Romblomanon - English


banda1adjAn activity occurs or a state exists near a particular location or person.'Ang bayay ni Romil hay didtu banda kana Nilson.As for the house of Romil, [it is] there near [the place of] Nelson and'alīhidhampigkalāpitpinakamalapitadjbanda saadvfrom or in the direction of a particular location or personBanda sa nurti 'ang halin nang hāngin.The coming of the wind was from the direction of north.manga banda1about
bandihāduna serving platter for food
bandīrana banner or flag
banduryana bandore, a bass stringed instrument similar to a guitar
bandyuna short-necked banjo with six double strings
banigna matNagabuskad ning 'amākan nga banig si Nanay pāra pangsāyud sa 'upa.Mother is unfolding a drying mat in order to [use it] for catching the rice bran.
banlawvSomeone rinses off, especially after playing or working.cfdīgushinawhinawlam'uslam'uslīgus3līgus3manghinawnagpanlam'uspalīgus1magpamanlawKung kamu magpangisda', waya' na kamu pagprublīma kay puydi kamu maka'abri nang grīpu kung kamu magpamanlaw, 'agud pag'abut nindu hay ma'īlis na lang kamu.When you go fishing you no longer experience a problem because you will be able to turn on the faucet when you rinse off so that upon your reaching home you will just change [your dresses].cfhinawlam'uslīgus3
banta'na threatTinaw'an si Birting ning banta' nga 'indi' magpalapit kay Nīna.Berting was given a threat not to allow [himself] to come near Nena.vSomeone is threatened by someone else.banta'iKung waya' mu siya banta'i nga 'īmu siya patyun, waya' naglāyas 'ang 'ākun 'unga'.If she had not been threatened by you that she would be killed by you, my daughter would not have run away.binanta'anNang dūgay na nga 'imaw nang 'imaw 'ang 'iya ginahuman, na'impitu na da 'ang 'iya 'asāwa; nahāngit, binanta'an 'ina' siya.When it was for a long time that she was doing the same thing, her spouse was already tired [of it], he became angry [and] she was threatened by that one.byubanta'loc gersomeone's being threatened by someone else or by somethingGumulpi da būnuk 'ang 'uyan, ngāni' daw sa 'ākun kahadluk kag daw sa 'ākun byubanta' hay daw mabagyu gid.The rain fell down heavily, so in my fear and in my being threatened it seemed as though there would be a strong typhoon.
bantayna guard, a caretaker of something, as a building or plantationNatingāya 'aku kay bāsi' yadtu 'aku napakadtu sa may manga bantay?I was surprised because why did I happen to go where there were many guards?'Ikaw nga bantay hay 'ubligādu ka gid nga magdaya sa 'iya ning nyug.You the caretaker are obliged to bring a coconut.cfgwardyanginabantayanGinabantayan gid ma'āyu 'ang tapāhan kag 'igway nakahanda' nga tūbi' sa baldi.The smoking rack is being watched very carefully and there is water prepared in a pail [in case it catches fire].ginabinantāyanGinabinantāyan siya nang 'iya 'isa nga hāli, kay kung magbikti siya.She was continually guarded by one of her relative because she might commit suicide.ginbantayanGinbantayan ku 'ang draybir nang traysikul.The driver of the motorized pedicab was waited for by me.kababantay1abl gersomeone's being able to guard, wait for or watch someone or somethingSi Sūsan waya' kakatūyug hasta nag'āga sa kababantay nga pāra siya 'indi' ma'ubayan ni Rūki.Susan was not able to sleep until morning came in being able to guard so that she would not happen to be slept with by Roque.2vSomeone or something is guarded, waited for or watched over by someone.nagabantay'Ini 'ang "santu 'anghil" nga ginatawag, hay 'imaw kunu 'ini 'ang nagabantay sa 'īmu pirmi.As for this one called "guardian angel," this is the one, they say, who is guarding you always.nagpamantayanvSomeone guards, waits for or watches over someone or something.Nagpamantayan 'aku nang 'ūna sa Bakūlud; 'ang manga kalāpit ku dira', hay sinda lang magmanghud.In the past I worked as a tenant in Bacolod; as for my neighbors there, they were just [my] younger siblings.pamantayanvSomeone works as a guard, a caretaker, a tenant.
