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pa2det/prepto or towards a given location or placeNang kami hay galībut pa banwa, na'una 'ang San Pidru sa simbāhan.When we were going around towards town, the saint Peter [image] was the one that was the first to be in the church.Kung 'ikaw hay malarga, mabālik na lang 'aku pa Manīla'.If you leave, I will just go back to Manila.det/preppa-2gerprefIndicates movement towards a person, place or thing.Commonly followed by a sa phrase.Patuyūga lang 'ānay si Nīna kay day'un ku pakadtu sa banwa 'ina' niyan!Please, Nena should just be allowed to sleep because [she] will soon be brought by me going to town!Nagsakay naman 'aku liwat sa traysikul, pabālik sa bayay.I rode again then on a motorized pedicab, returning to the house.
pa1advSomeone does something first before something else is done.Mabakay pa 'aku ning 'isda' sa mirkādu.I will first buy fish in the market.advSomeone still does something, has something.With a negative pa denotes that something is not yet done.'Igwa pa 'aku ning kwarta.I still have money.Waya' pa siya naga'abut.She has not yet arrived.advSomething is also done; a situation also exists; a particular thing and also something else.Sa sūlat nagasiling siya na sa nga dā'an hay 'ākun 'asikasūhun 'ang papīlis; 'imaw gāni' 'ang pasapurti, midikal, manga litrātu na kahinangyānun kag 'iban pa gid.In her letter she says that the papers should be prepared immediately by me; those are a passport, medical examination [report], needed pictures and also other things.
pa-1caus prefprefIndicates that an action is caused.A causative is inflected by any affix of the four role sets.'Ang hambay nang 'adtung tag'īya hay nagpabatyag siya nga ma'āyu kunu 'ang 'iya pagdipāra nang barūtu.As for that which that owner said, he let [it] be noticed that the way of his taking care of the boat was good.Kung makakīta' 'ang manga sundālu nang bāka, gina'īhaw, kung makasayang ning bayay nga 'igway nagī'uk, kag 'ipabayu sa manga sibilyan.When soldiers are able to see a cow, it is butchered; if [they] happen to pass by a house where [rice] has been able to be trodden out [it] will be caused [by the soldiers] to be pounded with a pestle by the civilians.Pabahūyun 'ānay niya 'ang bābuy kag 'ibaligya' niya kung kabahuy na.The pig will first be nurtured by him and it will be sold when it is already big.Kung tapus na 'aku ning panghūgas, 'ākun na 'itun pakatuyūgun 'ang 'ākun manga 'unga'.When I finish washing all [the dishes], my children will be allowed by me to sleep.Ginapahabunan ku sa 'iya 'ang 'iya buhuk.Her hair is allowed by me to be washed with soap by her.caus prefprefA causative affix converts an intransitive verb into a transitive verb; for example kadtu go, pakadtu cause to go, give, send.Sa 'ulīhi nga 'adlaw 'ang 'ākun dūta' hay mapakadtu sa 'indu.Someday, my property will be able to be given to you (pl.).
pā'anthe thigh of a person, animal, bird'Ang 'iya kulur hay kulur kāki 'ang 'iya 'a.Its color (i.e., of a giant heron) is brown and its thighs are long.cfbatī'issiki tuku
pa'āmannan extra one or a bonus, added to something given out by a generous personKung ma'āyu da 'ang tag'īya nga 'īmu mabakyan ning buli, hay ginataw'an ka da ning pa'āman.If the owner from whom you will buy the buri [palm fronds] is kind, you are given an extra one.