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dīla'nthe tongue of a person or animalmahāba' ning dīla' (hāba' 3)Someone is prone to gossip.tūbu' nang dīla' (tūbu' 3)the way one talks
dilagna dilag anchovy fishFamily Engraulidae'Ang ginagamus nga 'isda' hay 'ang lambīyung, dilag, lupuy, kag hagungan.Fish that are cured by salting and aging are lambiyung anchovies, dilag anchovies, gold striped sardines and hagungan anchovies.cfbulinawhagunganlambīyung tabyusCharacterized by no scales; bluish in color, to about 2.5 cm. long.
dilamītana stick of dynamite
dilātancanned food, as fruit, meat, vegetables
dilibiri rumna delivery room where women give birthBāwal gali' 'ina' niyan 'ang ka'ibāhan nang nagabatyag hay yadtu sa dilibiri rum.As for companions of those laboring in childbirth, [they] are now not allowed to be there inside the delivery room.
diligāduna delegate to a meeting
dilikādukadilikāduadjAn action is risky or dangerous to accomplish.Kung 'ang buyung nga lumay hay palatunun mu sa lawud, hay kadilikādu gid 'ina'.When you carry magical love potion medicine with you when passing across the open sea, that is very risky.
dimindīminna charm, a charm blessingHay 'anu kunu 'ang 'iya ning dimindīmin? Kay 'igwa kunu ning dimindīmin 'ang 'iya ning barūtu.What do they say is his charm? Because, they say, his boat has a charm blessing.An empty bullet bāla or small bag is filled with material known to some herbalists and is used to ward off evil spirits.synpanagangcfkarminkarminpanagang
dimunyuna demon, a devil'Ang 'āmun na'agihan daw gid kami 'ang gina'abayan ning manga dimunyu kay tūdu gid 'ang 'inūyan.That which we experienced was that it seems that we are surely accompanied by many devils because the continuous raining is heavy.synyāwa' cf'agta'malā'in nga 'ispiritumalā'ut2satanasyāwa'
dintistana dentist
dinug'an1nblood meatConsists of beef, pork or poultry cooked in blood.vSomeone cooks meat in blood.nagdinug'anvMeat is cooked in blood by someone.Nagdinug'an si Pi kahāpun kay birtdi nang 'iya 'unga'.Fe cooked the meat in blood yesterday because it was the birthday of her child.Pwīdi 'ini nga prītu kundi' man dinug'an kag pwīdi da 'ini nga 'ihālu' sa pansit.This can be fried or [it] is cooked in blood and can also be mixed into Chinese noodles.
dingdingnthe wall or walling of a building, a smoking rack tapāhanGinahadlūkan 'aku kay 'ang 'inda syap hay pūru 'ispīhu 'ang dingding.I am afraid because, as for their shop, the wall is all glass.Nahūyug na gali' 'ang 'āmun halūblaks nga dingding didtu sa may dāgat.Our hollow block walling toppled over there where there was sea water.vA space, as a building, a smoking rack is walled in by someone.dingdinganimper vWall in a space!Magsalirangdang 'ānay kag dingdingan kāda kīlid pāra 'ang 'asu hay pa'ibabaw 'ang salīda.First weave coconut-frond shingles and wall in both sides [of the smoking rack] so that the smoke will go up.nadingdinganKung nadingdingan na, pwīdi ka na makatūna' pagdābuk.When it (i.e., the smoking rack) is already walled in, you can now start to build a fire.
dipāravSomeone cares for someone else or'alāga''alāga''alāga''alāga''alagā'an'atāman'atāman'atāman'atāman'aturgar'aturgar'aturgar'aturgardāhandāhandāhandāhanginadahānigina'intindiha'intindi2'intindi2'intindi2'intindi2naga'aturgarpag'atāmandiparāhunMas gustu pa niya 'ang magpinanumbāyay kag magkāyat ning kung 'anu'ānu nga manga balīta' kaysa diparāhun 'ang 'iya 'unga' sa pagpakā'un sa tāma' nga 'ūras.To go [visiting] from house to house and to promulgate all kinds of gossip was more desirable to her than that her children would be cared for by being fed at the right time.ginadipāraGinadipāra 'ang 'ākun manga 'unga' nga waya' pay 'asāwa.My children who still have no spouses are cared for.magadipāravSomeone or something is cared for by someone else.Sina Lūlu kag si Lūla hay maguyang na; kahinangyānun ninda 'ang duktur nga magadipāra sa 'inda.As for Grandfather and Grandmother, [they] are already old; they need a doctor who will care for them.nagadipāraMay nagadipāra, paghuman ning kabā'ung.Someone is caring [for the dead person by] preparing a coffin.pagdipāragersomeone's caring for someone or somethingMama, 'inang 'īmu 'asāwa nga 'ikaduha, pamatyagan mu kung ma'āyu man 'ang pagdipāra sa 'īmu.Mother, as for that second spouse of yours, sense if [his] caring for you is'alāga''atāman'aturgardāhan'intindi2
dipiktuna defect involving a person, a thing, a situation
dipindipseudo vSomeone, something, a situation, an unstated actor depends on someone or something else, a particular action or state for a desired result.Pang'unum: 'īmu na 'ini lilāsun; 'ang paglīlas dipindi sa 'īmu kung ma'unu kadagku' 'ang 'īmu gustu nga līlas.Sixth: you strip them (i.e., rolled buri leaf sections); the stripping depends on you [as to] how wide you want your buri strips [to be].Kung 'ikaw magbakay dipindi naman 'ina' sa 'ika'īgu' nang 'īmu kwarta.When you buy [something] that really depends on the sufficiency of your money [as to how much you can afford].
dipirinsyana health or mechanical problemKung may dipirinsya 'ang 'isa sa 'ātun hay 'aku mismu 'ang magabuyung.If there is someone in our family who has a health problem, I am the one who medically treats [him].May dipirinsya 'ang makina ni Huwan.Juan's motor has a mechanical problem.cfpasākitsakit vSomeone, someone's body is inflicted with a health problem.madipirinsyahinthe difference between two events, states, people, thingsNagapasalāmat 'aku kay waya' da madipirinsyahi 'ang 'iya lāwas; waya' siya nag'abnurmal.I give thanks because her body was not inflicted with a health problem; she did not become abnormal.'Anu 'ang dipirinsya nang naka'iskwīla kag waya'?What is the difference between those who are able to go to school and [those who] are not?cfsakit
diplūmana diploma indicating that the recipient has completed a course of studyDāmu' na nang nagapatahi' sa 'ākun kay nakabātun gid 'akuy diplūma, sa drismīking.There are many now of those who let me sew because I was able to receive a diploma in dressmaking.