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galunna four liter measuring bottle; made of plastic or glassmeas na nonspecific or specific number of four-liter measures; a volume measurementMeasure is by a four liter measuring bottle. In stores, liquids such as gasoline gasulīna, kerosene pitrulyu, coconut wine tuba', and cooking oil lāna are sold from bulk stock by four-liter measures.19, Dry or Liquid Volume Measurementmeas nmidya galun1na two-liter measuring bottle; made of plastic or glass2meas na nonspecific or specific number of two-liter measures; a volume measurementMeasure is by a two liter measuring bottle. In stores, liquids such as gasoline gasulīna or kerosene pitrulyu are sold from bulk stock by two-liter measures.19, Dry or Liquid Volume Measurement3na drinking water storage containerUsed for fetching water and storing it inside the house. It is typically a four to twenty liter capacity plastic container with a screw-on lid.
gamaycfkanipisnīpiskagamay, magamayadjSomething is slim.Magamay 'ang 'iya manga siki kag katayum 'ang 'iya kuku.Its feet (i.e., of a black gaybird) are slim and its claws are sharp.'Ang 'iya siki hay kagamay nga mahagba' ning kuku.As for its feet (i.e., of a chestnut manikin), [they] are slim with long claws.cfkanipismanīwang
gāmitnequipment, furnishings, supplies; that used for a particular purposeMa'igma' lang 'aku kag mamakay 'aku nang manga gāmit nāmun sa bayay.I will just eat my lunch and will go buying furnishings for our house.Ginpabakay 'aku 'ina' ning manga gāmit sa pag'upira.I was allowed to buy those supplies for the medical operation.cfbāgay1bāgay1butang1 butang2daya daya ngāmit sa lāwas1na person's personal accessoriesGustu ku makakīta' 'akuy kwarta pāra makabakay man 'akuy ma'āyu nga bāru' kag gāmit sa lāwas.I wanted to earn money so that I could buy a nice dress and personal accessories.Personal accessories include apparel for either men or women such as dresses, shirts, shoes, slippers, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, underclothing.2vSomeone uses something for a particular purpose.gamītunKung 'īmu sukātun 'ang sīhi', dāpat pakut 'ang 'īmu gamītun kay 'agud hay 'indi' mabu'ak 'ang 'iya ning balayan.If the mollusk meat is pried out by you, that which should be used by you is a safety pin so that its shell will not be accidentally broken.ginagāmitGinagāmit 'ang traysikul sa manga pasahīru.The motorized pedicab is used for passengers.ginagamītan'Ang pagpu'pu' ning mangga hay ginagamītan ni Kardu ning sibut pāra 'indi' malanug.The picking of mangoes is accomplished by Carlos using a net scoop so that [the mangoes] will not become rotten.'Ang pagkutkut ning balinghuy hay ginagamītan ni Panya ning barīta kay katugas 'ang dūta.The digging out of cassava under ground is accomplished by Panya using a crowbar because the ground is hard.ginggāmit'Ang kwarta nga 'āmun ginggāmit sa pagbakay ning pūkut, hay ging'ambag'ambagan nāmun.As for the money which was used by us in buying a fishnet, [it] was contributed by each of us.kagamitan1nfurnitureMabakay na lang kita ning kagamitan nga human sa kawāyan.We will just buy furniture that is made of bamboo.magagāmitvA particular action is accomplished by someone using a particular implement.Dira' sa Tyamban, kung 'ikaw nagaplīti ning kātids 'igwa 'ina' dira' ning kumplītu nga gāmit nga 'indu magagāmit sa pagkatūyug.There in Tiamban, if you are renting a cottage, there are complete supplies there that can be used by you for sleeping.nagagāmitvSomething is used by someone for a particular purpose.'Ina' 'ang manga tāwu nga may manga kwarta nga 'ikabakay, 'ina' sinda hay nagagāmit ning pahūmut.As for those people who have money which will be able to be used for buying, they use perfume.paggāmit1gersomeone's using somethingNamangyan 'aku sa paggāmit nang kamira; gāni' nasīra' ku.I was ignorant in using the camera; therefore it was broken by me.2vSomething is worked on by someone with the use of an instrument.'Ūna 'ānay, 'ang pagkutkut nang batu ginagamītan ninda ning barīta sa pagkutkut.First, in the digging of [marble] stone, [it] is worked on with a crowbar is used by them for digging.
