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hīkugvA rope or cord is used by someone for roping a domestic animal.'ipanghīkugMas ma'āyu kunu 'ipanghīkug sa bābuy 'ang lānut nga pīsi' kaysa naylun nga pīsi'.It is better that abaca rope will be used for roping pigs rather than nylon rope.hikugna lasso for roping animals, made of stout cord or rope.
hīlabvThe stomach suffers stomach pain.kahīlabvarkihīlabadjThe stomach is painful because of a stomach sickness, hunger.Ginakā'un na lang hasta pānit kay kihīlab na.[Some undesirable food] was just being eaten including [vegetable] peelings because [his stomach] was already painful.nagahīlabPag matūkar 'ang pulsu nga tūdu kag nagasakit 'ang 'īmu 'ūyu, nagahīlab 'ang 'īmu syuksyuk.When a strong pulse beats and your head aches, your stomach is suffering stomach pain.
hilamutvFood is completely consumed by someone, something.cfdamutdamutdamutdamutunma'ūbusnagati'ti'na'ūrutti'ti'ti'ti'ti'ti''ūbus'ūbus'ūbus'ūrut'ūrut'ūrutginhilamutGinhilamut ni Pitra 'ang kan'un sa pinggan kay subra 'ang 'iya kagūtum.The rice on the plate was completely consumed by Petra because her hunger was intense.cfdamutti'ti''ūbus'ūrut
hilawadjSomething is uncooked or unripe; fish or meat is raw.'Ang patatlu na ka tumbaw hay pūru na pakuyub kay kung pūru kuyub 'ang sa 'idāyum sunug 'ang niyug nga sa 'idāyum kag hilaw sa 'ibābaw.The third stack are all upside down (i.e., meat down) because if those on the bottom are all upside down the coconuts which are at the bottom will be burned and those which are on top will be uncooked.'Ang pa'un ni Lurit sa pagbunit hay hilaw nga 'isda' nga hiniwa'hiwa'.As for the bait of Loret when fishing with hook-and-line, [it] is raw chunks of fish.anthinugpahinugcfbuyug1adjhilawhilaw1adjSomething is partially cooked or partially ripe.2vSomething becomes partially cooked or partially ripe.naghilawhilaw became partially cooked or partially ripe
hilbana mugwort herbArtemisia vulgaris (Linn.)The leaves of mugwort are combined with other ingredients to make a medicinal plaster for stomach cramps (see 'implastu).
hilba buyna2na hilba buyna shrubThe leaves of this plant are dried and steeped in hot water as a herbal drink for stomachache.
hili'vSomeone makes an incision in the body of something, as a fish to remove the intestines.naghili' made an incision
hīligadja favorite activity or object'Ang 'ākun 'adtu hīlig nga kānam sa 'iskwilahan hay supbul hasta nga mag'iskwīla 'aku sa hayskul.As for my favorite game at school, [it] was softball until I attended high hobby'Ang 'ākun hīlig hay 'ang pagpanahi'.My hobby is sewing.nmahīligadjSomeone enjoys or is fond of doing something.Mahīlig is predicate, the one fond of something is topic and that fond of is expressed by a following modifying phrase introduced by an optional nga.Sigūru may lyunar sa lapalapa kay mahīlig magpinanumbāyay.There is probably a mole on the sole of the foot because [she] enjoys always going [visiting] from house to house.Siru'a! Hay madāmu' da 'ang nagadāpu' nga manga pispis, kag 'imaw 'ina' nga manga lugar 'ang ginakadtu'an nang manga tāwu nga mahīlig magdakup ning dagku' nga manga pispis.Look! There are many birds that congregate [there in that place], and those places are where the many people go who are fond of catching big birds.
hilu'na poison, commonly a plant spray'Ang hilu' 'imaw 'ang nakamatay sa 'iya.Poison was that which killed him.cfkilkig makahīluadjA substance is poisonous.'Ini 'ang dākan 'ang nga sīhi', 'ang 'iya 'ini 'unud hay waya' ginaka'ūna kay makahīlu.As for the eggshell mollusk, the meat of this one is not eaten because it is poisonous.cfkilkig
hīlutvSomeone is massaged by someone else on a part of the body.hilūtun'Aku 'ina' kung nagabuyung hay ginala'ga'an ku 'ina' ning manga buyung kag pa'inumun kag hilūtun diri sa may likud.As for me, when I medically treat [someone] that one has herbal medicine boiled by me for [them] and [they] are caused to drink [it] and will be massaged there on the back.miyughilutna massage therapistParīhu 'ābi 'inang may 'unga' nga nagkursu, 'imbis nga pa'inumun ning buyung sa kursu, hay day'un sa miyughilut kag 'ipahīlut kay 'ang hambay nang miyughilut hay nalu'at kunu.Like, for example, there was a child who suffered with diarrhea, instead of letting him drink diarrhea medicine, he would be taken to a massage therapist and would be allowed to be massaged because the massage therapist said he experienced a slight sprain.
