to olive; the lower lobe of the caudal fin is reddish. Found on reefs down to 20 yellow-banded threadfin bream fishPentapodus caninus (Cuvier)Dark olive brown above, white below. It has a black bar across the pectoral base, and three longitudinal yellowish bands from the eye, the first two extending to the dorsal base, the third across the flank to the caudal base. Frequents sandy-rubble and seaweed bottoms.
layu'kalayu'lāyu'int adjvery far or very distantSin'u kunu 'ang makakadtu didtu nga lugar? Kay kalayu'lāyu' kunu 'adtu.Who, they ask, will be able to go to that place? Because that place is very far.Kalayu'lāyu' gid 'ang dipirinsya nang 'ātun pagpamuyung.The difference in our way of curing [a sick person] is really very far.malayu'1adjA person, object or something non-physical such as a relationship is distant or far.Nang malayu' na 'ang duha nga hāli ni Marya hay nagpalapit si Magbayūtu kag nagpangutana kung bāsi' nagatāngis si Marya.When the two sisters of Mary were already far Magbayoto came near and asked why Mary was crying.Sīgi lang gid 'ang pyupangasāwa ni 'Arnuld sa 'ākun; gina'āhat gid nya nga malayu' na 'ang 'āmun paghayāli.Arnold continued his casual courting of me; he insisted that our co-lateral relationship was already distant.Malayu' nga kahari'an 'ang ginhalinan ni prinsipi 'Adūnis.The place from which Prince Adonis came was a far kingdom.malayu'2na far placeKung 'adtu hay 'iya nasikyu' 'ipilak naman 'adtu nya 'ang lāta sa malayu' kag 'ikaw gihāpun 'ang mapūyut kay 'ikaw 'ang 'aswang.If that one is able to be tagged then he will again throw that [empty] can to a far place and you are still the one to pick it up because you are the ghost.nagapalayu'nthe distance of a person or object from another person or objectSa kahadluk da nang yāki nga siya hay malabu' nagapalayu' na lang siya.Because of fear of the man by whom he was being stabbed, he just went far away.Maghalin diri sa 'Ilawran hanggan dira' sa banwa hay dūsi 'imidya kilumitru 'ang lāyu'.From here in Ilauran going to town the distance is twelve and one half kilometers.palayu'vSomeone goes far away.
lāyugadjSomeone or something is tall and straight.'Ang manga niyug sa Bunbun hay layug.The coconut trees in Bonbon are tall and straight.
lī'abnthe neckline of a garment
li'li'vSomeone carefully looks at, checks, examines, inspects, investigates someone else or something.cfbatyag1batyag1batyag1batyag1batyag1batyag1batyag1ginapurbahanginpatan'aw1hangadhangadhangadhangadhangadhangadhangadlingiglingiglingiglingiglingiglingiglingiglingigmapani'īranmata mata mata mata mata mata mata naghināngad nagpabatyagnamat'anpani'id2pani'id2pani'id2pani'id2pani'id2pani'id2pani'id2purbapurbapurbapurbapurbapurbapurbasiru'siru'siru'siru'siru'siru'siru'siru'atan'awtan'awtan'awtan'awtan'awtan'awtan'awtutuktutuktutuktutuktutuktutuktutuktutukunli'li'unPirmi mu li'li'un 'ang sīlung nang tapāhan kay kung ma'apūtan 'ang sayug.The underneath of the coconut smoking rack should always be inspected by you because the floor might catch fire.magpangli'li'Kung 'indi' ka magpangli'li' sa kāda būhu' nang batu 'indi' ka da makabu'uy ning kapinan.If you do not thoroughly examine each hole of the rocks you will surely not be able to get limpets.makapangli'li''Indi' ka na makapangli'li' sa manga būhu' nang manga batu.You will no longer be able to thoroughly examine the holes in the rocks.nagli'li', lumi'li'vSomeone or something is carefully looked at, checked, examined or inspected by someone.Si Katalīna hay nagli'li' kag nakīta' niya nga dā'an si Marya nga nagahapa' sa pā'a nang kasīli.Catalina carefully looked and she saw immediately that Mary was lying on the eel's thigh.Pag'andar nang trak, lumi'li' liwat siya sa bintāna'; yadtu gihāpun sa 'ibābaw nang trak.Upon the truck's moving, she carefully looked again out of the window; [he] was still there on top of the truck.pagpinangli'li'gersomeone's thoroughly looking at, checking, examining, inspecting or investigating something'Imaw 'ina' 'ang dyunyur; gāni' hay 'imaw 'ang nagmāna sa pagpinangli'li'.That one is the junior [of father and son, so] he is the one who inherited [the habit of his father of] thoroughly investigating [things].cfbatyag1hangadlingigmata pani'id2purbasiru'tan'awtutukpangli'li'vSomeone thoroughly looks at, checks, examines, inspects or investigates something.
lī'ugnthe neck of an animal, bird, chicken, person'Ang salampāti, magtūna' sa 'iya 'ug pakadtu sa may tiyan hay puti' da 'ang kulur.A dove, beginning at its neck going to its breast, the color is white.
lībagvA decision, a plan, an idea deviates from others to which it is compared.libāgun1adjA musical instrument, someone's voice is out of tune.Aku, hay libāgun.As for me [my voice] was out of tune.2vSomeone sings out of tune.naglībag1Naglībag na naman 'ang disisyun ni Huwan.The decision of Juan deviated again [from his previous decision].naglībag2Si Magda waya' magda'ug sa kantāhan kay naglībag siya.As for Magda, [she] did not win in the singing contest because she sang out of tune.