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likawvSomeone or something avoids a particular situation or event.malikawanNang humambay naman 'ang 'uning nga mas ma'āyu sigūru kung 'isūlat 'ang 'inda ginka'isahan pāra malikawan 'ang 'iban pa nga 'indi' pagkaka'intindīhan.What the cat said was maybe it was better if their agreement would be written so that some [situation of] not being able to understand each other would be able to be avoided.nagalikawvA particular situation or event is avoided by someone or something.May manga nanay nga nagalikaw sa manga pagkā'un kung sinda nagapanamkun.There are some mothers who avoid some foods when they experience pregnancy cravings.
līkid1vSomething is placed on edge by someone.ginalīkidgersomeone's placing of something on edgeSa 'idāyum, 'ang plastāda pagbutang nang niyug hay ginalīkid patindug.At the bottom, the position in putting the coconut [pieces] is that [they] are placed standing on edge.'Ang līkid nga pagkamāda nang niyug nga nilatak hay 'agnānay 'ang pagkalūtu'.As for the placing on edge in arranging the coconuts which have been broken open, the cooking takes a long time.
līkid2vSomething is cylindrically rolled by someone.antbaskarunsynginlūkutcflūkutpilu'pilu'unlīkid, paglīkidgersomeone's cylindrical rolling of somethingPagkatāpus mu līkid 'īmu 'ibutang sa mabahuy nga kaldīru kag butangan mu ning tūbi' nga daku'.After the cylindrical rolling by you [of the buri strips] put them into a big metal pot and put in plenty of water.'Ang paglīkid, hay ginatūna' sa ma'intik nga pānig pakadtu sa malāpad.As for the cylindrical rolling, it is begun with the narrow [buri] leaf sections going to the wide [sections].antbaskadsynlūkutcfpilu'likirunndry buri leaf without the midrib ready for rollinglikīrun'Īmu na 'ini nang buli likīrun pāra masunud nga 'adlaw pwīdi ka na makalīlas ning sabat nga puti'.These buri [strips] are now cylindrically rolled by you so that the next day you can then strip white dyed buri strips.Kung 'ikaw hay maglīkid 'ang buli, hay 'īmu hugutun.When you cylindrically roll the buri [strips they] should be [rolled] tightly.linikid, nilikidna cylindrically rolled objectKung 'alistu ka na nang 'īmu banganan, 'īmu na baskarun 'ang 'īmu linikid.If you have already prepared your buri leaf cutter, you then unroll your cylindrically rolled objects [i.e., buri sections].
liksyunna lesson, usually taught at a school
liku'vSomeone or something turns, going in a different direction.gingliku'Gingliku' ni 'Iprin 'ang 'iya trak pakadtu sa may kāhuy gāni' waya' mahūyug sa pampang.Efren's truck was turned by him towards where there was a tree so that [it] did not fall over the cliff.nagliku'vAn object, as an automobile, is turned by someone, in order for it to go in a different direction.Pag'abut nina Ramun sa Babangtan, nagliku' sinda pakadtu sa bayay nang 'inda lūlu.When Ramon and friend went to Babangtan they turned going to their grandfather's house.
likudnthe back of someone, somethingvarlikuranKumadtu 'aku didtu sa likud nang kusīna kag yadtu gali' sina Taluy nga naga'inum ning tuba'.I went to the back of the kitchen and Taluy and companions were there drinking coconut wine.'Ang likud nang 'ini nga lūkus nga panus hay waya' ning baguy.The back of this squid has no back covering.Didtu gāni' sa Gi'ub nang sa 'āmun sa likud kay kadamu'dāmu' gid kami nga manga tāwu dira'.There in Giub at our place at the back we were very many people there.Nagtangu' lang si Rusalinda, kay 'ang 'iya tatay hay nagatāngis na da sa 'iya likuran.Rosalinda just nodded her head because her father was still crying at her back.nlikud nang kawāyan2nthe hard outer surface of bamboocftinā'i nang kawāyantiyan nang kawāyan
likuranvar. oflikud the back of someone, something
līlasna buri strip, used for making baskets, matsnlilasanna buri leaf cutterMade of 4 razor blade pieces inserted into a block of wood; used to cut buri leaf sections pānig into strips līlas in preparation for weaving.synbanganan
limacard num adjfive actions, people, pieces of something, situations, things, times, units of measurementSa lima ku nga 'unga' 'isa lang sigūru 'ang ma'āyu nga 'unga' ku.Out of my five children maybe only one of my children is good.Kung 'aku nagabakay ning pitsay sa mirkādu, hay lima ka pūnu'.If I buy Chinese cabbage in the market, it is five bunches [that I buy].Kung naglīgad na da ning lima 'u 'unum ka 'ūras pwīdi ka na makakā'un ning 'iba naman nga prūtas parīhu 'ābi nang hinug nga mangga.When five or six hours has already passed you can eat some other fruits such as ripe mango.synsingkuFor the use of Romblomanon numbers, see 'isa 1a.21, Cardinal Numberscard numFive are involved in an event or state.card numkalimanAn event occurs five times.panglima, 'ikalimaord numa fifth action, person, situation, thing, time, unit of measurement22, Ordinal Numbers
limalīmana limalima vine or tuberDioscorea pentaphylla (Linn.)'Ina' 'ang 'uraru kag limalīma, 'ina' hay manga pagkā'un da 'ina' nga ginataw'an lang ning 'atinsyun kung panahun nga makūli'.As for those arrowroot and limalima tubers, they are foods which are given attention during times of famine.This vine has clusters of five leaves. Its large starchy tubers are white and are eaten as a famine vegetable.
