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balātungna cowpea vine, pod or seedVigna sinensis (Linn.)Tender pods or seeds are eaten as a vegetable.
balayannthe empty shell of a mollusk; i.e., a seashell in which the meat has been removed'Ang balayan nang kapinan hay 'igwa ning manga buhu'buhu'.The shells of limpets have many holes.Kung 'īmu sukātun 'ang sīhi', dāpat pakut 'ang 'īmu gamītun kay 'agud hay 'indi' mabu'ak 'ang 'iya ning balayan.If the mollusk meat is pried out by you, what should be used by you is a safety pin so that its shell will not be accidentally broken.nbalayan nang 'itlugnan eggshell'Ang balayan nang 'itlug hay ginabutang ni Rus sa 'iya urkids pāra kunu magbūyak.As for eggshells, [they] are put by Rose on her orchids so that, she says, they will bloom.
balāyina co-parent-in-law; i.e., the parent of one's child-in-law'Ang balāyi ku hay si Kumpāri Ramun.My co-parent-in-law is co-father-in-law Ramon.23, Social Relationshipsnmagbalāyinthe parents of the bride and groomNagapanumsuman na 'ina' sinda nga magbalāyi.Those parents of the bride and groom eat and drink a food delicacy together.pamalāyi1an initial wedding-planning session; holds an initial wedding-planning session
baldina water pail, used primarily for carrying water from a distant source; sometimes used for catching rainwater or for water storage in the kitchenGinabantayan gid ma'āyu 'ang tapāhan kag 'igway nakahanda' nga tūbi' sa baldi.The smoking rack is being watched very carefully [for fire] and there is water prepared in a water pail.cflāta
bāliadjapproximately a certain number of thingsKung 'igwa ka ning dyis pīsus, bāli napūyu' lang 'ina' ka buntay 'ang 'īmu mababakay.If you have ten pesos, what you will frequently buy is approximately just ten of those [buri] fronds.adjbāli waya'adjA particular action or circumstance is of no account, has no value, is useless.Dāmu' gid 'ina' nga būlig 'ang na'ita'u ku kay Dilya, pīru nyan daw bāli waya' na lang 'adtu sa 'iya.That help was certainly generous which was able to be given Delia by me, but now it seems as though that has no value to her.Nagtināngis gid 'aku kay bāli waya' lang sa 'ākun manga magūyang 'ang 'ākun binalīta'.I cried much because what was told by me [to them] was just of no account to my parents.di' bāli1advNever mind a particular action or state.Di' bāli 'adtu, kay ya' da 'aku maglā'in 'ang bu'ut kay matā'as 'ang 'ākun manga nabubu'uy sa pag'iskuyla.Never mind that, [that my class rival was the teacher's favorite] because anyway I had no hard feelings because what was consistently gotten by me in studying (i.e., my grades) were high.
bāli'vA tree branch, the handle of an axe wāsay, chisel tigib, hammer māsu, martilyu is broken off by someone or something.mabāli'Ginakahadlukan ku 'ang nyug kay bāsi' kung may mabāli' kag may matumba kag tamā'an kami.The coconut trees were feared by me because it might happen that something would be accidentally broken off and something might fall down and we would be hit.
balībadvSomeone falsely denies or tells a lie about something.magbalībadinfto falsely deny or to tell a lie about somethingHay 'aku naman nagapangutana gid sa 'iya kung 'anu 'adtu; hay nahuya' da siya magbalībad; nagbalita' na lang siya sa 'ākun.I really asked him what that [medicine] was; he was reluctant to tell a lie; he just told me.
balibagvSomeone or something is thrown to a particular place by someone; something is thrown away by someone.Nang nakabāngun naman si Prīdi sa lūnang, 'inutruhan naman ni Karlus ning balibag sa lanas.When Freddie was able to stand up in the mud, he was thrown again by Carlos [this time] into a rice field.gingpangbalibag'Ang manuk gali' nāmun, 'imaw 'ang gingpangbalibag nang 'adtung manga sundālu.As for [our] chickens, those were the ones that were all thrown away by those soldiers.cftūnud
balibulnvolleyballvSomeone plays volleyball.mabalibul will play volleyball
baligya'nthe selling price of an item of merchandise tindaPila 'ina' 'ang 'īmu baligya'?How much is that selling price of yours?cfbāyad bāyad kantidad nagakantidadprisyuprisyuvSomeone sells an item of merchandise tinda.'ibaligya'Pabahūyun 'ānay ni Rubin ya 'ang bābuy kag 'ibaligya' niya kung kabahuy na.Ruben will first let the pig grow up and it will be sold by him when it is already big.cftindabaligyā'unngoods for sale'Ang manga baligyā'un nang 'ūna, hay manintimus 'ang kantidad.As for goods for sale previously, the price was by centavos.binaligya', gingbaligya', ginbaligya'Nang dūgay na binaligya' na ninda 'ang syap kay sinubhan na da.After a long time their shop was sold by them because they were tired [of managing it].Gingbaligya' ku 'ang dūta' nga gingsubli' ku sa 'ākun tatay.The land holding which I inherited from my father was sold by me.magbaligya'1infto sell somethingKung 'ang 'isa nga tag'īya nang manuk hay gustu magbaligya' ning manuk, madakup 'ini sya ning manuk kag day'un sa banwa kag 'ibaligya' nya sa gustu magbakay.If a chicken farmer wants to sell chickens, she catches the chickens and brings them to town and sells them to those who wish to buy.2vAn item is sold by someone.makabaligya'imper vSell something! Someone must or should sell something!Kung sinda hay makabaligya' ning 'isda', 'igwa na sinda ning pangbākay ning sigarilyu.If they are able to sell fish, they will have something for buying cigarettes.Sīgi na! Baligya' na sīhi'!Go ahead! Sell fish now!nagabaligya''Ang rigatunīra hay nagabaligya' ning 'isda' kāda 'adlaw.Female fish vendors sell fish every day.
