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Dint affWord doubling, intensifies the meaning of an adjective, a verb derived from an adjective or a noun.Kadamu'dāmu' 'ang nagpangtībul kay namag'u sinda nang patakaran nang tibulan.Very many sat at tables because they were attracted by the novelty of the decorations of the table areas.Nagpānaw na kami 'ina' nyan kay nagadaku'daku' na 'ang 'uyan nga nagatūyu'.We left there then because the rain that was dripping was becoming very intense.Ginadahandāhan 'ina' sa pagsīhud 'ang 'uyang nga pāra 'indi' na magpisik.Scooping up brook shrimp is done very slowly so that they will no longer escape.Bāgu sinarhan 'ang kaban, nakahambay pa gid si Plurintīna "Pa'ālam na mahal kung 'Inrīku, 'itutūnud na kami nang 'unga' mu sa kalawudlawūran."Before the clothes trunk was closed, Florentina was able to say "Goodbye my dear Enrico; we, your children, will surely be cast into the very deep sea."cfCV- CV- CV- CV- D -in-3-in-3-in-4 paka-paN-2paN-2paN-2paN-9 rep affWord doubling, indicates repetitive action or states or successive actions or states often of an unremitting nature; objects, things or people are extensive in some aspect of distribution.With a negative, the extent of an action or state is negated.Si Birting lang kunu kag 'ang 'iban sa 'indu hay nagturagtūrag didtu sa lugar nga ginabuy'an nang tūbi'.Only Berting and others of them thoroughly tramped around there in the place where water is gotten.'Adtung natumpag na sayug 'ākun gingpidasupidasu kay 'indi' ku madāya pagplastar kung 'ang bilug nga simintu 'ang 'ākun hakwatun.That [cement] floor that collapsed was divided into many pieces by me because it would not be able to be lifted by me in arranging [it] if what I would move would be whole cement pieces.Ma'āgi 'ini sa 'īmu kamut tagsatagsa nga trabāhu.These jobs will pass repeatedly one by one through your hands.'Ang nagapa'āput ning kalāyu hay 'inut'inut 'ang butang nang baguy.The ones who make the fire do the placing of the [coconut] shells little by little.'Indi' naman, nga nākun, mahabuthābut 'ang nagadumāya nang tindāhan.The one managing the store, I said, will not at all be busy.cas/ min affWord doubling, indicates that an object or thing is a superficial or miniature replica of another object or thing; the position or status of a person is an imitation of the position or status of people in general.For another function of doubling, see giN-D-an.Dira' 'ina' sa 'inda bayaybāyay hay 'igwa da 'ina' sinda ning nanaynānay kag tataytātay.There in their playhouse, those ones have a pretend mother and a pretend father.cfCV- D -in-3paN-2mod affSomething is moderately or somewhat of the nature or quality of how it is described.'Ang kulur nang 'unud nang daminsuy hay mapuyapuya.The color of the meat of common bubble mollusk is reddish (or light red).
daadvalso'Ang ginagāmit mu sa paghuman ning baglis sa dūta' hay kāhuy nga ki'isut kag may talīwis sa punta; puydi da 'ang ki'isut nga kawāyan nga may talīwis da.As for what you use in making lines on the ground it is a small stick and there is a point at the end; it might also be a small bamboo which also has a point.
dā'anadjan old object; i.e., something that has been used for long time'Ang 'an nga bayay ni Biktur hay guba' na.As for the old house of Victor, [it] is already completely destroyed.cfdātiadjnga dā'anadvahead of time; at once, without delay; at the time of something happening; at that time; at this time; early, before the expected or normal time for something to happen; easily; now, instead of later; then; without restraintNga dā'an commonly modifies a preceding verb (above examples); 'adtu nga dā'an or sa nga dā'an modifies a following sentence.Kung 'igwa kita ning mabati'an nga hambay nga masanting hay nagatanum nga dā'an sa 'ātun ning 'īsip.If there are offensive words that will be heard by us they at once become established in our minds.Waya' pa 'aku nakatāpus sa hayskul; naka'asāwa 'aku nga dā'an.I had not yet finished high school; I [nevertheless] took a spouse at that time.Waya' ninda nakasāyu sa pagkā'un si Nistur kay natuyūgan nga dā'an.Nestor was not able to join them in eating because he happened to sleep early.Bihīra' lang gid magmasakit ning grābi 'ang manga ngīpun nang manga 'unga' nang 'ūna; hay waya' nagasīra' nga dā'an.It was rare that the teeth of children in past times were badly diseased; [they] did not easily become decayed.Kalulū'uy 'aku kay 'aku na lang 'ini nga 'isa kung 'umasāwa ka nga 'an.I am to be pitied because I will be alone if you take a spouse now.Nalū'uy gid sa 'iya 'ang 'iya manīnuy, gāni' gintaw'an siya nga dā'an ning kwarta nga 'inugbākay.His godfather really pitied him, so he was given money without restraint for spending money.'Adtu nga 'an 'ang lamīsa hay mapupunu' ning manga butang nga makakā'un.At once that table was very full of served food for eating.Sa nga 'an kumadtu na si 'Inrīku sa 'isa nga kahari'an.At once Don Enrico went to one kingdom.
