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bahagna loincloth
bāhasna death certificate
bāhawnleftover cooked rice, from a previous mealpamāhaw1a breakfast meal; breakfast time; someone eats breakfast
bahāya'nthe one responsible for doing somethingSi Dīnu' na 'ang bahāya' magpasāyud sa manga tāwu nga 'igwa ning mīting sa Duminggu.Dino is the one responsible to inform the people that there is a meeting on Sunday.
bahāya' langadvSomething is done without hesitation, suddenly.May yāra' nga miyugpangutang nga 'ābir di'in kamu magkīta' basta sya hay may kwarta, bahāya' lang 'ina' mapalapit sa 'īmu.There are some debtors who, no matter where you see each other, provided that as for her, [she] has money, without hesitation that one just comes to you.Bahāya' lang kinuybā'an 'ang hāri' sa nabati'an niya nga hambay nang tatlu.Suddenly the king was greatly disturbed about what he heard which was said by the three.
bahāya' nainjNever mind! or It doesn't matter!Bahāya' na! Magbinuyāgan na lang kita.Never mind! We will just separate from each other.
bahāyannthe main fishing line of a multiple-hook fishing lineConsists of a line up to 100 meters or more in length. To this line leaders and hooks are interspersed every half meter or so.
bāhu'nan odor, smellnmabāhu'adjSomething has a bad smell of decaying flesh, garbage, animal or human excrement.Diri nga lugar hay mabāhu' ning patay nga 'ambu'.As for this place, it has a bad smell of a dead rat.
bahugnanimal feed'Ang 'īmu bahug dāpat hay ma'āyu, 'inang may sustansya.As for your animal feed, [it] must be good, that which has nutrients.Pig feed might be rice bran 'upa, upper trunk coconut pith 'ūbud nang niyug, cooked vegetable leaves lā'un.vSomeone feeds an animal.bahūgannA feed container from which an animal eats.'Ina' 'ang kadagku' gid nga balayan nang say'ut hay puydi nga humanun nga bahūgan nang bābuy.As for those very large empty shells of fluted giant clams, [they] can be made as feed containers for pigs.ginabahugvAn animal is fed animal feed by someone.'Ang būwa' nang niyug kag 'ang 'iya sabaw hay ginabahug sa bābuy.As for the white ball of coconut fruit and its flavored liquid, [they] are fed to pigs.ginabahuganKung tapus na ning 'uruk pāra nga daku' 'ang gātas, 'ang ginabisyu ku 'itun hay ginabahugan ku sa mata nga baguy.When [the sow] is finished giving birth in order that there will be much milk [for the piglets], what is done by me for this one is that [she] is fed by me from the stem end half of a [coconut] shell.Many feed a sow, shortly after she gives birth, from the stem end half of a coconut shell. This allows water in the soupy pig feed to seep out through three small holes in the shell. It is believed that this will increase the sow's flow of milk.magbahugvSomething is fed to an animal by someone.Kung 'ikaw naman magbahug nang 'īmu bābuy hay 'ayaw magdakū'a.When you feed your pigs do not give [them] too much [food].nagabahugKung 'aku gāni' nagabahug nang 'ākun bābuy hay duha lang ka bīsis sa 'isa ka 'adlaw.When I feed my pig it is only two times in one day.
