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lāgutnthe growl of a dogOther calls of a dog: 'ayuk bark, 'uyāgik yelp.24, Sounds of Animals and Fowl
lagwayna plant runner to which a runner plant hūpi' is attached.
lāhayvSomeone is chased by someone else with a weapon.cfnalagud, nilagudnilāhayNilāhay 'adtu 'ang 'āmun lūlu; nilāhay ning sanggut.That grandfather of ours was chased; [he] was chased with a coconut wine collection scythe.
lāhi'nthe offspring of a person, animalDaku' 'ang gustu ninda nga maka'unga' ning lyāki, pāra may may magdaya nang 'inda 'apilyīdu kag madāmu' 'ang 'inda lāhi'.Their desire to be able to have a son is intense, so that there will be [someone] to take their family name and their offspring will become many.
laka'antmagpadāmu'cfhina'hina''intik'īsut'īsutkahīna'ka'isut'īsutkītidlūyamalūyapīnukalaka'varmalaka'adjfew people, things; little action, substanceSa baskitbul, kadamū'an nga lakut dira' hay manga sultīru; malaka' lang 'ang 'asawāhan.In basketball, most of those who join are unmarried men; few only are married men.Kalaka' lang didtu 'ang may tanum nga sāging sa 'āmun lugar.Only a few had banana plants there in our place.kalaka'lāka'1int adjvery few people, things; very little substance, action2vPeople or things become few in number.nagpakalāka'Nilibūgan na 'ang hāri' kay nagpakalāka' na gid 'ang būnga nang 'iya manga kanduy.The king was now worried because the fruit of his native cucumbers had become very few.antdāmu'2 cfhina''īsutlūya
lakas2vSomeone takes a long time doing something.malaksanMay nababayung nga kung malaksan 'inum, nagatāngis bīsan waya' siya kakuntra.There is one who repeatedly gets drunk who, when [he] takes a long time drinking, he cries even though he has no opponent.nalaksanSi Pari Tasyu naman 'ang nagabūsu; hay nalaksan siya sa 'idāyum.Friend Tacio was the one who dived; he took a long time under [the water].
lakas1malakas1adjSomeone is popular with someone else.'Ang 'ākun naman kalāban sa pamayadmāyad hay midyu malakas siya sa ma'istra, ngāni' 'aku waya' nabutang sa pangduha.My rival in the class was somewhat popular with my teacher, so I was not able to be placed in second honors.cfkilāya 2npopularityWaya' 'aku nag'iskwīla; palakāsan lang 'ang nagapa'inrul.I did not go to school; to enroll is only [by] popularity.cfkilāya
lakatanna lacatan eating banana plant or fruitMusa sapientum var. lacatanCommonly eaten raw as a snack food.synbayuy
lakbangvSomething is missed or skipped over by someone.ginalakbanganGinalakbangan ni Pidru ang 'iba nga litra kung siya nagabāsa.Pedro skips over some of the words when he reads.lakbanglakbangadjSomeone or something is missing.Bukun 'ina' tāma' kay sigūru 'ang pagsūlat hay bukun pasūnud; lakbanglakbang.That's not correct because maybe the writing is not in order; [some of the words] are missing.'Ang tahi' nang makina hay lakbanglakbang.The stitches of the sewing machine are missing (i.e., it has skipped some stitches).
lākitna pendant hung from the neck on a necklace'Ang 'iya 'ini balayan hay ginahuman nga dikurasyun sa bayay kag ginahuman nga lākit nang kulintas.As for the empty shells of these (i.e., of an olive mollusk laklak), [they] are made into house decorations and are made into necklace pendants.
laklaknan olive molluskOliva; Olividae
lakpunlakpunna white-spotted boxfishOstvacion meleagris (Shaw)Brownish black and covered with small, white spots, which extend onto the caudal fin. The dorsal, anal, pectoral and distal half of the caudal fins are translucent. The male adult has bright-blue and orange markings over its body. Inhabits lagoon coral reefs.
laktudvSomeone takes a shortcut to a particular place.malaktudSa di'in kita ma'āgi? Malaktud naman kita pakara' sa Rikūdu?Where shall we pass by? Shall we take a shortcut going to Rikudu?nagalaktudKung 'adlaw nang Byirnis kung 'āga pa 'ang bapur, nagalaktud na lang 'aku sa bakūyud.When [it is] on a Friday if the ship is early I just take a shortcut over the mountain [to save time reaching the ship].