da'ugnthe winner in a contest, as a game, gamblingKung sin'u 'ang nakabu'uy ning matā'as nga bīlang hay 'imaw 'ang da'ug.Whoever is the one who is able to get a higher score that one is the winner.vSomeone, a particular number wins in a contest.Ma'āyu kung pirmi ka da'ug kay magāna 'ang 'īmu lāwas hay kung pirdi ka malūya 'ang 'īmu lāwas.It is good if you always win because your body is alive or active but if you lose your body is weak.duma'ugnsomeone's winnings in a contestKung duma'ug ka naman, 'ina' hay naga'ābut da ning manga singkwinta mil pīsus.If you also win, as for those [winnings they] go to about fifty thousand pesos.'Inang baynti, kung buynasun ka kag 'ikaw hay nagda'ug ma'ābut na ning subra 'isa ka lību 'ang 'īmu da'ug.As for that twenty [pesos gambled], if you are lucky and you win, your winnings will reach more than one thousand pesos.nagda'ugGinakadtu ku naman sa pulitika kung sin'u 'ang nagda'ug pagkamīyur.[The topic] was brought up by me about politics as to who was the one who won becoming mayor.'Ang numiru nga nagda'ug hay dus 'ūnu. 'Aba, nga kalīpay ku, kay daku' 'ang 'ākun da'ug!As for the number that won [it] was two one. Oh, I was very happy, because my winnings were considerable!
dabukncooking fuel; firewood, dried coconut husks, dry palm fronds, and the like'Ang dabuk ni Lusya, hay paywa.As for Lusya's cooking fuel, [it] is [dry] palm fronds.syngatung cf'āputgatung pa'aputanndābuk1vSomeone builds a fire.cfgatūnganginsug'anmag'ugdawmasūnugsuga'1suga'1sūnugsūnug'ugdaw'ugdawdābuk2vSomething is burned by someone.ginadabūkanGinadabūkan 'ina' 'ang batu hasta magyuta'.That stone [marble] is burned [with a big fire] until it becomes soft.cfsuga'1sūnug'ugdawgingdābuk'Ang gingdābuk ni Tintay nang naglūtu' siya ning bibingka, hay bunut.What was used by Tintay for building a fire when [she] cooked rice cakes was [dry] coconut husks.cfgātungmadābukvarmagadābuk, magapandābukKung 'ūras na nga madābuk sa sīlung nang tapāhan, dāpat hay 'īmu 'ānay kutkutan 'ang dūta' sa sīlung nang tapāhan.When it is time in which [you] will build a fire in the space underneath the smoking rack you should first dig out the soil under the smoking rack.magdābuk1infto build a fireKung waya' diri 'ang sundālu, magdābuk kamu kay 'imaw 'adtu 'ang 'inda sinyālis na pāra may tāwu.If there were no soldiers here, you [were] to build a fire because that was their signal that there was somebody [there].2Hay 'indi' na kami magdābuk.We will no longer build a fire.nagadābukKung nagabūnuk na 'ang 'uyan nagadābuk 'ang Mangyan ning kadaku' nga kalāyu kag sumāka' sinda sa langkāpi para ma'inītan sinda.If the rain falls heavily, the Mangyan build a large flaming fire [under a bamboo table] and they climb up on the bamboo table so that they will be warmed.pagdābuk1gersomeone's building a fireKung tunā'an mu ning 'alas sayis nang 'āga 'ang pagdābuk manga 'alas tris nang hāpun lūtu' gid 'ang lūgit.If building a fire will be begun by you at six o'clock in the morning, about three o'clock in the afternoon the copra will be well cooked.2vCombustible material is used for building a fire by someone.