bāhuyvA child, animal, animate object becomes swollen, grows big, grows up, matures.bāhuy 'ang pūwakvSomeone becomes puffed up or proud (lit., the throat becomes swollen).ginpabāhuy'Ini hu 'ang 'upat ku nga 'apu hay 'unga' nang 'adtung 'akun gingpabāhuy nga 'unga'.As for these four grandchildren of mine, [they] are the children of that child who was brought up by me.kabahuy1varkibahuy, mabahuyadjSomeone or something is big; a noise is loud.Pabahūyun 'ānay niya 'ang bābuy kag 'ibaligya' niya kung kabahuy na.The pig will first be nurtured by him and it will be sold when it is already big.kabahuy2advSomeone or something makes a noise loudly.kabahuybāhuy1int adjSomeone or something is very big; a noise is very loud.May mag'asawa nga nakakīta' nang kaban nga kabahuybāhuy.There was a couple who saw a very big clothes trunk [floating in the ocean].kabahuybāhuy2int advSomeone or something makes a noise very loudly.'Umugwad 'ang kalāyu ning pa'ibabaw kag lumupuk gid ning kabahuybāhuy.The fire [of the gun] came out going up and discharged very loudly.magabāhuyWaya' gid ning natun'an nga trabāhu 'ang manga 'unga' kag magabāhuy pa nga tamad kay nagapanalig sa magūyang.Children had no work which was able to be learned [by them] and they also grow up lazy because [they] depend on their parents.magbāhuyNaka'īsip 'aku nga magbāhuy lang gid 'aku hay babayā'an ku gid kamu diri sa bayay.I thought that when [I] grow up, I will surely leave you here at the house.mas mabahuycmpr adjSomeone or something is bigger than someone or something else; a noise is louder than another noise.'Ang 'ambu' naghambay man nga sigūru waya' pa niya napamatu'ūri kung ma'unu kahuga' 'ang nagadaya ning niyug nga mas mabahuy pa sa 'iya.The rat said that perhaps he had not yet realized how difficult the carrying of a coconut was which was bigger than he.nagabāhuyNagabāhuy 'ang 'unga' ni Plurintīna, 'ang 'iya hitsūra parīhu gid nang 'iya tatay nga si 'Inrīku.[When] the son of Florentina was growing up, his appearance was just like his father, Enrico.nagbāhuyKay Tāta Nistur na 'aku nagbāhuy hasta nga pinangasāwa.I grew up with Uncle Nestor until [I] was courted.nagbāhuy 'ang pūwakNagbāhuy 'ang pūwak ni Rinātu kay gingpūri siya ni Mistir Rīyis nga siya, hay mayad nga karpintīru.Renato became puffed up (lit., Renato's throat became swollen) because he was praised by Mister Reyes that, as for him, [he] is an experienced carpenter.nagpabahuybāhuyNagpabahuybāhuy kami ning bayay nang 'ākun tatay.My father and I compared the size of our houses.napabāhuyNapabāhuy nāmun 'adtu si Pitra maskin kahuga' 'ang pagdipāra ning 'unga'.Petra was able to be brought up by us even though the caring for a child is difficult.pabāhuy nga 'unga'na nurtured or reared childSi Rusīta hay pabāhuy nga 'unga' ni Nāna Pirla.As for Rosita, [she] is the reared child of Aunt'alīla' nga 'unga' 'ampunpabāhuy1caus vA child or animal is brought up, nurtured or reared by someone.cfgina'alīla'pabāhuy2adjThe moon waxes.Ma'āyu kunu magsaylu sa bag'u nga bayay kung pabāhuy 'ang būlan.It is said that, it is good to move to a new house when the moon waxes.pabahuybāhuyvPeople compare the size of two objects.pabahūyunPabahūyun 'ānay niya 'ang bābuy kag 'ibaligya' niya kung kabahuy na.The pig will first be nurtured by him and it will be sold when it is already'alīla' pagbāhuy1gersomeone's or something's becoming swollen, growing big, growing up, maturingBukun siya 'intirisādu pa'unhun nāmun 'ina' siya mapa'āyu 'ang 'iya pagbāhuy.He is not interested in what could be done in improving his growing up.pagbāhuy2ti gerafter or upon someone's or something's becoming swollen, growing big, growing up, maturingPagbāhuy ni Ramun hay mabālik da siya sa 'ātun.Upon Ramon's growing up, he will return to our place.pagpabāhuygersomeone's bringing up childrenBatāsan nang sa pagpabāhuy nang manga 'unga', 'ang pagta'u kag 'ang pagpakīta' ning manga ma'āyu nga halimbāwa' labi na gid sa ma'āyu nga pamatāsan.The [proper] attitude when bringing up children [is] the giving and showing a good example of behavior especially in a good character.
bākana cow, bull, steer, cattleKung 'ang bāka hay nagpītu' kag waya' magluwas 'ang 'iya pītu' 'ini hay ginabāwal sa manga babāyi nga nagapangūnga' pa nga 'indi' magkā'un nang karni.As for a cow, if [it] gives birth and her calf does not come out [so that the cow dies], it is forbidden for women who are still [of the age of] giving birth to not eat the meat.kabakāhanna herd of cattle
bākalniron metal
bakantiadjA cot, house, seat is vacant; an object, esp., one that might be rented, is not for use.Waya' kami tūyug kay waya' kami higdā'an kay waya' ning tihīras nga bakanti.We had no sleep because there was no place for us to lie down because there were no vacant cots.
bākasbakāsaimper vContinue! Keep going!kabākas1adjSomeone or something is continuous in being involved in an action.Kabākas 'ini 'ang pangutāna ku.As for these questions of mine, [they] are continuous.Kabākas 'ang 'inda tinda kay wayay tindāhan sa luwas.Their merchandise is continuous [in being sold] because there was no store outside [the dance area].kabākas2adjSomeone is quick in doing something; something is quick to be depleted or bought.Kabākas is predicate, the one quick in doing something is topic, and that quick to be done is a phrase introduced by an optional modifying ligature nga.Kabākas gid 'ina' si Rubin maghinākut ning batu dira' sa Agbuyug.That Ruben is surely quick in continually carrying stone on the shoulder there in Agboyog.
