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balinsyānana leafed telline molluskTellina foliacea
balingbingna starfruit treeAverrhoa carambola (Linn.)The fleshy fruit is eaten raw as a snack food.
balinghuyna cassava plant or rootManihot esculenta (Crantz.)The root is eaten as a vegetable.Cassava varieties: dyāba; kinaya; tukyu.nbalinghuyanna cassava groveTāma' da 'adtu 'ang tudlu' kay waya' didtu sa may bayay'ang lyāki; sa may kabalinghuyan.The information was correct because the man was not in the house [but] in the cassava grove.20, Groups of Animals, People, Thingsginat'an nga balinghuyncassava cooked in coconut milk extracttinumākan nga balinghuy (tinumākan 1a)cassava mush
balisbis1vA liquid runs down a surface.balisbīsannthe drip space of a house; i.e., the space between where the water drips off the roof and the house wallnagapamalisbisPagkatāpus bāsa nang sūlat si Plurintīna, nagatūyu' 'ang 'iya lūha' nga nagapamalisbis sa pisngi, nga "Bāsi' kami 'itūnud sa dāgat?"After Florentina read the letter, her tears were falling, running profusely down on her cheeks [and she said] "Why will we be cast away into the ocean?"
baliskadadjSomething is backwards, inside out.'Ang lūkus nga panus, kung nagalanguy hay baliskad kay na'u'una 'ang 'iya buli'.As for a squid, when [it] swims [it] is backwards because its tail end is always first.vSomeone or something goes or falls backwards.bumaliskadSumāngit 'ang siki nang higanti sa gamut kag bumaliskad siya pa'ubus.The giant's feet became entangled in the roots and he fell down backwards.kabaliskarannan untruthWaya' nagaparīhu 'ang pananamgu; may kabaliskaran kag may kamatu'ūran.Dreams are not the same; there are untruths and there are truths.anttū'ud
balisungna butterfly knifeThe blade is enclosed by two hinged casings, one on either side of the blade. The casings open lengthwise, exposing the blade which is about 10 to 15 cm in length.
balīta'ngossip, a message, newsKung matū'ud 'ina' nga balīta', bāsi' waya' ning tiligrāma nga nagapasāyud sa 'ātun?If that news is true, why is there no telegram which informs us [about it]?Bāsi' 'igwa 'adtuy balīta' na kami kunu hay nagahinarū'an na?Why is there gossip that we are already kissing each other?Gin'ilīsan naman 'ang manga nakasūlat nga balīta' ni Plurintīna sa 'iya 'asāwa.The written messages of Florentina to her husband were being changed.vSomeone tells something to someone else.The placement of length varies with various affixes.cfginsalaysayhambayhambayhambayapagsiling, siling sabat1 sabat1 sabat1 salaysaysalaysaysilingsilingtawagtawagtawag'ibalīta'vSomeone is told something by someone else.Dāpat daw 'ibalīta' sa 'inda kung 'anu 'ang 'ākun prublīma diri sa Rumblun.What my problems here in Romblon are should, it seems, be told to them.binalīta', ginbalita', gingbalita'Nagtināngis gid 'aku kay bāli waya' lang sa 'ākun manga magūyang 'ang 'ākun binalīta'.I cried much because what was told by me [to them] was of no account to my parents.Gingbalita' ni Marya sa hāri' 'ang 'iya tūnay nga pagkatāwu.Who she really was, was told by Maria to the king.ginabalita'an'Indi' na gid 'aku magliwat kadtu sa Hinablan kay mahuga' kung 'ikaw hay ginabalita'an lang kay 'indi' mu da masigūru kung 'igwa 'u waya'.I will surely not go again to Hinablan because it is difficult if, as for you, [you] are the only one who is told [about the lost boat], because you will not be sure if there is [one there] or not.cfhambaysabat1 salaysaysilingtawagmagbalita'1infto tell something to someone'Kung sin'u dira' 'ang gustu maghambay kag magbalita' kung pa'unu 'ang maging mimbru nang L.C.A.?Who is there who wants to talk and to tell how to become a member of the L.C.A.?2vSomething is told someone by someone else.Sa 'isa ka gatus nga balīta' ni Lusit, pila ka bilug 'ang 'īmu mapapatīhan.Out of a hundred stories told by Lucit, the ones that will be truly believed by you are [only] a few.nagbalita'Hay 'aku naman nagapangutana gid sa 'iya kung 'anu 'adtu; hay nahuya' da siya magbalībad; nagbalita' na lang siya sa 'ākun.I really asked him what that [medicine] was; he was reluctant to tell a lie; he just told me.
balitsawna salted fish delicacy'Ini 'ang gamus hay ginalūtu' nga balitsaw.Cured anchovy is [sometimes] cooked into a salted fish delicacy.Salted fish delicacy is made by sautéing cured anchovy gamus in coconut milk extract gata' until only the coconut oil remains of the liquid. It is used as a side dish during mealtimes. Eaten with rice or root crops (excluding sweet potato kamūti). Thin slices of unripe mango are dipped in a salted fish delicacy and eaten as a snack food or a side dish at mealtimes.
balkunnthe porch of a house
balu'na giant needlefishTylosurus giganteus (Temminck and Schlegel)Metallic dusty green above, silvery white below. Swims in surface coastal waters.
balyīnana whale
balyū'angnthe hip of a person or animal
balyusmeas na nonspecific or specific number of horsepower of an engineHorsepower, especially for motorboats, is measured as follows: singku ka balyus five horsepower, sayis ka balyus six horsepower, dyis ka balyus ten horsepower, baynti ka balyus twenty horsepower, etc.syndi
banabana manaba treePremna cumingiana (Schauer.)The leaves are sometimes used as a source of herbal medicine.
banāhanna saddleback grouper fishPlectropomus melanoleucus (Lacepede)Whitish yellow with bright yellow fins and caudal peduncle. Inhabits inshore coral and rocky reef areas down to 40 coral trout fishPlectropomus leopardus (Lacepede)Color varies from red to brown or green with numerous blue dots covering the head, body and unpaired fins. Inhabits coastal reefs at depths of 3 to 30 blue-spotted grouper or coral trout fishPlectropomus maculatus (Bloch)The background color varies from almost black to brown or reddish pink. The head and body are covered with dark-edged blue spots. Inhabits rocky and coral reefs at depths of 3 to 60 vermiculate coral trout fishPlectropomus oligacanthus (Bleeker)Bright red with a series of parallel blue lines running horizontally on the head, back and breast, and vertically behind the operculum; posteriorly covered with small blue spots. Inhabits rock and coral reefs near sandy flats from 4 to 40 meters deep.
banākayna tree trunk ring, surrounding the heart lūbas.Used for house-building material, furniture.cflūbas
banawbānawvInformation, news is heard by someone.banawbanāwabanawbānawbanawbanāwa'Adtung sa kana Tāta Binung, bāsi' waya' na ning banawbanāwa?As for those [happenings] at [the place of] Uncle Benong and family, why is it that there is no longer [news] that will be heard?cfbati'
banāwugna banawug plantThis deep sea plant is black, with slender leaves about 3 meters long. It is placed as a charm near the doorway of houses to prevent witches 'aswang from entering. Tradition indicates that it may be used to whip witches to drive them away. A small piece is included in a herbal charm bag karminkarmin.
banbanna bamban herbDonax cannaeformisThe split, shaved stems are sometimes used for sewing nipa shingles.
banda2na band of musicians