Romblomanon - English


gangatna small stick, a twig on which the leaves of a bush, plant or tree grow'Ang 'inda 'ina' manga gatung nga kāhuy hay 'inang manga gangat nga ki'intik da.As for the firewood of those ones it is just those small twigs.
gāpasna cotton plantGossypium brasiliense (Macf.)ncotton fiber, used for making threadna cotton swab
gāpusvSomeone ties up someone else, ties something to something else.gināpus'Ang 'ūyu hay gināpus naman sa balilig nang barūtu, ginalabu' naman nang 'adtung suyut.As for the head, [it] was tied to the hull of the boat and was being cut with that digging bolo.nagagāpusvSomeone is tied up by someone else to prevent escape; something is tied to something else by someone.'Ang masunud hay 'ang Hudīyu nga nagagāpus si Hisus nga ginakastīgu nang Hudīyu.The next [in the procession] were the Jews who were tying up Jesus who was being punished by the Jews.
garapunna collection jar into which money is placed for the deadKung sin'u 'ang gustu maglimus kwarta sa patay, ginabutang sa garapun.Whoever wants to give a money offering to the dead, it is put in a collection jar.cfbanga'dramtadyawtibud
gardinna garden in which vegetables are planted.vSomeone makes a garden.magpagardincaus infto have a garden made'Indi' na gid kami kakāya magpagardin kay sayud nindu talagang ya' na gid dri tūbi' dri sa 'iskuylahan.We surely no longer have the resources to have a garden made because you know that here at school there is absolutely no water.
gāsana pressure lantern mantle'Ang 'isa nga 'alādin nāmun hay waya' ning gāsa.The other pressure lantern of ours does not have a mantle.
gasgasna scratch on a smooth surface, a worn area on a piece of cloth, leather, something wovenadjA smooth surface is scratched; a piece of cloth, leather, something woven is worn.Kalulū'uy ka na gid baya kunu sa Rumblun; bāsi' kunu 'ina' hay 'ang 'īmu kunu bāru' hay gasgas na?Perhaps you are already pitiable in Romblon; why was it, did they say, that as for your dress, [it] was already worn?
gāsivSomeone assumes, expects, imagines, supposes or thinks something.gagasiSomething is assumed, expected, imagined or supposed by someone.Nagkadtu kami 'ina' niyan sa baylīhan pīru waya' 'aku 'adtu gagasi nga yadtu si Nilda.We went there to the dancing place but I did not expect that Nelda would be there.Gāsi mu gāni'! 'Ina' 'ang manga 'unga' gina'iksa dira' sa may bintāna'.[It] should be imagined by you! Those children were being thrown out through the window.'Aku, gāsi nindu pag'āgi nindu, yāra' 'aku nagatiltil ning batu.I, [it] was assumed by you upon your passing by, I was there breaking up marble.kagāsipseudo vSomething is assumed, expected, imagined, supposed, thought by someone.'Ang kagāsi ni Pidil hay matū'ud 'ang 'iya pananamgu.What was thought by Fidel was that his dream was true.
gastusvargastunan expense incurred'Ang manga magūyang nang lyāki, 'imaw 'ina' 'ang nagakalibug nang tanan nga gastus.As for the parents of the boy, those are the ones who worry about the [wedding] expenses.'igastus, gastuhunHālus kunu 'ang niyug hay pulus sira'; hay di'in pa kita 'ini mabu'uy kwarta nga 'igastus sa 'īmu?The coconut palms were almost completely destroyed; so where would we get money that would be spent for you (i.e., for your studies)?Bastanti na 'adtu 'ang kwarta ninda nga gastuhun kay kabarātu da 'ang bayakyun.That money is enough to be spent by them because the purchase items are cheap.'ikagastusNaga'īsip gid 'aku nga 'ang makatāpus hayskul hay ma'āyu pīru nagahambay sinda nga waya' ngāni' kunu sinda kwarta nga 'ikagastus sa 'ākun.I really thought that being able to finish high school would be good but they said that they did not have money that would be able to be spent for me.ginagastusKay Tatay ku ginabu'uy 'ang ginagastus ku sa manga 'intirisādu nga 'unga' mag'iskwīla.From Father was gotten that which is being spent by me for the children who are interested to go to school.magastusvMoney is spent by someone for someone else, for buying something.Kung gustu ka magpaligus, buksan lang; pagbuhī'an mu, masara na 'agud bukun pa magastus sa tūbi' kag 'indi' maglam'aw.If you like to take a bath, you just open [the automatic shut-off tap]; upon being released by you [it] will then close so that [it] will not still consume the water and [the water] will not become stagnant.nagagastuKung nagapamalayi 'ang tiglyaki, 'ang nagagastu sa handa' nang 'inda pamalāyi.When the engaged man's close relatives hold an initial wedding-planning session, [they] are the ones who spend for their initial wedding-planning session.nagaginastuMabinākay ka ning pitsipitsi, gaginastu ka lang.You will keep on buying junk food; you just keep on spending.panggastugastu1pl nexpenses2vSomeone consumes a commodity, spends money for a service, for something.panggastusnspending moneyNaga'īsip naman 'aku nga kung naga'iskuyla na hay naga'īsip na da 'ina' sinda hay taw'an 'aku kwarta pāra nga panggastus ku.I really thought that if I was already studying maybe they will then think that I will be given money so that I will have spending money.
gasulīnangasoline used for engines, vehiclesHay kamahay nyan 'ang gasulīna, sitinta 'ang galun.Gasoline now is expensive, seventy [pesos] a gallon.