bantīlingna hard round or oblong smooth stone
bantugadjSomeone is popular or well known.Bukun da 'aku mahambay 'ābi nga bantug nga dalāga; gāni' hay waya' da 'adtu may gakadtu sa 'āmun bayay.I certainly do not say that I am a popular young lady; that is the reason why no one (i.e., no young boys) comes to our house.'Ang manga Santus kunu bukun bantug sa bilug nang Rumblun; gāni' 'indi' sa 'ākun 'ang manga magūyang nang 'ākun 'asāwa.The Santos [clan], they said, were not well known in the whole area of Romblon; that's the reason the parents of my wife did not [like me].cfpupular
bantuyna hawkfishFamily Cirrhitidae'Ina' 'ang manga malāya nga 'isda' hay ginabāwal da parīhu nang buyāwis, manangpuyuk, bantuy, mabyad kag myagbagu.Those fire-spined fish are also forbidden [to be eaten by pregnant women] like streaked rabbitfish, zebra firefish, hawkfish, golden rabbitfish and coral rabbitfish.There are several species of hawkfish: freckled paracirrhites forsteri, ring-eyed paracirrhites arcatus (Cuvier), long-nosed Oxycirrhites typus (Bleeker), blotched Cirrhitichthys aprinus (Cuvier), two-spotted Amblycirrhitus bimacula (Jenkins). They have elongate, ovoid, somewhat compressed bodies, single dorsal fins notched between the spinous and soft portions, small mouths with fine pointed teeth, and bright color patterns. Found on coral and rocky reefs, usually in shallow waters.
bantuy gatasanna stonefishSynanceia verrucosa (Bloch and Schneider)Resembles a rough, algae-covered rock with its spiny head and warty flabby skin. Color varies through different shades of green, brown and red. The sharp dorsal spines of a stonefish, alive or dead, are very poisonous. Found on coral reefs, in rocky intertidal zones and on sandy-rubble bottoms in shallow coastal waters.
bantuy nu'ugnu'ugna sailfin leaf fishTaenionotus triacanthus (Lacepede)It has a covering of papillae rather than typical scales. Light or dark brown with white blotches. Occurs on sand and rubble bottoms near reefs in shallow coastal waters. Its oscillating dorsal fin gives the appearance of a dead leaf.
banugna large hawk, a bramingkite bird with dark brown feathers and a white breast
banwana townBakyun ni Nilda 'ang tinda sa banwa.The groceries will be bought by Nelda in town.antbūkidkabukīran, bukīran vSomeone goes to town.pumabanwa'Umīlis 'aku kag pumabanwa pāra mag'atindir ning mīting sa 'upisīna.I changed my dress and went to town to attend a meeting at the office.
banyusvSomeone applies medicine, an ointment, paint, perfume onto someone or'ihību''ibanyusvSomething or someone has medicine, an ointment, paint, perfume applied by someone else onto it or them, a part of it or them.'Adtu 'ang tāwas, 'īmu 'ibanyus sa may sakit.As for those alum crystals, [they] should be applied by you onto those who have a sickness.Hābang si Buy hay nagasūka, ginabanyusan siya nang 'iya lūla ning nilā'ub nga dāhun nang katumbay sa 'iya tiyan pāra 'indi' siya sapdukun hāngin.While Boy was vomiting, he was having slowly heated chili pepper leaves applied by his grandmother onto his abdomen so that he would not have air enter him.cfhību'ginbanyusGinbanyus ni Sidru 'ang pintūra sa dingding.The paint was applied by Sidru onto the wall.nagbanyus1gersomeone's applying medicine, an ointment, paint, perfume onto someone or somethingSi Magda 'ang nagbanyus ning pahūmut kay Diling.Magda was the one who applied perfume onto Diling.Mapatūna' ka ning dasay sa kalag kag 'adtung 'īmu 'unga' nga may sakit hay sīgi lang banyus ning manga dāhun.Have a prayer said to a departed soul and as for your sick child just continue on applying [herbal] leaves.2vA medicine, an ointment, paint, perfume is applied by someone onto someone else, something.
bang'awna rabid dog, i.e., a dog infected with rabies
bang'ugmabang'ugadjSomething has the smell of human excrement.
banga'na drinking water jar; made of clay or plastic with a lid and faucet; kept in the kitchen'Ang tūbi' nga 'īmu ginsāyud, nga ginabutang sa banga', hay mahigku' na.The water which you caught, which [you] are putting in the drinking water jar, is already dirty.cfdramgarapuntadyawtibud
bangananna buri leaf cutterKung 'alistu ka na nang 'īmu banganan, 'īmu na baskarun 'ang 'īmu linikid.If you have already prepared your buri leaf cutter you then unroll your cylindrically rolled objects [i.e., buri sections].Made of 4 razor blade pieces inserted into a block of wood; used to cut buri leaf sections pānig into strips līlas in preparation for weaving.synlilasan
bangāyawna checkered snapper fishLutjanus decussatus (Cuvier)Greenish above, lighter below with broad red stripes from the snout to the caudal fin. Found either alone or in small schools at depths of about two to 40 meters. Caught with fishnets pūkut 1, hook-and-line or in woven bamboo fish traps tambākan (tambak 2).na gold-banded snapper fishLutjanus caronotatus (Richardson)Silvery blue to pinkish brown with longitudinal golden bands extending across the snout and flank. Swims in small schools around coral reefs.
bangga'vSomeone or something is bumped by someone or something else.nabangga'anNabangga'an ni Līna 'adtung manga masāka' sa dyip sa 'iya kahuya'.Those climbing into the jeep happened to be bumped by Lina through her embarrassment.