dāga'vSomeone performs a blood-letting ceremony for a structure about to be built.ginapadāga'vA structure about to be built is allowed by someone to have a blood-letting ceremony performed for it.'Ang kulur nang manuk nga ginapadāga' hay puti' kundi' man hay puya.The color of the chicken that is allowed to be used for performing a blood-letting ceremony is white or red.nagdāga'Nagdāga' sina Hulyu nang tangki ni Miryam.Julio and companions performed a blood-letting ceremony for the water tank of Meriam.nagpadāga'vA chicken is allowed by someone to be used for performing a blood-letting ceremony for a structure about to be built.Si Pidru 'ang nagpadāga' nang bayay ni Bilin.Pedro is the one who allowed a blood-letting ceremony to be performed for Belen's house.padāga'caus vSomeone allows a blood-letting ceremony to be performed for a structure about to be built.padagā'anKung mag'ugduk ning halīgi sa bag'u nga bayay dāpat padagā'an 'ānay.When erecting the foundation posts for a new house, first [the house] should be allowed to have a blood-letting ceremony performed [for it].pagpadāga'gersomeone's practicing a blood-letting ceremony for a structure about to be built'Ang gina'īhaw nga manuk sa pagpadāga' hay bukay.A chicken which has its neck cut for practicing a blood-letting ceremony is a white chicken.A blood-letting ceremony is performed before beginning a new activity. It is done to placate evil spirits so that no one involved will have an accident, get sick or die. It is performed before activities such as building a new house paghuman bayay, digging for a treasure pagkutkut ning 'ūru, getting water from a source pagbu'uy ning tūbi' sa pūnu'2 2, constructing a bridge paghuman ning tulay.
dagadagana winged termite'Ang 'iya ginakā'un hay 'ang manga langawlangaw kag dagadaga.What they eat are moths and winged termites.
dagāminrice stubbleKung tāpus ka na ning hīmu' nang pamutūtan, makadtu na 'ikaw sa kalanasan kag siru'un sa manga dagāmi nang humay kung yāra' 'ang kapututan.If you are finished making the colander basket pond-field shrimp scoop you then go to the rice field and look among the rice stubble if that is a pond-field shrimp'uhut
dāgatnthe ocean'Ang puyu' nga ginpilakan kay Marya hay yadtu sa tunga'tūnga' nang dāgat.The island where Maria was banished was there in the middle of the ocean.nsea waterTinapwakan 'aku kadaku' nga dāgat; hālus sigūru daw sa punu' gid 'ang baldi.I was splashed by much sea water; it seemed as though perhaps almost a whole pailful.nmutur nga pangdāgat (mutur)a motorboat, a pumpboatpanāgat1nthe industry of ocean fishingNabubūhi' kami sa panāgat, kag sa ma'isut ku nga tindāhan.We were able to live by means of ocean fishing and by [means of] my small store.
dagku'vSomeone or something becomes big, extensive, grown up.kadagku'1adja big or large object, an extensive actionOccurs in a phrase preceding or following the noun it modifies.'Ang banug kung nagahūyun hay sa kadagku' nga manga kāhuy.As for hawks, when they alight it is on big trees.Ka'isut lang ginpīli' ku lang 'ini kay 'ang 'iban, hay ka'intik; 'imaw lang 'ini 'ang kadagku' tatlu ka bilug.Only a few of these were selected by me because, as for some, [they] are small; only these are three big pieces.2Occurs as a predicate.Kung kadagku' 'ang 'iya balayan kabahuy da 'ang 'iya lupun.If its shell is big the shell valve covering is also big.Maswirti kay dagku' na 'ang 'īmu 'unga' nga namatay 'ang 'īmu 'asāwa.It is fortunate because your children were already big when your husband died.Kadagku' 'ang paglasaklasak kay 'ang gustu nang nagapamakay ning lūgit sa banwa hay kadagku' 'ang saksak nang lūgit.The cutting of copra is extensive because the ones who always buy copra in town want that the cutting of copra will be extensive.kadagku', kadagkū'annthe size of something'Ang 'iya 'ini ning kulur hay bayulit; waya' 'ini ginabakya nga sīhi'; 'ang kadagku' lang 'ini, hay parīhu lang ning sigay.As for its color (i.e., of the shell of a pitted murex) [it] is violet and this shell is not being bought; as for the size of this, [it] is just like a cowry shell.'Ang kadagkū'an lang da 'ini, hay daw lang da 'adtu 'ang kumayagku' lang 'ang kadagku'.As for its size (i.e., of a sinistral miniature horn), probably the size is only like a thumb.kadagku'dagku'int adjvery big, very large; very extensiveBarātu gāni' 'ini; tuyu ka bilug kadagku'dagku' pa.These are cheap; three are still very big.magdagku'Dāpat kamu na 'ang magdūgang sa 'indu 'iniskwilāhan kung kamu hay magdagku' na.You should be the ones to add to your education when you have already become grown up.magpandagku''Ang ma'is nga 'āmun ginatanum 'imaw 'ang nagmantinir hasta magpandagku' na 'ang 'ākun manga 'unga'.The corn which had been planted by us is that which sustained [us] until all my children became grown up.nagadagku''Ini nga sīhi', hay waya' da nagadagku'.As for these shells, they do not become big.pagdagku'gersomeone's becoming grown up'Ang manga magūyang nagapāti nga sa pagbāhuy nang 'inda manga 'unga' nga gamun sa trabāhu sa sākup nang 'inda bayay hasta sa 'inda pagdagku', 'imaw gihāpun 'ang 'inda manga batāsan.The parents believe that in bringing up their children to be taught in doing household work until their becoming grown up, that's how their characters will continue to be.
