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basna passenger bus
bāsavSomeone reads a piece of reading material.balasahun2nreading material'Igwa ning manga libru kag balasahun nga nagata'u ning laygay kung pa'unu 'ang pagpagwāpa kag kung pa'unu magpīli' ning bāru'.There are some books and reading material that give advice on how to make [oneself] beautiful and how to choose clothes.bāsa, pagbāsa1gersomeone's reading printed or written materialPagkatāpus ku ning bāsa matūyug na 'aku.Upon my completion of reading I will then sleep.2vSomething is read by someone.ginapabāsaKung minsan ginapabāsa 'aku sa pisāra nang 'ākun ma'istra kag nababāsa ku 'ang tanan na ginatudlu' nang 'ākun ma'istra.Sometimes I was allowed to read at the blackboard by my teacher and all that my teacher pointed out [for me to read] was surely able to be read by me.gingbāsaGingbāsa nang manga masinahun kay Marya 'ang sūlat nang prinsipi, pīru hay pinusung.The letter of the prince was read to Mary by the envious ones (i.e., servants) but [what they read] was a lie.magbāsainfto readBāwal nga 'aku hay magbāsa kay may sira' 'ang 'ākun mata.I am prohibited [by the doctor] to read because my eyes have a defect.nagabāsaNang 'aku hay nagtūna' ning pag'iskwīla sa grid wan, 'aku hay pirmi nagabāsa ning libru.When I started going to school in grade one, I was always reading a book.pabāsacaus vSomeone is allowed to read by someone else.pagbasāhaGinbātun da ni Birta, pīru pag'abut na sa 'inda bayay waya' niya pagbasāha.Bertha took [the letter] then, but when she arrived at their house [it] was not read by her.
basa'1adjSomeone or something is wet.Naka'abut 'akuy bayay nga basa' 'ang 'ākun lāwas kag bāru'.I was able to reach our house [and] my body and dress were wet.ginabasa'Mahuman ning tāku nga kawāyan kag 'ang 'inda bāla hay 'inang ginabasa' nga papil.[You] should make a bamboo ramrod and, as for their shots, [it] should be paper which is wet.kabasa'bāsa'1int adjSomeone or something is very wet.Mabakay 'aku ning bāru' nang 'īmu 'unga'; kalulū'uy siya kay kabasa'bāsa'.I will buy your son's clothes; he is very pitiful because he is very wet.2vSomeone or something becomes wet with a liquid.Kung midyu madāyum 'ang pagluta' nang 'isda', ginabūsu 'ina' ninda; basa' gid 'ang 'inda lāwas.When the swimming of fish in a school is moderately deep [the fish] are dived for by them (i.e., by tayataya birds; so) their bodies become wet.mabasa'vSomeone or something is wet by someone else.Patuwarun 'ang butilya hasta mabasa' 'ang papil ning pitrulyu.The bottle should be turned upside down until the paper will become wet with kerosene.nagkabāsa''Ang 'iban nga manga nu'ug, nagkabāsa' na; hay bāsi' kung taliki'un.As for some of the cloth, [it] already happened to become wet, [and it] might become mildewed.
basa'2na horse's hoof molluskHippopus hippopus
bāsagvSomeone breaks something into pieces.synbu'ungbasagadja broken itemsynbu'ungBroken items: basag nga bāsu a broken glass; basag nga 'ispīhu a broken mirror; basag nga butilyu a broken bottle; basag nga kūyun a broken clay pot; basag nga baldi a broken pail.gingbāsagGingbāsag ni Sandi 'ang baldi.The pail was broken by Sandy.nabāsagNabāsag 'ang tāsa kay nahūyug sa simintu.The cup happened to be broken because it was dropped on the cement [floor].nagbāsagvSomething is broken into pieces by someone.Si Maryu 'ang nagbāsag nang banga'.It was Mario who broke the drinking water jar.