hilwayadjSomeone's mind or thoughts are peaceful.Hilway na 'ang 'īsip nang 'ākun tatay kay may 'asāwa na tanan 'ang 'iya 'unga'.The mind of my father is peaceful now because all of his children now have spouses.cfmatawhaypanātag
himatay1vSomeone faints, loses consciousness.mahimatay'Abaw! Daw gid 'akung mahimatay sa kalīpay kay kinilu'an 'aku!Oh! As though I would faint with excitement because I was winked at [by him]!synbu'uy 'animubu'uy ning ginhāwa
himayvSomeone cleans a fish, by scaling it, removing the insides (of a fish whose insides are not eaten), and washing it.mahimay1vSomeone removes the bones of a cooked fish.naghimay removed the bones of a cooked fishMahimay 'aku nang lambīyung.I will clean the lambiyung anchovy fish.The insides of anchovy fish are not removed.2vSomeone cleans a vegetable, by removing dried leaves of a leafy vegetable, washing it.naghimay cleaned a vegetable
himbisnthe scales of a fish or reptilevA fish is scaled by someone.himbisanHimbisan 'ang 'isda' kag bislarun.The fish should be scaled and opened along the top edge.
hīmu'vSomeone acts or does something in a particular manner.cfbugha'ginapahumanhumanmagbugha'mahuman1ginhīmu'Ginbu'uy nang nanay nga 'ambu' 'ang dāhun kag ginhīmu' nga pūgad.Leaves were gotten by the mother rat and were made into a nest.ginghīmu'vSomething is done by someone.'Gingbu'uy ku 'adtung bayu nang 'āmun lusung kag 'imaw nang ginghīmu' ku nga pangdasuk didtu sa dūta'.The pestle of our mortar was gotten by me and that was what was used by me for tamping the soil there.himū'un1vSomeone makes something.Nagpamuhun kami kay 'Arnuld na kung puydi hay ma'ūli' na kami pāra makapriparar kami kung 'anu 'ang himū'un nāmun sa 'āmun bayay kag gingtugūtan da kami.We asked permission from Arnold if we could go [home] in order to be able to prepare for what would be done by us to our house and we were permitted.cfhumanhimū'un2'Ang manga ritāsu nga manga batu ginabutang sa krāsir pāra himū'un nga bukbuk, grāba kag 'iban pa.The remnants of this [marble] stone will be put into a marble crusher in order that it will be made into powder, gravel and other [material].maghīmu'1imper vAct or do something in a particular manner!Mangyan ka! 'Ayaw maghīmu' ning malā'in!You are an uncivilized person! Don't act badly!maghīmu'21infto act or to do something'Ūras na pāra makatu'un ka nga maghīmu' ning bīsan 'anu.It is already time for you to learn to do something [useful].2vSomething is used for doing something.Followed by nga and a participle indicating that done.maghīmu'3infto make somethingGinghambay ku si Langguy nga maghīmu' ning murun.Langgoy was told by me to make a bottle torch.cfbugha'humannagahīmu'vA person, object, a particular material is made into something else.Followed by nga and a noun indicating that into which someone or something is made.'Ang 'ākun pilit'an ning putut nagahīmu' 'ānay 'aku ning libunlībun nga dāhun nang buli.As a container for me to put small rice field shrimp I am making a small basket of buri leaves.naghīmu'Nang 'ūna pa lang nāmun nga pag'asāwa ni Birting, naghīmu' siya ning tabūnan nga pitu ka bilug.At the beginning of the marriage of Berting and me, he made seven pieces of deep sea fish traps.nahihīmu'Ginhambayan nang 'āyam 'ang 'uning kag 'ambu' nga waya' gid sinda nahihīmu' pāra sa 'inda 'āmu.The cat and rat were told by the dog that nothing had been able to be done by them for their master.nahīmu'Ginkadtu niya 'ang pūnu' nang kāhuy, pīru paghangad niya gin'ipūtan siya nang pikuy kag nahīmu' siya nga batu.He went to the base of the tree, but when he looked up he was excreted on by the parrot and he was made into a stone.
hiN-opt dervprefSomeone or something tries to do something, something is attempted to be done by someone or something, or someone or something has something attempted to be done for or to it or them.siksik + pinaN- + hiN- = pinanghiniksikMintras nga sinda hay nagapahuway sīgi 'ang 'inda ning pinanghiniksik nang 'inda buybuy.While they were resting they all kept on trying to remove nits from their feathers.Kung nabuntan na 'ang niyug ginahimuybuyan pa gid kay 'igway nabibilin nga sabuysabuy.If the coconuts are already husked, [they] still have hairy fibers [that are] attempted to be picked off because there are fibers that happen to be frequently left.