lakutvSomeone joins a cause, an organization, others in doing something; participate in a cause, a game, a stage play.Sa baskitbul, kadamū'an nga lakut dira' hay manga sultīru; malaka' lang 'ang 'asawāhan.In basketball, most of those who join are unmarried men; only a few are married men.cfsabya''ilakutvSomething has an ingredient mixed into it by someone.'Ang sīhi', hay ma'āyu nga 'ilakut sa pansit nga bīhun.As for the meat of seashells, it is good when it will be mixed into white rice noodles.ginalakut'Ini hay gina'īhaw, kundi' man hay pirītu 'u ginalakut sa 'ūtan.This [dried fish] is broiled, fried or is mixed into coconut flavored vegetables.ginpalakut1nthe ingredients combined in a food dishNang dūgay na nga manga 'inadlaw, ginbu'uy 'aku na buy 'iskawt kag ginpalakut 'aku sa manga kānam na sari'sāri'.When several days had passed, I was called as a boy scout and I was allowed to join in various games.Kung natumuk na 'ang 'uyang kag 'ang manga lakut, 'ihālu' mu na 'ang 'īmu niyug nga kināyus sa 'uyang nga 'īmu hinālu' sa lusung.When the brook shrimp and the [other] ingredients are already crushed, then your grated coconut should be mixed by you into the brook shrimp which has been mixed by you in a mortar.cfsabya'2gersomeone's mixing an ingredient into something else'Ang 'unud nang 'ini nga sīhi', hay ginakā'un; ka'āyu 'ini nga lakut sa 'ūtan.As for the meat of this mollusk, it is being eaten; it is good for mixing into coconut flavored vegetables.3vAn ingredient is mixed into something by someone.lakutanvarkaktanGustu ku lakutan ning bāyuy 'ang 'ākun 'ūtan.I want that my coconut flavored vegetables will have dried fish mixed into [them].'Ang 'iya 'ini 'unud, hay kanāmit nga 'inasluman kag laktan ning tangkung.As for the meat of this one (i.e., a zigzag venus mollusk), [it] is delicious for stewing and with kangkong [leaves] mixed into [it].lakutlākutvThings are mixed together.lakutlakūtunKung 'īmu 'ini lakutlakūtun 'ang kulur, magalā'in 'ang kulur nang 'īmu tinīna' nga buli kag kalā'in 'ang sabat nang 'īmu banig.When the colors will be mixed together by you, the color of your buri [strips] which were dyed by you become bad and the color of the decoration of your mat is [also] bad.maglakutinfto join a cause, an organization, others in doing something'Indi' na gustu 'ang 'ākun magūyang na 'aku hay maglakut.My parents no longer wanted me to join again [in athletics].maglakutlākutPāra 'indi' maglakutlākut, kāda 'isa nga buntay, hay 'isa da 'ina' nga bugkus.In order that [they] will not be mixed together, as for each distinct [buri] frond shaft, that is also one bundle.malakutMalakut 'ikaw, Rāyan. Kari, ma'irgu kita kay kamayad da 'ikaw magBisāya'!Ryan, you should join [us]. Come, let's have a conversation because you are already clever in speaking Visayan!naglakut'Aku sa niyan nga 'aku naglakut sa Lidyunaryu, hay daw nahadluk na gid 'aku nga magpakasala'.As for me, now since I joined the Legion, it is as though I am afraid to commit sin.palakutcaus vSomeone is allowed by someone else to join a cause, an organization, others in doing something.
lalangvGod creates something.lumalang'Ang Dyus 'ang lumalang nang lāngit kag dūta'.God is the one who created heaven and earth.nilalang1na creature; a created being'Ang 'uning nagbāngun kag nagpanlam'us sa 'iya pisngi kag nagtan'aw ning ma'āyu sa 'āyam kag nagsiling, "Ma'āyu ka nga nilalang."The cat got up and washed its cheeks all over with [its] paws and looked carefully at the dog and said "You are a good creature."
lalipndried cassava or sweet potato chips
lālu'advespeciallyBāwal nga ka'ūnun, lālu' na gid 'inang manga ma'asin na ka'unun.[They] are forbidden to be eaten, especially those salty foods.cflabi nalalunglālu'int advmost especially'Diri sa 'ātun kahuga'hūga' 'ang tūbi' kag lalunglālu' na sa būlan nang Marsu hasta 'Abril.Here in our place the water is very difficult and most especially during the month of March until April.cflabi na
lālungadvIt rains heavily.mas lālungcomp advmore heavilyHay mas lālung maga'inūyan kung 'indi' nātun pagtabūnan 'ina'.It would have been rained on more heavily if that had not been covered by us.
lam'awadjA liquid, usually water is polluted, stagnant.Na'ubsirbahan niya sa 'iban nga bayay nga 'ang tūbi' hay sīgi lang 'ang 'īlig kag 'igwa kunuy lam'aw nga didtu gatīpun 'ang tūbi' sa 'imburnal.[It] was observed by him in some houses that, as for the water, the flow is just continuous and, they say, the water that gathers in the ditches is stagnant.vA liquid, usually water becomes polluted, stagnant.maglam'awKung gustu ka magpaligus, buksan lang; pagbuhī'an mu, masara na 'agud bukun pa magastus sa tūbi' kag 'indi' maglam'aw.If you like to take a bath, you just open [the automatic shut-off tap]; upon being released by you [it] will then close so that [it] will not still consume the water and [the water] will not become stagnant.