bālikvSomeone or something returns to a person, place, or object.cfbumwiltabālik, mabālikBay'ilang! Hay pagka'āga na pagkaMartis nang 'āga bālik naman kami 'ina' sa bayay, didtu kana Manung Daryu.Never mind! When it is already morning on Tuesday morning we will return again home, to [the house of] older brother Dario and family.balikbālik, pabalikbālik1gersomeone's or something's going back and forth to and from a person, place, or thingKapitu gid ning balikbālik sa pantalan 'ang batil.The one-sail outrigger boat was seven times going back and forth to the pier.Kadāmu' 'ang salimbabātang nga naganilupadlūpad pabalikbālik kag maghinūni ning "'it, 'it, 'it."There were many Himalayan Swiflets that kept on flying going back and forth and kept on calling "it, it, it."2vSomeone or something is returned to by someone else.balīkunBalīkun ku 'adtung 'isturya ku tungud kay Pakītu.That story of mine about Benong will be returned to by me.binālik, gingbālikDāhil sa kadāmu' 'ang nagapangasawa kay Rūsa, binālik siya nang 'iya nanay sa Rumblun.Because there were [so] many courting Rosa, she was brought back to Romblon by her mother.Paglīgad 'adtu, 'āmun naman gingbālik 'adtung manga gāmit didtu sa 'idāyum nang katri.After [the typhoon] passed by, those things under the bed were returned [to their original place] by us.cfbwiltaginapabālikvSomeone or something is brought back, returned to a particular place.Nabati'an ni Magbayūtu 'ang singgit ni Marya nga ginapabālik na siya sa bayay.Magbayoto heard the call of Maria in which he was being allowed to return to the house.magbālik'Indi' 'aku magbālik diri kay mabūlig 'aku ning dikurasyun sa 'āmun 'iskwilahan.I will not return here because I will help decorate at our school.Matū'ud nga waya' magbālik ning ma'āyu 'ang sayug sa parīhu gid sa dāti.It is true that the [bamboo] floor did not return well the same as before.nagbālik, bumālikSi Birunika kag 'ang 'iya lūla hay nagbālik diri sa Pilipīnas.Birunika and her grandmother returned here in the Philippines.Didtu na kami nagkatuyug bāgu bumālik naman pagkaMyirkulis.We slept there again before [we] returned on Wednesday.pabālik1gersomeone's returning to a person, place, or objectNagsakay naman 'aku liwat sa traysikul, pabālik sa bayay.I rode again then on a motorized pedicab, returning to the house.pabālik2caus vSomeone is allowed to return to a person, place, or object by someone else.pagbālikti gerafter or upon someone's returning to a person, place, or objectoptionally preceded by nangNang pagbālik ku diri sa Rumblun nagpakasay 'aku sa 'ākun 'asāwa nga si Hilda.Upon my return here in Romblon, I married my spouse, Hilda.pinabālikNang na'ariglu na 'ang 'ākun kāsu, pinabālik na 'aku diri sa Rumblun.When my case was already settled, I was allowed to return here in Romblon.
baliktūnunnthe gizzard of a fowl, bird
balikwa'vSomething is turned over by someone.cfpaligīranginabalikwa'Ginabalikwa' ni Rusalinda 'ang batu kung siya nagapanihi'.Stones are turned over by Rosalinda when she gathers mollusks.cflīgid
balilana dorab wolf herring fishChirocentrus dorab (Forsskal)It has long fanglike teeth in both jaws. Bluish dorsally, silvery laterally and ventrally, with these two colors separated by a golden stripe. Found in surface coastal waters.
balilignthe hull of a boat or ship'Ang 'ūyu hay gināpus naman sa balilig nang barūtu, ginalabu' naman nang 'adtung suyut.As for the head, [it] was tied to the hull of the boat and was being cut with that digging bolo.
balilītuna rainbow runner fishElagatis bipinnulata (Quoy and Gaimard)Marked with two parallel blue bands extending along the flank from the head to the caudal peduncle and separated by a broad yellowish band. Above these blue bands it is grayish, and silvery yellow below them. Usually lives alone in the open ocean. Caught with hook-and-line or fishnets pūkut 1.