Romblomanon - English


bāgansmoldering or live coalsSa pag'ugsung mu lang ning bunut kadanggadangga sa 'īmu lāwas 'ang ka'īnit kay pwirsādu 'ang bāga sa 'idāyum nang tapāhan.In your feeding of coconut husks the heat is very intense on your body because there are very many live coals under the smoking rack.
bāga'nThe lung of a person or animal.
bagākaynthin-walled bambooSchizostachyum lumampao (Blanco)Used as an ingredient of a medicinal plaster 'implastu; house walling sadyap; as a javelin sumbiling.
bāgay2adjSomething is appropriate or fit for a particular situation or use.
bāgay3vSomeone tunes a musical instrument.nagbāgay tuned
bāgay1na thing with which or to which something is done; a thing done, i.e., an actNagbakay 'aku ning manga bāgay sa kusīna.I bought things (i.e., utensils) for the kitchen.'Ang bāgay nga 'ita'u ku sa 'īmu hay pāyung.The thing which will be given to you by me is an umbrella.'Ang 'iba naman hay nagapamasyar sa 'alīhid nang baybay pāra nga 'ang 'inda huna'hūna' hay mapakadtu naman sa 'iba nga bāgay nga 'inda nakikīta' sa dāgat.Some people roam around the edge of the beach so that their thoughts will really go to other things which are able to be seen by them in the ocean.Sa tanan nga bāgay, 'imaw 'ini 'ang pinaka'impurtanti, nga taw'an ta ning 'atinsyun 'ang pagpanglimpyu sa suyud nang bayay.Of all things [done], this is most important, the cleaning inside the house will be paid attention to by us.cfbutang1 butang2daya daya gāmit gāmit
baglisnA line marked on a surface.Kung 'ikaw hay mayad manīhi', madali' mu 'ini makilāya kay 'igwa ning baglis 'ang lugar nga kung sa di'in siya.If you are clever in gathering mollusks you can easily recognize them because the place where it is has a line (i.e., where it crawled in the sand).'Ang ginagāmit mu sa paghuman ning baglis sa dūta' hay kāhuy nga ki'isut kag may talīwis sa punta puydi da 'ang ki'isut nga kawāyan nga may talīwis da.As for what you use for making lines on the ground [it] is a small stick and there is a point at the end; it might also be a small bamboo which also has a point.cfbātukgūhitgūliskūritlinyavSomeone or something makes a line on a surface.mabaglis will make a line
bagsakvSomeone is dropped from a course of study by a teacher.'ibagsak'Ibagsak kunu 'aku niya; tapus pag'abut nang 'ūras matā'as 'ang 'ākun nabu'uy; 'ang 'ākun manga nutbuk hay kumplītu.I would be dropped, she said, by her; [but] later when the time came [the grades] I got were high [because] my notebooks were complete.mabagsakPa'unu 'aku niya nga mabagsak kay 'aku hay kumplītu?How could I be able to be dropped by her [from the class] because as for me [my notes] were complete?
bagtungvSomeone bundles objects or carries objects in a bundle.cfbugkusunbagtungunKung mahīmu' hay bagtungun lang kay kung 'anung matabu' kag masīra' 'ang 'ātun bayay; puydi nātun makapilak 'ina' sa bintāna'.If possible just bundle [the clothes] because something might happen and our house will be destroyed; it is possible that those [clothes] could be thrown by us out the window.cfbugkus nagabagtungvSomething is bundled or carried in a bundle by someone.Waya' nagdūgay 'umabut 'ang prinsipi nga nagabagtung ning sari'sāri' nga prūtas.Soon the prince arrived and was carrying all different kinds of fruit in a bundle.
baguna fly fastener, used to fasten the fly tirilin to the fishhook taga' of a fishing line labayThe fly fastener is a small tube to which a fly is attached. Together they are fastened to a fishhook.