bakay1vSomeone buys something.'ibakay'Ibakay ninda ning pagkā'un sa 'inda pamilya.[The money] will be used by them to buy food for their family.'iyugpamākayna resource for buying'Ang 'īmu manga paninda hay 'īmu lang 'ini 'ipa'ūtang sa 'īmu manga kalāpit, waya' ka naman ning 'iyugpamākay sa banwa.As for your items for sale, if you let your neighbors get [them] on credit, you will not have resources for buying in town.bakay, magbakay, bumakayimper vBuy something! Something must or should be bought by someone!'Adtu 'ang dagku' nga tināpay, sa panadirya ka gid magbakay!Those large buns, buy them at the bakery!Bumakay ka na lang ning dāyum kag bunang kag tahi'un 'ang 'īmu manga gisi' nga manga bāru'!You just buy a needle and thread and sew your worn-out dresses!bakāyan1na buying place, as a store, marketbakya, bakyun1imper vSomething must or should be bought by someone.Bakya, Idna, 'ang 'isda' kay 'aku mamalantya nang 'ākun ning bāru'!Edna, the fish should be bought [by you] because I will iron my clothes!Bakyun mu na lang 'ang plantya ku kag 'adtung pinggan kag tāsa!My iron and those plates and cups should be bought by you!2vSomeone or something has something bought for them or it by someone else.bakya, ginbakay, ginbakyaThese forms follow the interrogative pronoun di'in.Di'in niya bakya 'ang sim?Where was the galvanized iron bought by him?bakya, ginbakyaThese forms follow a negative.'Ang 'iya 'ini balayan hay waya' 'ini ginbakya.As for the shells of these (i.e., of ghost murex mollusks), [they] were not bought.bakyanva person, place or thing from whom or which someone buys somethingBakyan ku kamu ning bāru' kag sapātus.You will have a dress and shoes bought for [you] by me.bakyunKung 'ikaw hay nagabakay ning tīla, 'ina' hay dipindi sa 'īmu kung 'anu klāsi nga tīla 'ang 'īmu bakyun.If you buy cloth, as for that, [it] depends on you as to what kind of cloth will be bought by you.balakyānun, bayakyun, biyakyunna purchase itemNyan nga tyimpu, 'ang kwarta hay madali' nga sugīrun, pīru madali' lang madūya' kaysa kamahay nang balakyānun.At this time, money is easy to find, but also easy to lose because of the expense of the purchase items.Bastanti na 'adtu 'ang kwarta ninda nga gastuhun kay kabarātu da 'ang bayakyun.That money of theirs which will be spent [by them] is enough because the purchase items are cheap.binakay'Igwa kami papīlis nga pinirmahan; ina' nga dūta' hay binakay ku na kay Pīnu.We have signed papers; as for that land holding, [it] was already bought by me from Pino.binakyan, ginbakyanGinbakyan si Birtu ning 'alambri, pāra humanun nga tabūnan.Berto had chicken wire bought for [him] in order to make a deep sea fish trap.bumakay, nagbakay'Adtu 'ang sa kay Pransis ning tambur hay si Gilbirt 'adtu 'ang nagbakay.As for that tambourine that Francis has that is what Gilbert bought.ginabakay'Ang narimidyu ku hay ginabakay ku naman ning gātas sa manga 'unga'.My indispensable wages are what I use to buy milk for my children.ginabakyaWaya' 'ini ginabakya sa banwa nga baskit.This basket is not bought in town.ginabakyiKung waya' ning sagnat 'u sakit 'ang 'unga', waya' da ginabakyi ning Pipsi.If a child has no fever or sickness, [he] does not have Pepsi bought for [him].ginabinakyanGinabinakyan ni Lu'is ning tināpay 'adtung magūyang, siya 'ina' waya' siya gakā'un.That old man keeps on having bread bought for [him] by Luis, [but] as for that one, he eats nothing.ginbakay'Indi' mu gāni' masakar 'ang kwarta nga 'īmu ginbakay ning pūkut.You will not get back the money which was used by you to buy the fishnet.ginpangbakay, pinangbakay, pinamakayThe affix paN- or paN- of the combination pinaN- or pinaN- (paN- or paN- plus -in-) indicates extensive buyung. Focus is either on that bought (illustrated here) or that used to buy (illustrated above).'Ang manga gāmit nga ginpangbakay ku hay 'ipadaya ku na lang.As for the many things which were bought by me, [they] will be brought [home] by me [in preparation