dagsa'vSomething or someone is carried away or taken by some natural force.'idagsa''Indi' ku masayūran nga kung di'in 'idagsa' nang kapalāran.I do not know where [we] will be taken by future happenings.gindagsa'Gindagsa' dira' sa Pa'uwāhan 'ang barūtu.The outrigger paddle boat was carried away [by the waves] to Pauwahan.
dāhanvSomeone does something carefully, slowly, is careful in doing something.antgulpi cf'alāga''alāga''alāga''alāga''alagā'an'atāman'atāman'atāman'atāman'aturgar'aturgar'aturgar'aturgardipāradipāradipāradipāragina'intindiha'intindi2'intindi2'intindi2'intindi2naga'aturgarpag'atāmanpagdipāradahandāhanvarkadahandāhan1int advSomething is done very carefully, very slowly.Pag ma'ihūyug mu na tanan 'ang magūyang nga niyug manā'ug ka naman ning dahandāhan hasta ka maka'abut sa 'ubus.When all the mature coconuts are able to be dropped by you, then you should go down [the coconut palm] very carefully until you are able to reach the base [of the tree].Nagkāmang 'ang sawa ning kadahandāhan lang tubtub nga naka'abut sinda sa 'inda ginkadtu'an.The snakes crawled very slowly until they reached the place where they were going.antgulpi 2vSomeone is given care or respect by someone; something is cared for by someone.dahandahānunPag 'abut sa may bi'bi' nang dāgat, 'i'itsa mu 'ang batu nga may higut nga naylun kag dahandahānun mu lūkun sa lukunan.Upon reaching the beach edge of the ocean, the stone which has a nylon tying line [tied onto it] should be cast by you into the ocean and the coiling onto the spool should be done very slowly by you.dinahānanDinahānan ku gid 'ikaw bīsan yāri ka sa 'ākun kahari'an.You were given respect by me while you were here in my kingdom.ginadahandāhanGinadahandāhan 'ina' sa pagsīhud 'ang 'uyang nga pāra 'indi' na magpisik.Scooping up brook shrimp is done very slowly so that they will no longer escape.ginadahāniMagbinākay kamu ning lamīsa kag bangku', pagkatāpus waya' nindu ginadahāni.You will keep on buying tables and benches, [but] afterwards [they] are not cared for by you.Respect is especially given older folks; boys and men give respect especially to girls and women their own age or'alāga''atāman'aturgardipāra'intindi2magdāhan, pagdāhan1imper vBe careful! Do it carefully, slowly! Someone should or must do something carefully, slowly!Kung nagapanaka' ning niyug, magdāhan gid, lālu' na kung naka'abut ka na sa 'ibābaw!When [you] engage in climbing coconut trees, do [it] very carefully, especially when you are able to reach the top!Hambay ni Birta hay, "Pagdāhan Nāna Pirla; magsīlus gāni' kunu si Tāta Prīdi sa 'īmu."Bertha said, "Be careful Aunt Perla; Uncle Freddie might become jealous of you."2vAn action is done slowly or carefully by someone.'Ini nga sīhi' kung 'ikaw 'ini hay magpanihi' dāpat hay dāhan lang gid 'ang 'īmu ning pānaw.As for these mollusks, if you gather them it should be that your bringing them out is done slowly.
dahilannthe cause or reason for an event or statePag 'indi' na sinda katuka' 'imaw na 'ina' 'ang dahilan nang 'inda kamatāyun.When they (i.e., chickens) are no longer able to peck that is then the cause of their death.'Ang kahugā'an sa pagpangabuhi' hay 'isa gid nga dahilan nga kung bāsi' 'ang 'isa nga tāwu hay naga'īsip nga magkadtu sa 'iban nga lugar.Hardship in life is one reason why some people consider going to other places.
dāhunna leaf, a blade of grassLeaves grow on tree branches and on palm frond stalks.ndahunmeas na nonspecific or specific number of whole-leaf pieces; i.e., one or more whole leavesNote this contrast: 'unum ka dahun 'six whole-leaf pieces', 'unum nga dāhun 'six leaves'.Bumu'uy ka ning tuyu ka dahun nang dāhun nang mangga.Get three whole-leaf pieces of mango leaves.
dākanna common eggshell molluskOvula ovum
dakmuyantkanipisnīpiskadakmuy, madakmuyadjSomething is thick.'Ang 'iya naman 'ini ning balayan, hay waya' da 'ini ginabakya kay kadakmuy.As for its empty shell, [it] is not being bought because it is thick.antnipis