bāsivSomething is based by someone on something else.ginabāsi'Ang mababati'an mu, hay 'ang manga kinantāhan kag 'ang paglaygay nang pastur nga ginabāsi sa Biblīya.As for what will surely be heard by you, [it] is singing and pastoral advice which is based on what is read in the Bible.pagabasīhannthe basis on which an action is taken'Ang pagabasīhan kung sin'u 'ang da'ug, hay kung sin'u 'ang makabu'uy ning mata'as nga bīlang nang numiru.As for the basis [to determine] who will be the winner, [it] is whoever is able to get a high number count (i.e., a high score).
bāsi'intg advWhy does an event occur or a state exist?Bāsi' hay gabinākay siya ning 'itlug didtu sa magūyang?Why does she keep on buying eggs from that old woman?synministircf'ara'kunta'2sigūru'ugālingintg advbāsi' kungadvProbably, it might be that, in case a particular event occurs or a state exists.'Ang hambay nang 'iba ku nga manga manghud, "Bāsi' kung pinusung lang 'ina' 'ang 'īmu hambay."What some of my younger siblings said was, "Probably that which you are saying is just a lie."Dāpat 'īmu da siya 'alagā'an; bāsi' kung 'anu naman 'ang matabu' sa 'iya.You should take care of him; it might be that something will happen to him.Hay Byarnis ma'āga, ma'āyu baya mapusta' 'aku sa 'inding bāsi' kung duma'ug 'aku.This coming Friday morning, maybe it is good for me to bet in the ending game in case I might'ābi 'ara'kabay pasigūru'ugālingkay bāsi'1so thatkung bāsi'rel advwhy an event occurs or a state existsKinadtu ku 'adtu kag ginpangutana kung bāsi' hay binūguy 'adtung 'unga'.I went there and asked why that child was stoned.
basīyuadjA container, as a bottle butilya, wash basin plangāna, water pail baldi, is empty.
baskadvA cylindrically rolled object is unrolled by someone; something tied around something else, a knot is untied by someone.antginlūkutlīkid, paglīkidbaskarunKung 'alistu ka na nang 'īmu banganan, 'īmu na baskarun 'ang 'īmu linikid.If you have already prepared your buri leaf cutter, your cylindrically rolled objects [i.e., buri sections] are then unrolled by you.antlīkid2lūkutgingbaskadGingbaskad ni Pirla 'ang higut nang kahun kay buy'un niya 'ang libru.The tying material of the box was untied by Perla because she will get the book.
baskitna woven basket'Ini nga baskit hay human sa 'uway.This basket is made of rattan.
baskitbulna basketballna game of basketballSa baskitbul, kadamū'an nga lakut dira' hay manga sultīru; malaka' lang 'ang 'asawāhan.In the game of basketball, most of those who join are unmarried men; only a few are married men.vSomeone plays basketball.mabaskitbul will play basketball
baskugna stormcfhabāgatnkabaskug, mabaskugadjIt, the sea is stormy.Yāra' pa lang 'aku sa Puntang Kawāyan; nagsinūka na 'aku kay kabaskug.I was still just there in Puntang Kawayan; I kept on vomiting already because [the sea] was stormy.kabaskugbaskugint adj[It], the sea is very stormy.Nang mahāpun na, malapit na kami sa Pwirtu Galyīra; kabaskugbaskug kay 'igwa gali' ning signal nambir tu na sa Manīla'.When it was already afternoon we were near Puerto Gallera; it was already very stormy because it was already signal number two in Manila.