gata'1ncoconut milk extractvarsabaw nga gata'Kung tāpus ka na ning putus, 'īmu na 'ini 'ibutang sa kaldīru kag butangan ning sabaw nga gata' kag 'īmu na pakayadkaran.When you are finished wrapping [the salsa], then put them into a kettle and onto them put coconut milk extract and [they] should be boiled by you.'Ang 'isabaw ku sa balinghuy hay gata'.What will be used by me to liquefy cassava is coconut milk extract.Gingbutangan ni Nilda 'ang 'iya kan'un ning sabaw nga gata' kay waya' siya ning suya'.Her cooked rice has coconut milk extract added [to it] by Nelda because she has no side-dish food.Coconut meat niyug 2a from a fully-mature coconut lanus or a very mature coconut la'ay is first grated kāyus. The grated meat is then squeezed pūga' to remove a coconut milk extract gata' which is an oily liquid mixed with a small amount of water. Used as the liquid in which a food is boiled or to moisten dry foods such as rice.specpāyuk The phrase sabaw nga gata' is not used in a sentence with the verb form of sabaw. Gata' alone is used.n'ikaduha nga gata'1vthin coconut milk extractA thin coconut milk extract is produced by a second squeezing of grated coconut meat kināyus from a fully-mature coconut lanus or a very mature coconut la'ay.2Food is cooked in coconut milk extract by someone.'ispīsu nga gata'1varprimīru nga gata'nthick coconut milk extractA thick coconut milk extract is produced by a first squeezing of grated coconut meat kināyus from a fully-mature coconut lanus or a very mature coconut la'ay.synpāyuk gat'an'Ang 'unud nang 'ini nga sīhi' hay ginakā'un; puydi nga gat'an kag puydi nga kinīlaw.As for the meat of this shell, it is eaten; it is possible that it will be cooked in coconut milk extract or it is possible that it will be eaten'ūtan ginagat'an'Ang paglūtu' 'ini nang sīhi', hay ginagat'an.The way to cook these mollusks is that [they] are cooked in coconut milk extract.ginat'an11nfood cooked in coconut milk extract9, Foods Cooked in Coconut Milk Extract2Ginakā'un 'ini nga sīhi'; kanāmit 'ini nga ginat'an.[The meat of] this shell is edible; this which has been cooked in coconut milk extract is delicious.
gātasnthe milk of a woman or animalBāwal 'ang magkā'un ning 'ūtan nga langka' nga may lakut nga lumbay kay 'ini kunu hay nagapahubas ning gātas nang nanay nga bag'ung 'unga'.It is forbidden to eat coconut flavored jackfruit which has a mixture of lumbay [leaves] because they say [these leaves] cause the milk of the mother who has newly given birth to decrease.'Ang narimidyu ku hay ginabakay ku naman ning gātas sa manga 'unga'.My wages are what I use for buying milk for the children.Cow's milk is commonly bought in powdered form.nkulur gātasadjSomething is milky colored.'Ang kulur 'ini nang bug'ātan, 'ang 'iya balayan hay kulur gātas nga may gūlis nga kāki.As for the color of this glycymeris pectiniformis mollusk, its shell is milky colored with brown stripes.lāta nga sa gatasan (lāta 3)a milk can
gatasanvarlāta nga sa gatasan (gātas 3)
gātawvSomething crawls out from a confined space.cfginapahalinginapaluwasguwa'guwa'guwa'guwa'guwa'guwa'halinhalinhalinhalinhalinkūyapkūyapkūyapkūyapkūyapkūyapluwas luwas luwas luwas luwas luwas makatākasnagakūyappagpaguwa'pagtamwa'tākastākastākastākastākastākastamwa'tamwa'tamwa'tamwa'tamwa'tamwa'tamwa'nagagātawMay bīsis da nga 'ini 'ang sīhi' hay nagagātaw; makikīta' puna' gid sinda.There are times when these mollusks crawl out; [and] you will see them in groups.
gāti'vCorn pops when roasted.naggāti'Kung 'ang ma'is nga 'īmu ginasābang, hay naggāti' na nagapakilāya nga madali' na malūtu.If, as for the corn which is roasted by you, [it] has already popped, it shows that it will soon be cooked.
gātunthe short syatu stickFor a description of this game, see syātu' 1.specsyātu' gensyātu'
gatungncooking fuel; firewood, dried coconut husks, dry palm fronds, and the likeDāpat gid magtīpun kita ning paywa pāra kung 'umuyan, 'igwa kita ning gatung.We should surely gather coconut fronds so that if it will rain we will have cooking fuel.Mabu'uy 'aku ning kāhuy kay matīpun 'aku kay 'agud pagtinguyānun hay waya' 'aku ning prublīma sa gatung.I will get firewood so that when it is the rainy season I will have no problem with cooking fuel.syndabuk cf'āputdabuk pa'aputanngātungvSomeone feeds fuel, as firewood, dried coconut husks, dry palm fronds and the like, into a fire.cfgingdābukgatūnganGatūngan mu 'ang 'īmu ginalūtu' pāra magkayadkad nga da'an.What you are cooking should be fed [cooking fuel] by you so that it will boil quickly.cfdābuk1naggātungvSomething being cooked is fed fuel by someone.Si Līya 'ang naggātung nang bunut sa tapāhan.Lea was the one who fed [dry] coconut husks into [the fire of] the smoking rack.