limitavPeople or things are limited or restricted in number or amount by someone.nalilimitahanKadāmu' na da 'ang nakakatrabāhu; nalilimitahan na 'ang waya' trabāhu.Many already were consistently able to work; those without work were already truly limited.
limitāduadjThings, a supply of something is insufficient, limited, restricted.
limitasyunna limit to the number of people or thingsWaya' ning limitasyun basta gustu ninda maglakut hay ginapalakut sinda.There is no limit [to the number of participants]; so long as they want to join, they are allowed to join.
limpyuadjSomething is clean.Waya' da kami ning kāya nga 'ikakabakay ning labakāra; 'ang 'āmun ginagāmit hay 'ang limpyu nga bāru'.We do not have the wherewithal which can be used to frequently buy face towels; what we use are clean clothes.Kung gustu mu nga limpyu na pagbakay pwīdi da, pīru mahay na 'ang 'īmu pagbāyad.If you like that when you buy [marble] it is already clean (i.e., smooth) that is also possible, but your payment is then expensive.'Ang 'altar hay ginapunihan pa 'ina' ning manga 'artipisyal nga manga būyak nga 'ang kulur nga ginagāmit nga krip nga papil hay puti' kag rūsa, simbulu nang paghigugma' kag limpyu nga pagka'ibahan mintras sinda ning buhi' bīlang mag'asāwa.The altar is still decorated with artificial flowers in which the color of the crepe paper which they use is white and pink, a symbol of love and clean associating with each other while they are still living as husband and wife.If something is clean it has one of the following characteristics: a floor, room, yard is uncluttered; a floor, teeth are brushed; a clean cloth, article of clothing, a utensil, a mirror is unsoiled; a piece of paper is unmarked; honey, water is pure with no undesirable admixture; a board, piece of marble, a rough surface is smooth; meat, poultry, seafood is dressed; the moral character or conduct of someone is pure.limpyuhanKung yadtu ka na sa 'ibābaw 'ang 'ūna nga humanun mu hay limpyuhan 'ang niyug.When you are already at the top [of a coconut tree], the first thing that should be done by you is that the [upper part of] the tree will be cleaned.limpyuhunimper vClean something!Limpyuhun 'ang karni nga lutū'un kag tuktukun!Clean the meat that you will cook and cut into thin pieces!maglimpyuinfto clean somethingDuha ka tāwu 'ang kahinangyan nga magpatay kag maglimpyu sa bābuy.Two people are the ones needed to kill and to clean the pig.magpanlimpyu, pagpanglimpyu1gersomeone's extensive cleaning of somethingBāwal 'ang magpaligus, maghūsay nang 'īmu buhuk, 'ang magpanlimpyu sa sākup nang 'īmu bayay.The taking of a bath, combing the hair [and] the extensive cleaning [of things] inside your house is forbidden.Sa tanan nga bāgay 'imaw 'ini 'ang pinaka'impurtanti nga taw'an ta ning 'atinsyun: 'ang pagpanglimpyu sa suyud nang bayay.Of all things, this is most important for us to pay attention to: the extensive cleaning [of things] inside the house.2vSomething is cleaned by someone.malimpyuPwīdi ka na maka'ūli' sa 'indu bayay pāra malimpyu mu 'ang 'īmu 'isda'.It is alright that you will go home to your house now so that your fish will be able to be cleaned by you.nalilimpyuhanKung 'indi' mabasyahan ning tūbi' nga ma'īnit hay kahuga' 'ang paglimpyu kay nagapangangāmang; pīru kung patay na nalilimpyuhan mu gid ma'āyu.If you do not pour hot water [on small shrimp putut] it is difficult to clean them because they keep on creeping; but if they are already dead they will surely be able to be easily cleaned by you.pagkalimpyugerits condition of being cleanedKung magbakay ka ning sundang sa mirkādu hay mīnus 'ang pagkalimpyu, pīru kung didtu ka sa pandāyan bumakay hay ma'āyu.If you buy a cutting bolo at the market the condition of [its] having been cleaned (i.e., polished) is poor, but if you buy from a blacksmith shop it is good.paglimpyugersomeone's cleaning of somethingKung 'indi' mabasyahan ning tūbi' nga ma'īnit 'ang kuray hay kahuga' 'ang paglimpyu.If the land crabs do not have hot water poured over them, the cleaning is difficult.pinakalimpyu1sup adjOf things in its class, something is cleanest.'Ang dugus 'ang pinakapūru kag pinakalimpyu na pagkā'un.The honey is the purest and cleanest food.2vSomeone cleans something.naglimpyu cleanedWhen something is cleaned, unwanted material or marks are removed from its surface: it is brushed, eraced, planed, polished, sanded, washed; meat, poultry, seafood are dressed (see above, under adj.).
limugmugvSomeone rinses their mouth with a mouth wash, water.