bastasubord conjAn event occurs or a state exists if, provided that, so long as another event occurs or state exists.Introduces a conditional clause.'Ang manga 'unga' nga naga'iskwīla, basta naga'uyan, 'igwa gid 'ini sinda ning daya nga pāyung.As for children who go to school, if it is raining they certainly have umbrellas that are carried.Kung 'ini 'ang 'īmu 'uma hay tāpus mu na ning duyuk, pwīdi mu na nga tamnan basta nakikīta' mu nga nagatūna' na ning 'uyan'ūyan.If this upland field of yours is finished being cleared by you, it can be planted by you provided that it was able to be seen by you that intermittent rain is beginning.Hū'u! Mapatūnud 'aku basta 'indi' ku lang siya ma'asāwa.Yes! [I am willing that] I will be caused to be cast [into the deep sea] so long as he will not be able to be married by me.synkung kunta' cfkungkung kunta' pwīra kungsubord conjAt a time when something happens or a state exists, something else happens or another state exists.Basta ma'āyu 'ang tyimpu magahākut kitay rūbuls kāda Duminggu kung 'indi' lang mag'uyan.When the time is good we transport chunks of unsawed marble every Sunday if it just does not rain.synkungadvEven though a particular event occurs or a state exists, nevertheless another event occurs or state exists.Bīsan ya' sala' 'ang 'ākun manga 'unga', basta ginapakatūyug ku kay kung 'indi' magkatuyug, 'a! Ginapangbunāyan ku 'ina'.Even though my children have no fault, nevertheless they are allowed to sleep by me because if [they] do not sleep, oh! They are all whipped by me.prepA statement is valid except for a thing, person, a particular activity or situation.'Ang patakaran ninda wayay byubaligya' litsun basta 'ang litsun yāra' sa 'inda kantin.Their regulation [was] no roast pork being sold except for roast pork there in their canteen.subord conjA statement is valid even though another activity or situation exists.Si Badu hay pirpik gida, basta Mangyan; talagang pinakaprupisur na siya.Badu is really an expert [herbalist], even though [he is] a Mangyan; surely he is already a specialist.cfpwīrasubord conjbastabastaadjan ordinary person or thingNabati'an nātun sa 'ātun bisīta nga 'ina' gali' siya, hay bukun bastabasta nga tāwu.[It] was heard by us about our visitor that, as for him, [he] is not an ordinary person.
bastanti naadjAn action or state is enough, sufficient for a specific purpose; nothing further is needed.Bastanti na 'adtu 'ang kwarta ninda nga gastuhun kay kabarātu da 'ang bayakyun.That money is enough to be spent by them because the purchase items are cheap.syntāma'tāma' na
bastusadjSomeone is foolish in their relationship with someone else.Ma'āyu da na duktur kay bukun bastus kag manirispitūhun.The doctor is good because he is not foolish and [he] is respectful [of his patients].vSomeone is treated foolishly by someone else.bastusun'Indi' 'aku gustu nga 'aku hay bastusun nang nagapangasawa sa 'ākun.I do not wish that, as for me, I will be treated foolishly by the one courting me.kabastusna foolish person
bāsuna drinking glassmeas na nonspecific or specific number of glassfuls of a liquid; a volume measurementThe number is followed the number ligature ka.Halū'an ning sūka' nga 'isa ka bāsu kag butangan ning dāhun nang kapāya.Into [the buri leaves] mix one glassful of vinegar and into [the mixture] put some papaya leaves.A glassful measure is used in selling liquids or semi-liquids at small stores such as coconut wine tuba', cooking oil lāna, cured anchovy gamus, soy sauce tūyu, and vinegar sūka'.
basurahanna trash can or trash box
bāsuynblame, reproach made against someoneNang patay na 'ang 'ākun 'unga', dāmu' na nga bāsuy 'ang 'ākun nababati'an.When my child was already dead, there was much reproach that happened to be clearly heard by me.vSomeone is blamed or reproached by someone else for a particular action or state.basūyun'Indi' 'aku gustu nga mag'abut 'ang panahun nga 'indi' gid 'aku ninda basūyun nga 'aku nag'asāwa liwat; diri hay 'ākun kagustūhan nga 'aku mag'asāwa.I do not like that the time will come when I will be blamed by them that I got married a second time; as for that, my getting married was what I wanted.