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kahilna green-orange kahil plant or fruitCitrus aurantium (Linn.)The rather sour fruit is eaten as a snack food. The juice is made into orangeaid kahilāda.cfkabūgaw
kahilādanan orangeade drink, made with green-orange juice, sugar and water
kahimtānganna particular situation; the way something is doneKag niyan si Turing magahambay sa 'ātun nang 'iya kahimtāngan kag nang manga kasuyu'an.And now Toring will tell us about her situation and many happenings [in the past].
kahinangyanadjThat a particular event happen or a state exist is necessary or obligatory.Kahinangyan gid kung 'ikaw hay may gardin kāda 'āga dāpat hay 'īmu tatāpun.It is surely necessary if, as for you, [you] have a garden, [that] every morning [it] will be visited by you.Dāpat kahinangyan gid, paghambay nang tyīkir mapirma kamu, pumirma ka da.[It] should be obligatory that, when the timekeeper says that you will sign [the paper], you sign [it].vSomeone needs someone else or something.kahinangyānunMaridyun, luwas 'ānay dira'; 'igwa kitay manga bisīta; kahinangyānun ka diri sa pag'inirgūhan nāmun.Mary June, please come outside; we have visitors; you are needed here in our conversation.Nang 'ūna, nakakabakay 'ini sinda nang kahinangyānun sa 'inda panimalay, piru nyan 'indi' na.Before, they were consistently able to buy the [things that] would be needed in their house, but now no more.Kahinangyānun ta gid 'ang ma'īsug 'ang 'ātun bu'ut nga 'ikaw makatrabāhu sa paghurnal.[It] will certainly be needed by us that our hearts be courageous [so] that one is able to engage in manual labor [on a ship].nagakahinangyanvSomeone, something, an action or state is needed by someone.Sinda hay nakatu'ip nga magbinuligan kung sin'u 'ang nagakahinangyan ning būlig.As for them, they learned to help each other, whoever needs help.Hāyus tanan nātun nga hūkay, kahinangyan ta 'ang tūbi'.In almost all our doings, water is needed by us.
kahīruna cashierKay 'ang 'āmun kahīru nagabūyang pa, ginasugay 'ānay 'ang 'āmun kinitā'an sa paghurnal bāgu 'ita'u sa 'āmun.Because our cashier was engaging in cockfighting, our incomes for engaging in manual labor were being used for gambling before it could be given to us.
kahitna fish-trap hookGinahuyūgan ku ning buntūgun nga may kahit, kag kahitun ku 'adtu 'ang 'ākun tabūnan pa'ibabaw.[The deep sea fish trap] has a covered fish-trap rope, which has a fish-trap hook, dropped down to [it] by me, and that deep sea fish trap of mine is hooked up by me to the surface.A fish-trap hook is about 30 cm. in length. It is tied onto a fish-trap rope buntūgun and weighed down with a one-kilogram or so stone tied to the hook shank. Used to hook into the fish-trap handle to bring a deep sea fish trap tabūnan or a very deep sea fish trap būbu to the surface.
kahītana wallet or purse
kahunna box'Ang mag'asawa nga waya' 'unga' hay nakakīta' ning kabahuy nga kahun nga nagalutaw sa dāgat.A married couple who had no children happened to see a large box which was floating in the ocean.
kāhuyna stick, tree, lumber, firewoodA tree has the following parts: a top ka'ibabāwan (bābaw 1d), a trunk lāwas, main branches sanga 1a, secondary branches ka'intik nga sanga (sanga 1b), twigs gangat, leaves dāhun 1, a base pūnu' 1a and roots gamut.nkwadrādu nga kāhuynsquared lumberUsed in the construction of buildings such as door frames, ceiling joists and stringers kahabā'an, wall studs bakāyan, floor joists bukyug, and for the making of furniture.synsulirascfguhadsuliras
kahuyugannthat which is the interpretation or meaning of an event, object or situation which symbolizes it'Ākun na 'ina' nyan ging'īsip kung 'anu 'ang kahuyugan nang 'ākun pananamgu.I now think it over [as to] what the interpretation is of my dream.