for the wedding].'Ang 'inda pinamakay nga pabisti hay kumplītu.As for the wedding wardrobe which was bought by them, [it] is complete.kwarta nga 'inugbākay1nspending moneyNalū'uy gid sa 'iya 'ang 'iya manīnuy, gāni' gintaw'an siya nga dā'an ning kwarta nga 'inugbākay.His godfather really pitied him, so he was freely given spending'ibakay, 'ikabakay'Igwa kami ning ma'ibakay ning 'asin, puspuru, 'asūkar kag habun.We have [money] which will be able to be used for buying salt, matches, sugar and soap.'Ina' 'ang manga tāwu nga may manga kwarta nga 'ikabakay, 'ina' sinda hay nagagāmit ning pahūmut.As for those people who have money which will be able to be used for buying, they use perfume.mabakay, magabakayMabakay na lang kita ning kagamitan nga human sa kawāyan.We will just buy furniture that is made of bamboo.mabakyanKung ma'āyu da 'ang tag'īya nga 'īmu mabakyan ning buli hay ginataw'an ka da ning pa'āman.If the owner from whom you happen to buy buri [palm fronds] is kind, you are given an extra one.cftangwaytingi'magbakay'Ini 'ang kandīla' puydi 'ini nga 'iwag sa bayay kung gab'i pāra nga 'indi' ka na magbakay ning pitrulyu.It is possible for this candle to be a light at night in the house so that you will no longer buy kerosene.mamakayMa'igma' lang 'aku kag mamakay 'aku nang manga gāmit nāmun sa bayay.I will just eat my lunch and will go buying things for our house.miyugpamākayvarmiyugbākay, minugbākay, minugpamākayna commercial buyer of items made for saleKung waya' da 'ini ning sabat hay 'indi' da pagbakyun nang miyugpamākay ning banig.If there is no design, [the mats] will not be bought by mat buyers.Pagkablūki na 'ibaligya' naman sa miyugpamākay ning blūki kag day'un naman sa manga kātir pāra mahuman nga marmul 'islabs.After [the marble] is already in blocks they are sold to a marble block buyer and [they] are taken to various marble factories so that they will be able to be made into marble slabs.nagapamakayMay mutur nga Sibuhānu nga nagapamakay sīhi'.There is a Cebuano pumpboat that is buying all kinds of seashells.pagbakay11gersomeone's buying of something'Ang kwarta nga 'āmun ginggāmit sa pagbakay ning pūkut, hay ging'ambag'ambagan nāmun.As for the money which we used for buying a fishnet, [it] was contributed by each of us.2vSomething, usually money, is used by someone to buy something.pagbakay2nthe buying price of somethingKung nilāta naman 'ang pagbakay nang kamūti, hay kwarinta 'ang 'isa ka lāta.If the buying price of sweet potatoes is by the utility can, one sixteen-liter measure is forty [pesos].pagbakyunUsed in a negative sentence.Kung waya' da 'ini ning sabat hay 'indi' da pagbakyun nang miyugpamākay ning banig.If there is no design, [the mats] will not be bought by the commercial mat buyers.pangbākay1pur gerMoney is used for buying something.Kung sinda hay makabaligya' ning 'isda', 'igwa na sinda ning pangbākay ning sigarilyu.If they will be able to sell fish, they will then have [money] for buying cigarettes.2vSomething is bought by someone from someone else.pinamakayThe prefix pan- of the combination pinaN- (pan- plus -in-) indicates multiple things bought. Focus, indicated by -in-, is either on that used to buy (illustrated here) or that bought (illustrated below).Pinamakay ni 'Ana 'ang kwarta ning bāru' pāra sa 'iya manga 'apu.The money was used by Ana to buy several dresses for her grandchildren.
bakāyan2nthe wall stud of a building
bakhawna bakawan mangrove treeRhizophora candelariacfpiyāpi Characterized by a profusion of erect spongy air roots where small fish live. Grows in mangrove swamps katunggan. Trees are used for firewood and charcoal.
bakilidna mountain slopeMabug'at nga 'alsahun 'ang 'īmu siki, labi na gid kung sa bakilid; ka mag'āgi; dali' ka gid maglīgid.Your feet are heavy to be lifted, especially if you pass along a mountain slope; you roll down'alipukpukkatayūrantangkappinakabakilidnthe peak or highest point of a mountaincf'alipukpukkatayūrantayudtangkap