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dumpuyvSomething becomes dull, i.e., not sharp.antkatayumtāyummadumpuy'Ang ginahuman nga buynasan hay 'adtung matugas nga kāhuy, pāra 'indi' madumpuy nga dā'an.As for what is made into a husking stick, [it] is that hard wood, so that it will not become dull immediately.anttayum
dūmugvTwo or more people fall down one on top of the other.dinūmugSa suba' 'aku nag'āgi; sinumpung 'aku nang yāki kag dinūmug 'aku sa tūbi'.I passed by the river; I was met by a man and I was wrestled down into the water.nagdūmugvSomeone is wrestled down onto a particular place or into something.Nagdūmug 'ang duha nga bayung.The two drunks fell down one on top of the other.
Dunpers nDon, a title for an important person, followed by a person's family or given nameMaswirti 'ang maka'asāwa sa 'unga' ni Dun Lurinsu kay kagwāpa nga dalāga.The one who will be able to take the daughter of Don Lorenso as a spouse will be lucky because she is a beautiful young lady.
dunganadvTwo or more events occur or situations exist at the same time.Bāwal kunu magkā'un ning pinya nga hinug kag langka' nga hinug ning dungan kay magasakit kunu 'ang 'īmu tiyan.It is forbidden they say to eat ripe pineapple and ripe jackfruit at the same time because, they say, your abdomen will become sick.cfnakasāyuvTwo or more do something together.Pāra kunu pariparīhu 'ang pagsinundānan nang mag'asawa hay kung sinda magluhud kag magpungku' sa 'atubāngan nang 'altar mintras sinda ginakasay hay dungan sinda pirmi.In order that the sharing of the married couple is equal when they kneel and sit in front of the altar while they have their wedding they should always do [it] together.ginapadunganPagkatāpus 'alabādu 'ang manga bag'ung kasay hay ginapaluwas naman 'ina' kag ginapadungan sinda ning kā'un sa lamīsa.After the house-singing ritual the newlywed couple are sent outside and they are allowed to do [their] eating together at the table.cfsāyunagadunganKung nagadungan naman sinda, bahāya' lang nagatūlin 'ang pānaw ni Līlay.When they were doing [it] together, suddenly the way of walking of Lilay became faster.padungancaus vTwo or more are allowed to do something together by someone.
dungganvSomeone is highly honored, as a high government official, a member of a wealthy family.dunggānunDunggānun 'ini 'unga' nang 'isa nga hāri'.This child of a king will be highly honored.
dunggu'vA boat or ship anchors, docks.dunggū'anna dock where boats or ships are tied upSa dunggū'an may nagatrabāhu ning liplip.At the dock there was [someone] who was making a one-sail outrigger boat.cfpantalanpyirnagadunggu'Kung may nagadunggu' nga 'iba nga bapur, 'utru pirma naman.If there is another ship which docks, [we] have to sign again.
dungugnsomeone's honor or reputationsyn'ūnur
dupameas na nonspecific or specific number of arms-span measures; i.e., one or more spans of two outstretched arms; a linear measurement'isa ka dupaone arms-span measuretunga' sa dupahalf an arms-span measure; i.e., a span of one arm to the center of the chest
dūrucfmas dāmu'kadūruadjPeople or things are many.kadurudūruint adjPeople or things are very many.Kinsi bīlug kamu tanan. Pa'unu ku kamu pagpakā'un kag pagpa'iskwīla, kay kadurudūru kamu?You are fifteen [children] in all. How is it possible for you to be provided food by me and to be sent to school, because you are very many?cfdāmu'2
duryanna durian tree or fruitDurio zibethinus (Murr.)Fleshy sections of the fruit interior are eaten as a snack-food delicacy. They are foul-smelling, and avoided by the uninitiated.
duscard num adjtwo actions, people, pieces of something, situations, things, times, units of measurementNagluwas 'aku kahāpun sa sinihan hay 'alas dus.I went out from the movie house yesterday at two o'clock.Yāra' lang 'ang bug'at hay naga'ābut sa dus kīlus kung dumayāga 'u suyug nga manuk.That weight just reaches two kilograms if the chicken is a young pre-laying hen or a cockerel.Pagkatāpus mu ning sābat sa primīru madūgang naman 'ikaw ning lāya; bilāngun mu hasta mag'abut ning sitinta 'idus līlas.Upon your completing the weaving of dyed buri strips at the beginning, then weave again; count until it reaches seventy-two buri strips.synduha cfduha For a description of the use of numbers of Spanish origin, see entry 'ūnu.21, Cardinal Numbersdus miltwo thousanddus syintustwo hundreddus syintus miltwo hundred thousand
dus'ayvSomeone loads marble onto a conveyance.nagadus'ay'Ang 'iban nagadus'ay; gabira sa mutur.Some load marble; [they] haul [it] on a pump boat.
