Romblomanon - English


bakingki'na game of hopscotchGahambay gāni' sinda sa 'ākun, "Sa di'in baya kunu diri 'ang ginapangasawa ni Tyāgu?" Kay nagakinānam pa 'aku 'adtu ning bakingki'.They were saying to me, "Where, I wonder, is the one being courted by Tiago?" Because I was still playing that game of hopscotch.synbika'ka' vSomeone plays hopscotch.bakingkī'anna hopscotch place; i.e., a place or squares drawn in the earth where hopscotch is playedYadtu baya si Tasya sa bakingkī'an.Maybe Tacia was there at the hopscotch place.nagabakingki'Ginpasugahan 'aku hay nagabakingki' pa kunu 'aku.When I had a wedding announcement feast held for [me], they say that I was still playing hopscotch.Players have a rock bātu which is successively cast up and down to columns of squares. A contestant must miss the square containing a rock and jump up and down all other squares. The contestant who first completes all squares in this manner wins. If the rock hits a line the player is "dead" patay and an opponent takes her or his turn.
bakīruna caretaker of animals, herdsman
baklidvSomeone is held with one or both hands behind the back by someone else.ginbaklidHay 'adtu si Danti, siya 'ang ginbaklid.As for that Dante, he was the one who was held with hands behind the back.
baktasvSomeone walks.cfpānaw, pagpānawginabaktasMagtūna' sa Bunbun ginabaktas lang 'ina' pakadtu sa Bang'ug kay kalāpad 'ang hunas.Beginning from Bonbon that is just walked going to Bang-og because the tide is low.cfpānawnagbaktasvA particular road or place is walked by someone.Waya' sinda nagsakay sa dyip; nagbaktas lang sinda kay 'indi' gustu si Libi nga magsakay sa dyip.They did not ride in a jeepney; they just walked because Libby does not like to ride in a jeepney.
bakūnana vaccination; i.e., an injection of a vaccine'Ang pasāyud nang nars sa 'āmun nga basta 'isa ka bīsis sa 'isa ka būlan 'ang bakūna.The message of the nurse to us was that the vaccination [should be given] just one time a month.vSomeone vaccinates someone else.
bakūyudna mountain, a mountainsideKung ka'isa nagashurtkat na lang 'aku sa bakūyud pag'ūli' ku sa bayay.Sometimes I just take a short cut over the mountain in my going back to the house.nbyubakūyudna hill, a hillsideDumyāgan 'ang 'āyam pakadtu sa byubakūyud kag nagtināngis ning katunugtūnug.The dog ran going to the hillside and kept on crying very loudly.cfbūkidtayud
bakwana triple-tailed wrasse fishCheilinus trilobatus (Lacepede)Olive green with vertical red lines across the body. The head is covered with red spots. Frequents live coral reefs, dead coral rubble, sand flats and algae-covered rocks in lagoons and other nearshore areas.
bakwit1var'ibakwit1vSomeone evacuates to a particular place, especially during wartime.bakwītannan evacuation place, i.e., a place to which someone evacuatesDira' naman kami sa 'āmun bakwītan; yāra' kami nagakatuyug.We were there again in our evacuation place; we were sleeping there.nag'ibakwit'Imaw 'adtung nag'ibakwit na kami nang yadtu na kami sa Suwa'.That time when we evacuated was when we were already there in Suwa.nagabakwitimper vEvacuate!Hay nahahadluk na kami, hay nagabakwit gāni' kami 'adtu.When we were already really afraid, that's when we were evacuating there [to that place].Bumwilta pakari 'ina' si Huwan dri sa bayay kag humambay sa 'ākun, nga "Bakwit kita!"Juan returned, coming here to the house and said to me, "Let's evacuate!"Sīgi, dyāgan na kamu! 'Ibakwit na kamu!Go ahead, run now! Evacuate now!
bakwit2sp. var. of'ibakwit2
bakya'nwooden clogs worn, especially in past times, as slippersGapānaw kami bīsan pa man sinīlas waya' gid kami, kay nang 'ūna bakya' pa 'ang 'āmun sinīlas, bukun 'ismāgul, waya' pa naga'usar ning 'ismāgul.We walked even though we did not have slippers, because in the olden days our slippers were wooden clogs, not rubber slippers because they were not yet being'ismāgultyinīlas2
bal'ungna deep well
bālana bullet or shot used in a gun for shootingKung 'ang 'inda baril hay 'igwa na ning bāla, matūna' na 'ina' sinda ning binarīlan.If, as for their [toy] guns, [they] already have shots, they will start then shooting [one another].A toy gun has either a seed of an appropriate size or a wad of wet paper for a shot.
bālakna plan to do somethingcfdistinasyundistinasyunplānu plānu, pagplānutāningtāningvAn action is planned by someone.ginabalākan'Ang ginta'u sa 'ākun nga dūta', hay ginabalākan nga 'inda bawī'un.As for this land holding which was given to me, [it] is being planned that [it] will be recovered by them.cfdistinasyunplānu tāning
balakbakna commercially made cigarcftabāku' nga dubya
balasahun1varbāsa 2reading material
balatna sea cucumberKung nagabūsu ning balat, 'ang ginagāmit hay kumprīsur.If [one] dives for sea cucumbers what is used is a compressor.specbangkulungangenbangkulungan