gamungersomeone's being accustomed to something'Ang manga magūyang nagapāti nga sa pagbāhuy nang 'inda manga 'unga' nga gamun sa trabāhu sa sākup nang 'inda bayay hasta sa 'inda pagdagku' 'imaw gihāpun 'ang 'inda manga batāsan.Parents believe that in their children's growing up being accustomed to household work until they become big that will continue to be their attitude [as adults].antmamag'uvSomeone is taught a particular custom or skill by someone else.gamununKung 'ang 'unga' hay gamunun mu lang gid nga nanay sa pagkinānam kag sa pagpinanumbāyay, magdagku' man 'ina' nga manga 'unga' hay waya' gid ning natun'an nga trabāhu.If the children are taught by you, the mother, in continually playing and in continually going [visiting] from house to house, those children will grow up without work which was able to be learned [by them].ginagamunGinagamun da nang manga magūyang sa pagtrabāhu sa sākup nang 'inda bayay mintras ma'intik pa 'ang 'inda manga 'unga'.Their children are taught by the parents in doing household work while they are still small.
gamusncured anchovy'Ini 'ang gamus, hay ginalūtu' nga balitsaw.As for cured anchovy, it is cooked as a salted fish delicacy.vAnchovy fish is cured by salting and aging.ginagamus'Ang ginagamus nga 'isda' hay 'ang lambīyung, dilag, lupuy, kag hagungan.Fish that is cured by salting and aging are lambiyung anchovies, dilag anchovies, gold striped sardines and hagungan anchovies.The fish is washed hugasan, put into a clean dish, and salted 'asinan. After four hours the juice is drained off and the fish is transferred 'isaylu to a container with a tight lid and put aside for a month. It is then ready to be eaten, either raw with lime juice duga' nang larangha or hot vinegar sūka', or cooked in coconut milk extract gata' to make a salted fish delicacy balitsaw.
gamutnthe root of a plant or tree
gan'utnsomeone's or something's perspirationNagapanunūyu' 'ang gan'ut sa 'īmu kabudlay sa kapapangūsug pagdug'un nang bunut.Perspiration extensively runs down because of your tiredness in being able to exert strength in pushing against the coconut husks.vSomeone is soaked by perspiration as a result of exertion, sickness.ginapanggan'utGinapanggan'ut 'aku ning malamig kay masakit 'ang 'ākun tiyan.I am being extensively soaked by cold perspiration because my abdomen aches.ginpanggan'ut, pinanggan'ut'Aba, pinanggan'ut 'aku pagkatāpus ku ning kā'un.Oh, I was extensively soaked by perspiration upon my completion of eating.
gānanthe affection, attraction or interest in doing something, towards someoneNabuy'an 'aku ning gāna sa 'ākun 'asāwa kay kapintas siya.I had affection towards my husband taken [from me] because he is cruel.Nabuy'an 'aku ning gāna sa pagkā'un kay nagmasakit 'aku.I happened to have interest in eating taken from me because I became sick.antmalūyakagāna, magānaadjAn activity or situation is activated, energized, lively.Kadtu na lang 'ānay sa bayay kag magpangalipay kay kagāna niyan sa bayay.Just go to our house and become happy because now in the house [things are] lively.Magāna 'ang lāwas Karlītu kay daku' 'ang 'iya kwarta.The body of Carlito is energized because he has much money.antlūya
ganansyanthe gain or profit realized in a transaction'Ang ganansya, hay sa 'iban nga tindāhan napapakadtu 'ang ganansya.As for the profit, the profit was all able to be repeatedly taken to another store.
gāni'2sp. var. ofngāni'2
gāni'1varngāni'1subord conjA particular event happens or state exists, so, as a result, therefore or that's the reason another event happens or another state exists.Nag'inūyan; gāni' diri na lang sinda nagtingi' ning bugas sa būkid.It rained continually; that's the reason they just bought rice here in the rural area.
gansuna hook from which or on which something is hung, as the hook of a bar scale rumāna
gantasvargantangmeas na nonspecific or specific number of gantas; a dry volume measurement of approximately three litersWith a number ligature ka preceding, the form is gantang.Nagka'ingin 'aku; didtu nagpugas kami ning manga traynta gantas.I made an upland field; there we planted about thirty gantas of rice seed.Nagbakay si Turing ning napūyu' ka gantang nga bugas.Toring bought ten gantas of hulled rice.meas ngantānganna ganta measuring boxA ganta measuring box measures one ganta. It is used especially for cereals in buying, selling, borrowing, paying harvesters in grain.19, Dry or Liquid Volume Measurement