dūsicard num adjtwelve actions, people, pieces of something, situations, things, times, units of measurementKung 'ang 'isa nga manuk hay nag'itlug; yāra' 'ang 'itlug naga'abut sa dūsi 'u trīsi bu'uk.When a chicken lays eggs, those eggs reach to twelve or thirteen pieces.Napūyu' ka dāngaw 'ang lāpad kag 'ang hāba' hay dūsi dāngaw.The width is ten hand spans and the length is twelve hand spans.Magsāyud ka na nang 'adtung tūbi' nang kabūhi' bāgu mag'alas dūsi nang gab'i.You catch that water of life now before it becomes twelve midnight.Numbers eleven 'unsi up to ninety-nine nubinta 'inuwībi are Spanish words. For a description of the use of Spanish numbers, see entry 'ūnu.21, Cardinal Numbers
dusīnana dozen measure of people or things'Adtung 'itlug ku didtu sa baskit na may tatlu ka dusīna.Those eggs of mine in the basket, there were three dozen.
dusintussp. vardus syintus (syin 1b)two hundred
dūta'nground, sand, seabed, soil, decayed matterKung tig'uyānun hay mahuga' 'ang pagkānam nang manga 'unga' kay madayūnut 'ang dūta'.During rainy season it is difficult for the children to play because the ground is slippery.Ma'āyu kung nagatūna' na ning 'uyan'ūyan kay bukun na 'uga 'ang dūta'.It is good that intermittent rain is beginning because the soil is no longer dry.'Ini 'ang pusu'pūsu' nga sīhi', hay waya' kung ka'isa nagasaput sa batu kundi' sa dūta' lang.As for these heart cockle mollusks, sometimes they do not stick on stones but they are just on the seabed.'Ang tangkali', kung nagapūgad sa manga pung'uy nga niyug, may sa būhu' nang dūta' nagakutkut sinda.As for kingfishers, when [they] build nests in decayed coconut palm trees there is decayed matter in the holes which they dig land holdingNyan nga panahun mahay na 'ang prisyu nang dūta'; waya' ka pa ning mabakay.At this time, the price of land holdings is expensive; there is no longer any that you will be able to buy.nthe earth, the dwelling place of humansMagdasay kita sa kalag ni Lībi nga pumānaw na diri sa 'ibābaw nang dūta'.We should pray for the departed soul of Levi who passed away from the face of the earth.vSomeone does field work.nagduta' did field workmagduta'infto do field workKadāmu' 'ang nagamuyu' kay Plurintīna nga 'indi' kunu siya mag'āngay nga magduta'.Many commented to Florentina that to do field work is not appropriate for her.miyugduta'na farmer'Ang trabāhu nang 'ākun lūlu hay miyugduta'.The work of my grandfather is [to be] a farmer.cfmiyug'ūma
duya'vSomeone, something disappears.
dūya'vSomething is exhausted or used up.duyā'unDuyā'un nātun 'ang pulitika, tapus na 'adtu.Politics should be ignored by us; that is already finished.madudūya'vSomeone expires, i.e., dies; something is eliminated.Subra dyis mil nga klāsi nang būyak 'ang madudūya' kung waya' ning manga putyūkan.Over ten thousand kinds of flowers will all be unintentionally lost if there were no honeybees.madūya'1vSomeone or something is ignored or lost by someone else.Nyan nga tyimpu, 'ang kwarta hay madali' nga sugīrun, pīru madali' lang madūya' kaysa kamahay nang balakyānun.At this time, as for money [it] is easy that [it] will be found, but also easy that [it] will be exhausted because purchase items are expensive.madūya'2'Ang paghurnal 'imaw 'ini pag malūya 'ang 'indu taymkīpir madūya' ka sa 'īmu listāhan.As for engaging in manual labor, if your timekeeper is stupid you will be unintentionally lost from your list.madūya'3Bīsan 'aku hay madūya' 'indi' kamu magutuman nga magnanay.Even though I should expire, you will not suffer hunger.A euphemism to moderate the word 'die'.nadudūya'Midyu nadudūya' 'ang manga kabulgaran nga manga ginapakīta' nang kabatā'an sa nyan nga tyimpu.Indecencies allowed to be seen by young people at the present time have almost been eliminated.