bāgusubord conjbefore something happens or a state exists something else happens; or something happens before something else happens or a state existsBāgu ka mag'ūli' sa Rumblun, tudlu'i 'ānay 'ang 'īmu manga ka'ibāhan!Before you go back to Romblon, your [working] associates must first be taught!Didtu na kami nagkatuyug bāgu bumālik naman pagkaMyirkulis.We slept there again before [we] returned on Wednesday.Duha pa ka būlan bāgu sinda kasayun.There are still two months before they get married.ti advfirst something is done before something else is doneBāgu, nagbakasyun 'aku diri sa Rumblun, kay kadūgay na da nga waya' 'aku nakabakasyun.First, I had a vacation here in Romblon because it was a long time that I was not able to take a vacation.Commonly both acts are expressed within a single sentence (sense 1). Sometimes, however, a subsequent act or state is not expressed within the sentence.
bagu'bagu'na bagubagu climbing vineBrucea amarissimaUsed as tying material.
bagunbunnshallow coastal sandKung liswi nga sīhi' 'ang 'īmu panihī'un, nagalūnguy 'ang nagapanihi' liswi sa bagunbun 'ini makikīta' kag may kabatuhan da.If liswi mollusks are what you will gather you must wade into the sea.cfkalusāyan2
bagutāyumna red-spot emperor fishLethrinus lentjan (Lacepede)Predominently silvery brown, lighter below, characterized by an elongated bright red spot on the posterior edge of the operculum. Lives in shallow waters; caught with fishnets pūkut 1 or hook-and-line.
baguynthe back covering of some sea creatures such as cuttlefish; the hard shell of a coconut, covered by the husk bunut and containing the meat niyug.'Ang nagapa'āput ning kalāyu hay 'inut'inut 'ang butang nang baguy.The ones who make the fire do the placing of the [coconut] shells little by little.nbuli' nga baguy1nthe blunt end half of a coconut shell, i.e., the half which is not attached to the plant before it was picked and huskedThis is the blunt end of the hard shell of a fruit, such as a coconut, opposite the stem end.mata nga baguy1nthe stem end half of a coconut shell, i.e., the half which attached to the plant before it was picked and huskedThis end is identified by three small holes in the hard shell of a coconut.
baguyanna three-spotted damselfishDascyllus trimaculatus (Ruppell)Gray to dusky brown. A white spot occurs on the nape and another on the upper side, just below the middle of the dorsal base. Inhabits branching corals to 55 meters.
baguyan nga lūkusvar. oflūkus a cuttlefish
bagyuna typhoon'Ang 'āmun lang tubas hay 'utsu kabānis kay 'inagīhan nang bagyu.Our harvest was only eighty cavans of rice because [our field] was passed through by a typhoon.vThere is a typhoon. (lit., It typhoons.)bumagyuMasunud naman nga tū'ig hay bumagyu, hay nagkasīra' naman 'ang ginalugītan nāmun sa Tyamban.The next year there was a typhoon, so [the coconut palms] where we make copra in Tyamban were destroyed.mabagyuGumulpi da būnuk 'ang 'uyan; ngāni' daw sa 'ākun kahadluk kag daw sa 'ākun byubanta' hay daw mabagyu gid.The rain quickly pelted down; so in my fear and in my being threatened it seemed as though there would be strong a typhoon.
bagyūhanna vase molluskGenus Vasum
baha'na flood of watervan area or an object is flooded'Ang 'inda lāti' hay 'upaw na, kundi' ma'isut lang nga 'uyan; sigurādu gid nga baha' na 'ang 'inda lugar.As for their woodlot [it] is denuded already, so there is only a little rain; surely their area will be easily flooded.binaha'Kadaku'dāku' gid 'ang 'uyan; kadāmu' nga bayay 'ang binaha' pakadtu sa dāgat.The rain was very heavy; there were many houses that were flooded going to the sea.pagpamaha'gerits continual floodingKung payut na 'ang kaguyāngan, kung mag'inūyan ning tūdu, 'imaw 'ina' 'ang ginatunā'an nang pagpamaha'.When the forest is already denuded, when it continually rains heavily, that's the time of the beginning of continual flooding.