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ginacf-a giN- -in-1pag-un-un
gina-gfprefSomeone or something is acted upon or is or was commonly, habitually or normally acted upon by someone else.Indicates a past action subsequent to another action.Kung 'īmu malukat hay 'igwa 'akuy pagasayluhan 'ina' nga kwarta kay may ginabakay 'aku nga dūta'.If you will redeem [your mortgage] there will be that money that I will transfer, because there is a land holding that I am buying.Ginabalikwa' ni Rusalinda 'ang batu kung siya nagapanihi'.Stones are turned over by Rosalinda when she gathers mollusks.Kāda lāpit nang yāki, ginapakang siya; bālik naman sa pīliw 'ang yāki.Whenever the man came near [the girl], he was hit with a stick [by her]; so the man went back again to the giN- giN- giN- giN- giN-a giN-a giN-a gina-a'i- 'i-1'i-1'ika--in-1-in-1 -in-1 ma-1 ma'i-na-na-na-na'i-na'i-na'i-na'i-pag-a pag-a pag-un-un -un -un acfprefSomeone or something is or was commonly, habitually, or normally an accessory to an action by someone else.Causative verbs are inflected by -un class affixes; for a description and examples, see giN- 1a and -un.cfgiN-1agina-a-in-1ma-1 -un acfprefGina- 1b is an 'i- class verb affix.'Ang bunut nga ginabutang sa 'ibābaw hay lab'as pa.The coconut husks which are put on top are still fresh.Kung ginabaligya' hay tigbaynti 'u kinsi 'ang 'isa ka kīlu.When [squid] are sold [the price] is twenty [pesos] or fifteen [pesos] for each one kilogram.'Ang ma'is nga 'āmun ginatanum 'imaw 'ang nagmantinir hasta magpandagku' na 'ang 'ākun manga 'unga'.The maize plant which was commonly planted by us is that which sustained [us] until all my children grew up.acfprefThe range of meaning of this accessory focus prefix includes what is generally called instrumental focus.ginabuyung2See giN- 1b and 'i- for a description and examples of 'i- class affixes which inflect causative verbs.'Inang kamalunggay, ginabuyung mu ba 'ina'?As for that malunggay tree, is that used by you [as a herbal medicine] to cure [a sick person]?cfgiN- 'i-1'ika--in-1ma'i-
gina-aneg gf affSomeone or something is not acted upon by someone else.With causative affix pa-.'Ang balayan nang 'ini nga sīhi', hay waya' da 'ini ginabakya nang manga Sibuhānu kay kanipis.As for the empty shells of this mollusk, these are not bought by Cebuano [buyers] because they are thin.Waya' gāni' ginabatūna didtu 'ang waya' katāpus sa hayskul.Those who were not able to finish high school were not accepted [into the sewing school].Waya' ni Lulīta ginapasayūra 'ang 'iya 'asāwa kung sya hay may ginabakay.Her husband is not allowed by Lolita to know when she has [something] to -a -a giN- giN- giN-1agina- gina- giN-a giN-a giN-a -in-1ma-1 pag-a pag-a pag-a pag-unpag-unpag-un-un -un -un
gina-anlocf affA person, place or thing is or was commonly, habitually or normally the location of an action performed by someone.The range of meaning of this locative focus affix includes what is generally called beneficiary focus.Kung 'indi' mu makāya 'ang pagpanāka' ning niyug; ginasuhūyan 'ang nagapanaka'.If you are not able to cope with climbing the coconut palms, the one who climbs is paid.'Ini nga sīhi' 'ang 'iya ginakapūtan hay 'ang batu nga kadyānu' kag 'igwa ning manga lūmut.As for this haliatis lamillosa mollusk, that onto which it commonly sticks is a smooth stone and which has moss on [it].Ginanginitlan kita nang manga babāyi.We are being habitually laughed at by the women.Ginakutkutan ku si Marya ning balinghuy.Maria is having cassava dug out for [her] by an - an - an gina-i gina-i giN-an giN-an -i -i -in-an1 -in-an4-in-an4ka-an1mama-an ma-ina-anna-anna-anpag-an pag-an pag-i neg acf affSomeone or something is not an accessory to an action by someone else.The range of meaning of this accessory focus prefix includes what is generally called instrumental focus.cfgiN- giN-an giN-an pag'i-pag'i-
gina-ineg locf affA person, place or thing is not or was not the location of an action performed by someone.This affix inflects a causative verb.May yāra' da nga waya' man ginasakiti ning tiyan.There are also some [people] who are not afflicted with stomach pain.'Ang natingayāhan ku, hay bāsi' waya' ginahuwasi ning sagnat?What I wondered was, why was it that [the child] was not relieved of the fever?Magbinākay kamu ning lamīsa kag bangku', pagkatāpus waya' nindu ginadahāni.You kept on buying tables and benches, [but] afterwards [they] were not taken care of by you.'Ang 'ākun manga 'unga' hay waya' gid nagabūlig sa 'ākun, waya' 'aku ginapaday'i ning kwarta.My children are not helping me; I am not being sent money [by them].cf- an - an gina-an giN-an -i -in-an4ka-an1na-anpag-an pag-i neg locf affA past negative locative focus affix *giN-i does not occur; see pag-i.cfgina-an -i pag-an pag-i